Chapter 1127 - Untitled

Chapter 1127: Untitled

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They couldn’t live here anymore. If she were alone, she wouldn’t mind. However, her Grandfather Butler was here too. Hacker families must never reveal themselves in front of other people, much less her main family, the Fu family.

Bo Jiu sat up. She lowered her head and wore the clothes she had worn yesterday. When she looked up again, she had resumed her calmness. She must inform Grandfather Butler to retreat first.

As for the Almighty, his hand was cured and she wouldn’t stop him from leaving. But… At first, she had thought that they would be able to spend more time together.

The youngster stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked at herself. After around ten seconds, she stretched her hand out and pressed her fringe down.

She was still smiling but there was no happiness in her expression. She seemed a little lonely. However, when she opened the door, the tinge of loneliness disappeared. This was because the old butler was in the living room.

As a qualified butler, he was making black tea for her at this time. The European style tea cups had pretty flower petals drawn on it. The old butler was an exquisite person, especially when it came to dining.

Experts would definitely recognize the golden spoon in his hand and the dripper placed on the dining table. This was the best device for brewing coffee. However, although he was a local, he preferred tea.

As the smell of tea spread through the room, the cheesecake was ready to eat too.

The old butler held the teacup with one hand and pulled the wooden chair out when he saw Bo Jiu, like a butler you would see in the vampire movies from the 19th century. “Young Lord, you must be hungry. Have some afternoon snacks.”

“Okay.” Bo Jiu never rejected her Grandfather Butler. She took the fork and cut a piece of the cheesecake. Then she stuffed it in her mouth. She gave the butler a thumbs up as her cheeks puffed up.

The old butler smiled instantly. “Speaking of which, this student looked very similar to you.”

“There’s a difference.” Bo Jiu reached out and pointed at her eyes. Her voice was a little muffled, “This is black.”

“Oh right. Your eyes used to be grey.” The old butler nodded and looked at Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu took a sip of the tea to push her cake down. She cleared her throat before replying, “I’ve seen the past photos of this person. She doesn’t have a mole under her eyes. It’s really weird. After I took over her body, the mole became more and more obvious. I’m afraid that someone might notice the difference but fortunately, I came back early.” She wasn’t afraid of exposing herself. She just didn’t know how to explain to He Honghua that she wasn’t her daughter.

The old butler poured more tea for Bo Jiu. His voice was hoarse. “It’s good that you’re back.”

The reason why Bo Jiu couldn’t forget Fifth Avenue was because of Grandfather Butler. In the past, she hadn’t come back often. This was the longest time she had spent in this castle.

She had collected many people’s information when she had been here. There mustn’t be any mistakes.

“There’s been a new case recently.” Bo Jiu didn’t use Qin Mo as the reason. Instead, she started talking about the Maiden’s Sacrifice. “It is by the organization from the past. Much information was leaked out that year. This time, we can’t let the same thing happen again. Pack up. Grandfather Butler, you need to go to a safer place too.”

The old butler frowned when he heard this. “There isn’t any place that’s safer than our main house, right?”

“This time, it’s different.” Bo Jiu put down her teacup. “This time, they’re making use of the human heart. We can’t predict human nature. I’m worried that someone might leak information.”

At the same time, in an apartment on Fifth Avenue, a lady sat behind her computer and typed on the keyboard. Venom seemed to be spurting out of her eyes. “Don’t be so tough. As long as you tell me where Z is, your daughter will be safe. Of course, you can tell Z that I slept with you. However, your daughter is someone who murdered other people.”

“Have you considered the consequences?” The person on the other side of the computer didn’t give up.

The lady smiled. “What consequences can there be? Your daughter is still on my side. People like you don’t understand them. Just let them play. You don’t have to care if there’s a purpose in the things they did. However, you just had to care about her and ask her to study hard. It’s not strange that she came to my side.”

“I will never tell you where Z is.” The fat man gritted his teeth.

The lady’s expression turned dull. “You can wait for your daughter to become a murderer.”

The fat man was a hacker too. Just like what the lady had said, he didn’t understand what young people were thinking. He couldn’t understand why his daughter had become someone he couldn’t even recognize. The fat man still had his daughter’s browser history stored on his computer. Her comments online frightened him, even though he was her father. When she liked other people’s things, she would think that they were hers. When she got exposed, she wouldn’t self-reflect. Instead, she felt that the other party wasn’t benevolent enough.

This was where everything had started but it got even more frightening. When someone wanted to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, she felt that they just wanted to become famous or they were doing it for money. She had never thought that these people just wanted justice for the lives that were lost.

She had smothered these people and, in the end, she created an account to scold people online just because the person she liked didn’t speak according to what her thoughts. She was so good at inverting the facts.

The fat man felt regretful. He regretted working hard for the sake of giving his daughter a better life. He had never thought that one day, she would become like this.

A message appeared on his QQ again. It was a photo. In the photo, his daughter was chatting online happily.

“I’ll be able to complete the entire murder after your daughter helps me to complete one thing. I have to say that your daughter is really my best helper. This time, our target is the mother of the defenders.”

The fat man narrowed his eyes. He clenched his fist tightly. Instinctively, he wanted to contact someone.

“I suggest that you don’t do anything stupid. I’m watching over all your internet. Honestly, it’s quite hard to find hackers like you. If it wasn’t for your daughter, I won’t be able to find the loophole.” The lady’s gaze was dark as she spoke. She wasn’t able to break through the legendary firewall but so what?

I can’t let the person die nor can I let my daughter turn into a murderer.

