Chapter 1130 - Untitled

Chapter 1130: Untitled

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When the mercenaries saw the robot, their faces had already turned black.

After they heard the voice, they understood that they were fooled. Leopard was the most furious. He emptied his magazine at the robot.

“Where is Z!”, Leopard asked Fan Jia through his Bluetooth earpiece.

“Z must be using the internet to control the robot. Find Z!” Fan Jia also knew that she needed to find the person. However, after she entered the internet, she realized that she wasn’t able to break through the firewall. Thus, she couldn’t find the location of the person too.

Suddenly, a red light blinked. Fan Jia immediately pressed the button. “First floor!”

“First floor?” One of the mercenaries frowned. “We came from the first floor. We didn’t see anyone.”

“He’s on the first floor.” Fan Jia squinted. “Z is defending himself. However, with so many robots, there will be many loopholes too. Just now, Z sent an order to the robot for it to talk. This is the same as exposing his location. I’m able to trace where he is instantly. Z is on the first floor!”

The mercenaries exchanged glances after hearing this.

“Let’s go down,” Leopard ordered the other men.

The mercenary closest to the door saw a small electric toy car, the kind people always played with as a child, the moment he stepped out of the bedroom. The only difference was that this car seemed cooler. It might be because of the material used.

“What is that?” The mercenary frowned. He wanted to lift his leg when a bang was heard. He fell down the railings due to the explosion, along with the two people behind him. Their neck twisted at a weird angle and they never got up again.

“Shit!” Leopard cursed. “Z, where are you! Also, aren’t you a hacker? Can you stop these stupid things from moving?”

Fan Jia was irritated too. “I’m thinking of a way now. Evade those things first!”

Leopard cursed again and walked down slowly. When he reached the exit of the stairs, another toy car drove over. This toy car was modeled based on a real car. The Land Rover symbol made it look majestic and expensive.

All the mercenaries quickly stopped in their tracks the instant they saw the toy car. They didn’t dare to move a step forward.

The scene was legendary. The mercenaries left were trying to evade the explosion range of the toy car. Leopard even jumped down the stairs, using one hand to push his body up.

Right at this moment, one of the mercenaries suddenly pointed at the window. His eyes were opened wide as he moved them around. The mercenaries looked towards the direction he was pointing at. They saw multiple drones rising into the air, surrounding the castle, and bearing down on them.

Bo Jiu’s voice sounded from the toy car on the ground. It was a lazy and devilish voice. “Haha, you’re really stupid. Do you think that I’ll place all my bombs on toy cars? Are you looking down on me, Leopard?”

Leopard would never forget this voice even if he died. This was the person who had sent him to jail that year. He had almost not been able to come out because the judge had almost given him a death sentence.

“I almost forgot to welcome you.” Bo Jiu was wearing her black leather jacket and an earpiece. She had a smile on her face. “Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy the feast I prepared for you.”

Leopard wanted to reply to her but the drones congregated. Every drone aimed at a single point. Leopard’s expression changed drastically. He shouted, “Get out of the way!”

It was too late. Gunshots were heard. They sounded like the firing from a machine gun. The bullets swept through the building and windows exploded. A few more mercenaries were killed.

These mercenaries were highly skilled. They were able to evade the bullets within such a short time. But even if they were able to evade them, they could only lean against the sofa or the wall. They couldn’t raise their heads.

No one was able to fight with these drones head-on.

Those people hiding under the sofa thought that they were safe but in the next second, some drones flew around the sofa and floated above their heads. It seemed as if the drones were able to see them.

“Shit! Shit!” Leopard cursed before running away in a flurry.

Bo Jiu typed on the keyboard. There were four computers in front of her and every screen showed a different image. The living room and even the surroundings of the castle were being watched over by her.

She gave a half-smile as she looked at this scene. “Some people grew bolder after a year of parting. Hackers won’t offend people like you voluntarily but if you want to provoke us and even come to our base to disturb us, you don’t have to go back anymore. Didn’t anyone tell you this?”

She finished speaking and moved her fingers again. The drones changed direction and started shooting at those mercenaries that wanted to fire at them.

Leopard felt cold sweat appearing on his forehead. His back was against the wall and his breathing got heavier.

Some people were already frightened. They said to Leopard, “Boss, let’s go back. Z is right. We shouldn’t offend the hacker world.”

“Shut up!” Leopard frowned. “Find Z!”

Fan Jia opened her mouth and said, “Camera. There are cameras in the room. Shoot the cameras and those drones won’t be able to find you anymore!”

Leopard heard this and immediately looked at the moving cameras. He lifted his gun, rolled on the ground, and shot one of them.


When one of Bo Jiu’s screen turned white, she raised her eyebrows. There was no change in her expression. But a blind spot was created due to the destruction of the camera. The drones left in the castle weren’t very high-tech.

Leopard finally managed to stand up. He took the opportunity when the drones lost their targets to shoot at them.

Gunshots were heard and two drones dropped, reducing the firepower. The other four mercenaries lifted their guns and destroyed two other drones. That meant that there were only four drones left in the air.

