Chapter 1128 - Untitled

Chapter 1128: Untitled

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On the first floor of the castle, Bo Jiu held her phone, walking towards the basement as she told Hoshino everything that had happened.

Inside the airport, Hoshino paused. He was midway through immigration. “Z, don’t forget, Qin Mo is still at your place.”

Bo Jiu’s finger stilled slightly. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Alright.” Hoshino glanced down at his orange leather watch. “I have an hour before boarding, do you need me to do anything?”

Bo Jiu glanced up. “Come back and exterminate the enemies.”

“Yes.” Hoshino chuckled warmly, as he spat the words out, “Young Lord.”

The old butler knew she was going to get busy. Generally, whenever she had such operations, she would be swamped by preparation.

As expected, Bo Jiu spent her entire day in the basement. She pulled open the gadgets in front of her – there was a drone and a miniature automated car.

On further inspection, the installations attached to the car weren’t ordinary. An experienced eye would be able to tell that Bo Jiu was debugging the equipment. Her laptop was open and all the installations were connected through the network. Everything was connected to her laptop.

In the Bo family’s house, many things might seem ordinary and commonplace but behind the bookshelf was a hidden layer with a neat row of five skateboards.

If a hacker’s system self-destructed, someone had to be informed. As Bo Jiu had personally built the firewall, she was the only person in contact with all the hackers. The red signal implanted into the firewall was a communication tool.

An advanced mathematics student pushed his spectacles up his nose bridge, he put his book away and positioned his spectacles on his keyboard. His friends teased him. “Hey, Five, you finally stopped reading? My baby has finally smartened up and knows how to watch dramas.”

The boy remained silent and avoided their attention, looking very much like he was watching dramas. In reality, he was clicking into the signal, a tiny knot on his temples. He sent back a reply. “Received.”

Other than the student, there were many others who replied at the same moment. They were all hackers, who sat in front of the computer, starting their search in secret. Hackers couldn’t coincide with the real world. Once there was a risk of exposure, they had to come together and defend. And at this moment, someone was forcing the system into a destruction. They wouldn’t just sit back without a fight.

At this moment, the firewall signals spread across the entire network like stars across the night sky. As such, all of them would be immediately alerted of any problem.

That wasn’t all though. The enemy might not be aware but once a marked system had been activated, they would automatically go into lockdown mode. This was the actual reason hackers were feared and revered.

Time trickled by slowly. Qin Mo sat at the corner of the dining table. It was an unusually peaceful day for him since a certain someone wasn’t around. Moreover, he hadn’t received any confessions. All he had received was the steak and brunch delivered by the old butler, who was busier than usual.

Qin Mo glanced down at his watch. He didn’t know where she went but he knew how painful it was to wait for someone at one spot.

Qin Mo glanced up at the photograph at the bookshelf but this time, he didn’t take it. Instead, he tapped his watch.

The shadow guards had been waiting for Young Master’s instructions, they immediately perked up. “Young Master, we have investigated but haven’t gotten a clear picture. There seems to be something big going on, a hacker was killed by an unidentified syndicate. It might be an internal war.”

“This isn’t an internal war.” Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. His voice was soft. “I have to leave this place to investigate. Contact the police here, we need to cooperate for an arrest.”

The shadow guards stilled, confused for a moment. What did Young Master mean? Who were they going to arrest? Was it Young Master Jiu? For kidnapping him?

When the sky started to dim, the old butler had shifted most of the information. Cleaning up wasn’t that hard as they didn’t have to bring anything except his tea set and his young lord’s favorite utensils; those were the essential basics of a butler.

Of course, he would have to destroy any information that would expose his young lord’s identity. He would have to carry anything that couldn’t be destroyed, including that photo.

The old butler moved in a systematic manner, not forgetting to keep an eye on the red wine pig trotters in the kitchen. His young lord was a meat lover and she needed nourishment before starting on her work after all. Moreover, using pig trotters as brain food was considered a tradition of the Bo family.

Bo Jiu loved anything that walked the grounds such as pig trotters, she took a few bites as she adjusted the figures. She was dressed in a red t-shirt, tilting her head to light a cigarette, dangling it on her lips.

She seemed to be busy. Occasionally, she would reach out to rub the knots in her neck. When she was tired, she would lift a foot up as she leaned forward for a quick rest.

Meanwhile upstairs, Qin Mo pushed open the window. It was hard to imagine him doing so with a fork but he hadn’t made a single sound trying to pry the window open. This included walking to the balcony, climbing the walls and landing on the ground softly. The only obstacle was his injured wrist, which he still couldn’t exert much strength onto.

Qin Mo had chosen this timing after observing for a long time.

At this time, the old butler would be in the kitchen, which was usually filled with the sound of cooking. Moreover, the castle was soundproof, leaving his departure unnoticed.

Qin Mo lifted his gaze towards the surveillance hidden amidst the Japanese roses on the wall. It had been switched off ever since he had arrived.

Qin Mo walked towards the car while he stuffed a hand in her pocket in search of a key that the youngster had given him. With the keys and verbal password, there was 80% he could start up the Lamborghini.

He clicked on the start button and the navigation system perked up.

Qin Mo spoke emotionlessly, “I like you, Qin Mo.”

“Processing password, password approved.” The navigation system perked up once more, the doors opening automatically.

Qin Mo lowered himself and entered the car. With a hand on the accelerator, he sped out of the castle.