The fat man clenched his fist and released them. His eyes were filled with pain. “I don’t know the exact location but I know that the main house is a castle. It’s hidden in the woods and is very secretive. I’ve only been there once many years ago. You should know that our young lord is the master of the household now.”

“Young Lord, hmph,” the lady typed. “You better be speaking the truth.”

The fat man replied, “Look at the situation now, why would I lie to you?” The fat man didn’t lie but he just didn’t tell the lady the exact location. He was doing this to drag time but If he hadn’t said anything, the other party might notice that he was lying.

“There are many castles in America.” The lady sneered. “Do you think that I can’t find it? Oh, right, I forgot to tell you that your daughter has already started her mission.”

The fat man slammed the keyboard on the ground. His eyes turned red as he typed on the keyboard. It was a code.

He wasn’t hacking anyone or trying to inform someone. He was self-destructing his system. Once his system self-destructed, his identity would be exposed. He wanted to use this method to send information.

The lady didn’t expect this. The moment she got the information she wanted, she informed her subordinates. “Search all castles in the vicinity. Screen out the people that might be Z.”

“Yes,” a bunch of mercenaries replied to her. These people were all outlaws. They were willing to do anything for money. Most of the time, they acted outside the borders of the country.

The lady wasn’t just anyone. It was Fan Jia, the person who had escaped successfully prior. She had said that she would be back. However, this time, she chose to act here because the environment here made things more convenient.

Z kept wrecking her plans and she had almost died because of Z too. If it hadn’t been for that irritating Z, the Maiden’s Sacrifice would already have ended. At first, she thought that with her brother’s plan, Z was already dead. She was surprised that Z was still alive.

Besides her brother, no one saw Z before, not even herself. This time, she must watch Z die personally. As for that youngster in China who snatched her man, she would show him her wrath. She thought that she would receive news from the Fu family very quickly but they hadn’t replied.

However, this wasn’t important. She would take care of her personal matters after she found Z.

Time trickled by slowly.

In the castle, one of the apps on Bo Jiu’s phone gave a notification just as she was about to go out. That vibration caused the old butler and her to stop what they were doing.

It was a strange noise. The last time she had heard it, it was when the hacker’s world had been in danger. This time…

Bo Jiu looked at the blinking red dot. She immediately opened her laptop. She tapped on her keyboards furiously and entered the system she had created. She found the red dot standing for self-destruct. But as it would disappear within one minute, she had to find out what happened to the person before he had started the self-destruction – within this minute.

When Bo Jiu tried to copy the information, she stopped abruptly. She squinted. There was a firewall here?

Bo Jiu waved her left hand and evaded this route. She typed more codes and tried to find a loophole. Found it!

QQ. This was an extremely dangerous hacking route. If the hacker wasn’t fast enough, he would get discovered by his opponent.

It was still that one sentence that was true: The only Kungfu that couldn’t be broken was speed.

The same applied to the hacker world.

Bo Jiu was typing so quickly only the tapping sound could be heard. She turned into a bat on the internet and evaded all dangers. Then she broke through the loopholes and copied the data. Yet, this wasn’t the most important thing. She needed to exit before the bug was repaired. If not, her location would be exposed.

Six seconds. She had six seconds.

Bo Jiu’s fingers moved even faster, causing her silver hair to drop down. Only her handsome and clean side profile could be seen. If Fatty were present, he would wrap his hands together from nervousness.

The door of the virtual world was closing. Swoosh.

She escaped the first door but the third door was going to close too. Once it was closed, Bo Jiu would be locked inside. At this moment, the virtual bat hastened its speed and swooped low through the gate. Only a fluttering black feather was left.


She had managed to copy the information successfully. Not only that, in that instant, she had also left her mark somewhere where her opponent wouldn’t notice. She had changed a small code in her opponent’s original code.

This was Z’s special technique and very little people knew how to do it. That meant that if her opponent acted again, Bo Jiu would receive a notification. She could enter her opponent’s system then and locate him.

However, Bo Jiu didn’t let down her guard. If there was a way out, no hacker would self-destruct because it was the worst method to pass down information. That meant that the news she would get must be bad. Also, she was very worried about the hacker’s safety.

“Young Lord.” The old butler slowly walked over. His expression was stern too.

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything. She opened the code she copied and restored it. It was a chat record. Bo Jiu’s gaze turned darker as she read through the chat.

The old butler frowned and sighed loudly. “Young Lord, you’re right. This will be a hard war.”

“We must protect the person.” Bo Jiu closed her eyes. She could still remember the back view of that mother, who sold cigarettes near the train station.

She stood up. “I need to contact Hoshino immediately.”

Qin Mo stood at a turn on the floor above. He didn’t expect this to be the first sentence he heard. This time, he just stood there. He thought that the youngster would notice him but she didn’t.

Her entire focus was on something else. She took out her phone and spoke on it. “Hoshino, I need you…” Her voice grew fainter. She sounded as though she trusted the person fully.

Qin Mo tightened his grip around the railings. He felt hurt. He turned serious. The frustration in his heart made him stop in his tracks. He told himself that something must have happened and the crucial thing was to solve it.

Qin Mo went back to his room and stood beside the window. He turned on his receiver and said, “Check what happened in the hacker world recently. Also, ask Fatty to find out what happened. I want information immediately. I will be going back… tonight. Immediately.”

The shadow guards: … There was something wrong with Young Master’s voice. Were they thinking too much? Young Master should be very happy now, right? After all, Young Master Jiu did something last night. So, why did he sound so lonely?