Chapter 1129 - Untitled

Chapter 1129: Untitled

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Little Blackie thought that after speaking so much, the other person would give some reaction but unfortunately, silence ensued.

This was the first time Little Blackie couldn’t analyze a human’s emotion. Master, honestly, where did you find this devil?

Time trickled by slowly. At the same time on another road, six black cars drove from the west. It was obvious that the people inside weren’t good people. The scar on their faces wasn’t the factor who made them seem like bad people but their gazes did.

There were many animals on this road. However, when they were driving, they didn’t care if they hit the deer or the birds that flew into the air suddenly.

There were many trees in this area but very little humans.

“Have you confirmed the location? Where are we going?” one of the people asked as he chewed gum. He was wearing a black combat uniform and had a gun on his back. It was legal to own guns overseas, even more so when they were in the suburbs.

“Why are you in a hurry? The other party will give us money anyway.” The person who spoke was the driver. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and there was a scar under his eyelid.

“Are we really going to attack him?”

“We took the money.”

“No, wait. Haven’t you heard of the saying that you can provoke anyone but Z? If that’s the case, no one will sell us any more news in the future.”

“What are you afraid of? As long as we do it secretly, no one will know that we did it.”

The other man glanced over. “Leopard, are you still angry that Z sent you to prison many years ago?”

“Damn it. I just slept with a little girl in the past. Why is that Z such a busybody?” The man called Leopard sneered. There was killing intent in his eyes. “Now that I’m out, it’s time to let Z pay the price.”

“I still feel that it’s dangerous if we act rashly. Maybe we should reconsider it.”

“Coase, are you saying that we should betray our new organization?” Leopard turned and glared maliciously at Coase.

Coase’s hand froze. He could feel the killing intent in his comrade’s eyes and thus wanted to reach for his gun to protect himself.

However, the other person was faster than him. Leopard shot him in his chest and pushed the car door open. He pushed Coase, who was panting heavily with his eyes wide open, off the car.

“This is the result of hesitating.” Leopard retracted his gaze and spoke firmly, “Continue driving. Our new organization isn’t afraid of anyone.”

At first, Coase’s and Leopard’s status in the team had been equal but now, everyone knew that they must listen to Leopard. After all, they also felt that Coase wasn’t as driven as he was in the past too. So, what if their target was the king of hackers? Once they found his location, the king of hackers was as good as dead.

No matter how powerful hackers were, their skills could only be displayed through the internet. Once they went offline, they were useless. If they really killed Z, their social status in their circle would double. And even if they failed, they wouldn’t need to take the blame because they had an organization behind them. Either way, it was good for them. There was no reason to reject the offer.

“Leopard, hurry up and ask for more information. I’m really eager to exterminate our target.”

“Let’s wait for a moment.” Leopard took out the receiver and sneered. “Found it. North.”

This was destined to be a bloody war.

Fan Jia sat in front of her computer, stared at the castle on the screen, and smiled. She must see the person dying personally.

She was sitting in the last vehicle and wouldn’t get down. She would just give orders here.

As Leopard was a drug addict, he was very easy to control. He used to be her brother’s man in the past. Hence, she trusted him. All of her brother’s men had been subconsciously conditioned before, making them easier to use.

Fan Jia looked back at the screen. Her gaze was poisonous. Once this person was dead, she would take control of the hacker world. Z. This person had always blocked her path.

There were only two families living within the vicinity of the castle. The two families were confused when the old butler, whom everyone said was weird and never interacted with the outsiders, suddenly knocked on their doors in the afternoon.

He was still wearing a suit with a pocket watch and gold-rimmed spectacles. He looked like an attendant from a noble family, carrying one tray in his hand. He smiled politely, giving people an elegant feeling. “Here are some cookies I just baked. Your children might love them. However, if it’s convenient for you, you should organize a holiday later in the afternoon. The holiday can last for three days. My master received news that there will be bandits coming to this area.”

“Bandits?!” The female owner gasped. She looked at the butler as though he was joking. What era was this? Why would there be bandits?

At this moment, the male owner of the household walked over. After hearing this speech, he thought for a while and said to the female owner, “Go and pack up.”

“Hey, Jack!” The female owner still found everything absurd.

Jack smiled and replied, “This is the first time our neighbor visited us. We should listen to his advice. Honestly, I feel that they’re not simple people. Look around us. Besides our farm, is there anything else? Pack up. It’s good to bring the children out to play too.”

The female owner shook her head and walked away.

The old butler wanted to leave when a little girl grabbed his pants.

The old butler looked down. Whenever he met little children, he would become serious for some reason.

Luckily, the little girl picked up her courage and placed a letter in his hand. “This is for that little brother. Can you please tell him to wait for me to grow up? I want to marry him. I like his drone.”

The old butler smiled. Was the little brother his young lord? “I’m afraid that your wish might not be achieved.”

“Why not?” The little girl was disappointed.

At this moment, the little boy walked over. He stood there quietly.

The old butler continued, “Because she has someone she likes. She’s a princess, just like you.”

The little girl was obviously shocked. She opened her eyes wide. It made her look very cute.

However, she still wasn’t as cute as the little young lord, the old butler thought to himself.

He still remembered the first time he had fetched his young lord down the car. His young lord had been wearing a shirt printed with small tigers. She had hugged a small keyboard and looked up at him, not afraid of his stern face nor the scar on his face. Her eyes had been big, round, and clean. “Grandfather Butler, this is my present for you.”

It was a piece of candy. That was the first time he received a present from a child as most children cried in fear when they saw him. But…

His young lord had always been alone. For a long period of time, her only playmate had been the small keyboard. She had even told him that this keyboard was different from other keyboards with a serious face because her pet had dismantled it and then fixed it back for her.