But at this moment, with a ‘Ding!’ a signal appeared on Bo Jiu’s phone screen. She was awakened by this loud sound. When she woke up, she watched as the red dot went further and further, the light in her eyes dimming.

She had known he would find the chance to leave. She had known that she couldn’t lock him down forever. She had mentally prepared herself for this but when it really happened, she still felt regret, wishing that he had stayed by her side willingly instead of using it as a chance to investigate her.

She had been too naive. How could he still be the same after knowing about her identity?

With a creak, the door opened and the old butler walked in, prepared to inform Bo Jiu. But when he saw the red dot on the computer screen, his gloved hands picked up the teapot, filling the teacup with tea. “I see that you are aware.”

“It was about time for the Almighty to leave.” Bo Jiu seemed to be convincing herself. “Movie Queen An would have begun to worry if he hadn’t left. Besides, he needs to work on the case.”

The old butler couldn’t seem to hold it in any longer, blurting out, “What’s so good about Young Master Qin?”

Bo Jiu stood up with a laugh. “Grandfather Butler.”


“He is Louis.” Bo Jiu smiled. “The pet I have been talking about all this while.”

The old butler stilled, unconcealed shock clouding his gaze. It hadn’t dawned on him before and he had no idea the little boy from before was linked to the An family. He had heard about her past and Louis back when he had first taken over as her butler but he had never expected him to be from the Chinese Qin family.

The old butler frowned. “He seemed to have forgotten about Young Lord and doesn’t even remember his English name. The short-lived romance seems to have affected Young Lord’s judgement.”

“He prefers going by his Chinese name and has only used it a few times during events. He hadn’t used it ever since.” Bo Jiu glanced over. “As for his memory, he seems to have lost all of it after a mission, hence, it’s normal he doesn’t remember me.”

The old butler remained silent because he understood. If it was Louis, the person his young lord had been speaking about since young, she would be defenseless.

He should really take a look at his young lord’s diary. As an elder, Bo Jiu didn’t have to spell it out for him to understand. Besides, he was a doctor. Selective amnesia meant that he had been hurt before. They would have to tear through his pain in order to force him back into recovery.

Moreover, his background was another obstacle that would deem it an ill-fated romance. That was probably the reason she hadn’t said anything. As Z, she was on the opposite site of justice and it meant a life of darkness and solitude.

The old butler took another glance at the screen. Little Blackie’s police alarm hadn’t been activated. This meant that his young lord had altered the system.

What a pity. She had done so much for him. But he might never find out…

Just then, a signal came into the other laptop. Bo Jiu released the remote control in her hand and with one hand on the table, she flipped over into the chair. She studied the signal, her gaze deepening.

She glanced up to the clock on the wall. It seemed like she couldn’t wait for Hoshino’s arrival because they were moving too quickly. From the looks of things, they had filtered through three sets of castles.

They were within the enemy’s focused area…

Time was tight.

What was the greatest fear of an artificial intelligence navigation system? A silent car. Hence, the navigation system perked up. “Hello, Master’s Little Vixen, I feel a need to introduce myself. My name is Black Lamborghini. In order to provide you with the best experience, I can help analyze the navigational route.”

“Little Vixen?” Qin Mo turned the steering wheel, his eyelids twitching.

Even without eyes, Little Blackie could analyze his emotions through his tone. It detected a certain coldness and made a decision. “Of course, that is a term of endearment Master gave you, I understand how you feel since she just drugged you. You must be feeling angry about that incident, I tried to stop her since it wasn’t a good idea.”

Undoubtedly, the artificial intelligence Little Blackie was adaptable as always. But it hadn’t expected Qin Mo’s response.

“Oh? Is that so?” he asked without any change to the emotion. “I liked it when your Master drugged me.”

Little Blackie: …

As a car navigation system, this was the first time it was at a loss for words. What should it say at this moment? It would have to utilize the world wide web. It was a pity Qin Mo didn’t give it enough time to react though.

Qin Mo started, “Of course, I much prefer it when your Master kidnapped me, you provided much help in that aspect but you didn’t do too well after that, for instance, when you stopped her from drugging me.”

Little Blackie: … Master, the little vixen you adore is so scary. He wasn’t a little vixen; he was practically a monster.

“In the future, when your Master asks you for advice.” Qin Mo’s fingers turned. “You are not allowed to object, or else, I will take it that you like a car wash.”

Little Blackie was on the brink of a meltdown. How did he even know about that!

“Open your latest navigation history,” Qin Mo instructed at a red light.

The artificial intelligence closed up instantly, adhering to strict rules. “Apologies, Young Master Qin does not have the rights to view the navigation history.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo chuckled.

Little Blackie felt a shiver run through it but it remained firm!

“It doesn’t matter,” Qin Mo replied faintly. “I just want to know who she had met the past two days?”

A human might not be able to detect the emotions behind his words but Little Blackie was an artificial intelligence. It immediately received the signal and sent out a response, “Young Master Qin, you don’t have to be jealous, all Master ever thinks about is how to sleep with you. She hasn’t met anyone, sleeping with you has taken over her mind.”

Qin Mo arched a brow. “Black Lamborghini.”

“What is it?”

Qin Mo asked slowly, “How does she intend to sleep with me?”

“She has the strategy all planned out very seriously. Master complimented your beauty while lamenting the difficulty in her task.” Little Blackie had never been one to mask its words. “Basically, she gave up on seduction since she is always the one being seduced.”