Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Almighty Qin Starts Turning Jealous

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Fu Jiu paused. She looked up at the man close by.

He was choosing from the rackets that were provided by the court. His long fingers were clad in pure black gloves, and he looked quite professional in his tennis attire. When he looked down, his long and thick eyelashes created a shadow and made him look carefree—very much resembling a handsome celebrity from a TV show.

If he were on a live stream, Almighty Qin’s looks would lift his popularity to another level…

Perhaps because he noticed the look coming from the young man, Almighty raised his eyes up suddenly and looked at Fu Jiu. “What now?”

Fu Jiu put the racket behind her on her belt. She was smiling brilliantly, flashing her attractive canines. “Nothing, I just couldn’t help looking at the handsome Brother Mo.”

Xue Yaoyao, who was listening at the side, felt immensely confused.

Why did she feel that His Highness Jiu was flirting with Almighty Qin?

It was clearly two men playing tennis together, but Xue Yaoyao felt like she was seeing an illusion of two lovebirds together!

But… they were actually a good match…

Xue Yaoyao held the teacup in her hand and looked towards the court enviously.

Fu Jiu met her eyes and smiled lightly. She walked over as she held her racket. She took her notebook out from her school bag, leaned close to her, and said, “You log into the game and play two rounds first. During the intermission, I will discuss your problems with you.”

“Okay.” Xue Yaoyao didn’t think that the young man would still have her on his mind at this time. She felt like she was being cared for and blushed.

Fu Jiu looked at the plate of fruits on the coffee table. She picked up a slice of watermelon and put it in her mouth. She said gently, “Eat the fruits, don’t worry about it.”

“Mm.” Xue Yaoyao nodded vigorously. As she looked at the young man’s face, her eyes were full of admiration.

Qin Mo saw this while he was standing in the middle of the court, and he tugged on the strings of his tennis racket a few times. His eyes were deep like the dark night.

When Fu Jiu walked back, she saw that Almighty’s face had cooled down a lot.

Was it because the match was about to start… so Almighty’s competitiveness was escalating?

“Begin the match.” Qin Mo threw these two words at the receptionist who was standing to the side, and he stood in front of the net with his back straight.

Fu Jiu became serious too. The young man bent his knees halfway. His profile was clean and pretty, and his silver hair was pushed behind his ears, which were pierced with black earrings. He attempted a killing smash with substantial strength!

Qin Mo calmly observed the flying ball. He then turned his body to the side, tightly held onto the racket, and, with a very beautiful gesture, delivered an accurate forehand drive with the yellow ball!


Fu Jiu’s forehead took the hit!

She rubbed it and her face seemed sad from the pain. “Brother Mo, you did that on purpose, right? Hitting it onto my face!”

Did he invite her to play tennis? Or to take his revenge?

Qin Mo looked at the young man, and his eyes deepened. “Since you are here to play badminton, then focus. Stop flirting with girls!”

“When did I flirt with girls?” Fu Jiu murmured. She felt somewhat wronged.

Both of Qin Mo’s eyes were fixed on the young man’s fluffy head. In the end, he couldn’t win over his guilt as he looked at the receptionist on the side, sounding unpleasant. “Go and bring some ice.”

“Ah? Yes.” The receptionist didn’t understand what Young Master needed the ice for.

He just saw him take a towel, wrap the ice cubes in it, and place it gently on young man’s forehead…