She had carried it until it couldn’t be used anymore. His young lord had dragged a toy bear as she had watched the garbage truck taking the keyboard away.

At that time, his young lord had looked at him and said, “Actually, I gave him my address but he didn’t come and find me. Grandfather Butler, do you think my pet is angry at me? He really likes to get angry and I like to provoke him too. It must be because he doesn’t know when I’m joking.”

Now his young lord had grown up and she had watched the person leaving the castle. He could imagine her feelings now.

The old butler looked at the person standing up straight beside the window. He walked towards her after waiting for a few seconds. “I’ve already informed the others. There won’t be any unnecessary casualties.”

“That’s good.” Bo Jiu retracted her gaze. She was still unable to concentrate. When she pushed the door open, her gaze landed on the wooden chair. The Almighty had liked to sit in this chair during the last few days.

He had probably jumped down the window. To think that he called her a wall-jumping intellectual. The Almighty’s wall-climbing skills must be as good as hers.

Bo Jiu lowered her gaze and looked at the traces left behind. She smiled and turned around, reaching out for the mask. Her eyes were shining.

At the same time, the people in the back car had already loaded their guns fully. The leader of the pack had a murderous look on her face. “Brothers, let’s go.”

There was mist ahead of them. Not only that, if they wanted to kill their target secretly, they mustn’t drive. It would only take 15 minutes to walk to the castle. The distance wasn’t long. It was to prevent alerting their target.

Fan Jia went down the vehicle too. She had a laptop in her hand. “9 o’clock.”

“You’re not your brother. Don’t order me like this.” Leopard turned and looked at her.

Fan Jia glared at him. “Did you forget what my brother told you before he left?”

The man called Leopard tensed up. “Fine. You’re the commander.”

“Don’t move together. Surround the castle and block all paths. Don’t let Z escape. Also, I want to know what this person looks like.” Fan Jia narrowed her eyes when she said this. “I heard that Z is very good with disguises so don’t let anyone go. Kill any ordinary people you see on the streets.”


To these people, human lives were worthless. It was right to call them outlaws. Some people, like the mafia, had their own code of conduct and would never touch little children. Among all the criminals in jail, the people they hated the most were people like Leopard.

However, Leopard blamed all these hate on Bo Jiu. He felt that if it wasn’t for Z, those people wouldn’t have found him because he had cleaned his traces very well when he had committed the crime.

The little girl had been in shock so she couldn’t testify to him. There hadn’t been any crucial evidence found too. He had almost been released but Z stepped in at this time.

He had wanted to use the same method to send Z to jail. He had even worked with some police who wanted to gain merits. But it was too hard to catch Z.

Now he finally had a chance.

He changed his mind; he wouldn’t let Z die so easily. He must torment this person furiously before killing him with a single shot.

They had come with five cars. They came well-prepared with all their equipment. Everyone brought more than three guns. There were 15 of them and all of them were mercenaries. They quietly closed in on their destination.

The silent castle still looked the same before. At this time of the day, white pigeons would land in the courtyard to eat the food left on the ground. White roses bloomed on the vines. They grew all the way to the other side of the castle.

They could hear someone baking desserts faintly. It seemed as though he didn’t detect the danger closing in on him.

Leopard had already reached the courtyard. He smiled brightly. “Come on, boys. Let’s give Z a huge surprise.”

The person beside him threw a grenade inside the castle after hearing this.

Boom! An explosion occurred.

Leopard raised his gun and entered the building. He swept the room with his gun when he entered.

These people were very brutal.

The white pigeons flew away in shock. The female owner, who had already left the vicinity of the castle, frowned. “What’s that noise?”

“Mom, is the little brother lighting fireworks? Oh! I should have stayed behind. I’d be able to see my little brother.” The little girl ate her biscuits.

The male owner stopped moving for a second. “Merlin, prepare the gun.”

“Okay.” Most farmers had the right to own guns too. The female owner wasn’t stupid. She could tell that the sound just now wasn’t fireworks. She turned and looked in the direction of the castle. “Do you really think that they are alright?”

The male owner didn’t reply to her. He had a bad feeling. However, he didn’t know the answer either. He didn’t know whom the owner of the castle had offended.

The smoke caused by the small explosion dissipated. The mercenaries carried their guns and looked around them. They didn’t see anyone. The tea on the table was still steaming hot. It hadn’t cooled down.

The biscuits placed on the table and the silver fruit plates that fell to the ground due to the explosion told them that there must be someone in this castle.

Suddenly, one of the people standing at the side pointed to the second floor. “There! There’s shadow up there. Second floor, near the window.”

“Are you attempting to escape?” Leopard squinted and gave a hand signal to the people behind him.

A few of them rushed up the stairs while two people guarded each side of the bedroom door.

Leopard kicked the door open and walked in with his gun. He aimed his gun at the figure behind the curtain and smiled. “Z, come out. Let’s have a good chat. I didn’t expect the famous Z to feel scared too. Aren’t you always very arrogant?”

The figure didn’t move.

Leopard scoffed, “It looks like I have to find a way to invite you out. The king of hackers? Without the internet, you’re just useless.” As he spoke, Leopard raised his gun and pointed it at the figure’s leg.

Cling! A metallic sound was heard.

Everyone’s expression changed. The sound wasn’t right!

Leopard took a huge step forward and pulled the curtain open. The figure there didn’t belong to a human. It was a robot that looked like a human. When he got near, it even started speaking, “Huh? Did you just call me useless?”