These people were all mercenaries. They had more experience than most people. Thus, they reacted quickly and stood in the blind spot, which was the spot that the cameras couldn’t see. They shot another drone that attempted to come near them.



When the last drone fell to the ground, an evil smile appeared on Leopard’s face again. He looked sinister and malicious. “Z, your last weapon is destroyed. Are you still going to hide?”

Silence. After a round of firing, the castle turned extremely quiet. But the greater the silence, the greater people’s vigilance.

Bo Jiu moved the corners of her lips. She held a metal bar in her hand and wore her mask on her face. Then she lifted her long legs and sat on the black Tomahawk. Before she left, she pressed something with her hand and the fallen drones on the ground suddenly exploded with a loud sound.

The five mercenaries, who were still feeling pleased with themselves, flew out due to the explosion. Leopard, who had just finished boasting, felt dizzy from the explosion. He stumbled as he tried to get up.

One of the mercenaries who wasn’t injured shouted loudly, “Boss!”

Before he looked up, he heard the sound of a vehicle beside him. That sound didn’t come from the first floor. It came from the middle of the forest. The person drove into the castle and raised the metal bar in her hand. She waved the bar handsomely.


Leopard was thrown on the ground because of the hit. It was so painful he almost forgot to breathe. He shouted, “Shoot at him!”

But in actual fact, when the mercenary saw the black motorcycle flying towards him, his hands already went numb. He didn’t know where this youngster got his viciousness from. Before he could react, the metal bar swung at him.

When Bo Jiu was doing this action, the leather jacket on her body flew up. A fierce gust of wind was formed when she waved her metal bar. The black leather jacket and the silver hair made her look cool and fierce.

In that instant when the mercenary fell to the ground, he saw the pair of pure black eyes above the mask. It left a deep impression in him. It was too dark, so dark that he could feel the indifference in them. He remembered the warning they had received before they had come. You can provoke anyone but the young lord of the hackers, Z.

Yet, they had disregarded it. They had felt that he was just a powerful person on the internet and that in real life, he wouldn’t be as strong as them.

Now, the mercenary regretted his actions. It was a team annihilation. They had entered the castle with more than ten people but they were defeated by one single person. They couldn’t even retaliate.

In the main hall, Bo Jiu held the handlebar of the bike with one hand and did a beautiful drift. She stuck one of her long legs out and placed her feet on the ground with her toes touching the ground. She looked down on the mercenaries that were lying on the ground.

At this moment, the mercenaries felt that they weren’t looking at a hacker. This was the god of death. A god of death with an exceptional aura and a metal bar in one hand.

Bo Jiu exerted pressure on her left hand and the bike moved forward. She stopped in front of Leopard. “Why is someone like you still alive? It seems like locking you up in jail wasn’t enough.”

“Z!” Leopard hated this person. His scream was filled with anger and his chest moved up and down heavily as if he was fighting with someone for life.

Bo Jiu didn’t get off her bike. She just looked at him and said nonchalantly, “Are you angry? Bear with it.”

Leopard squinted. He thought of something and wanted to drag time. He felt for his gun and prepared to lift it.

Bo Jiu swung her metal bar down. It hit Leopard’s wrist and the sound of bones breaking was heard. Then she beat him again.

Leopard was in so much pain he curled his body. Cold sweat kept forming on his forehead. He convulsed a few times and laid there motionlessly. He would never get up again.

There was only one mercenary left. He was extremely scared and thought that he should have listened to Coase. He shouldn’t have barged into the castle. He would definitely die. He…

“Go back and repeat my words to the person who hired you. Tell them that they don’t have to find me. I’ll go and look for them.”

The mercenary heard the sound of the metal bar scraping against the floor. He looked at the youngster standing up tall against the sunlight. When he opened his mouth, all he could taste was blood.

He didn’t dare to make any moves even though the gun was just beside his hand. The mercenary knew that by this time, the person who sent them here, the lady that followed behind them, must have run away.

They had thought that nothing could go wrong. They had thought that they would be able to uproot Z’s old base. Yet, they were the ones who were annihilated. Not only that, but they also didn’t even manage to see their enemy’s face.

The mercenary saw the black Tomahawk turning around swiftly just like when it had arrived. He saw the wind brewing behind the youngster when he arranged his mask.

The mercenary was right. When things had gone out of hand, Fan Jia had run away in her car. Her expression was gloomy and her face pale. She couldn’t understand why more than ten professional mercenaries were unable to catch Z. She also didn’t expect Z to be so cunning. When she had attacked Z through the internet, he had been able to give her a fake IP. That had made her think that Z was on the first floor but in actual fact, he hadn’t even been in the castle at all.

Fan Jia saw the figure jumping out of the forest. She wanted to act but realized that things happened too quickly. Every time the metal bar landed on someone, she felt that she could hear the sound of bones breaking. With her skills, she was no match for Z. She had thought that Leopard’s sneak attack would work but…

Fan Jia clutched the steering wheel tightly. Her eyes were dim. The more Z was like this, the more she hated him.

She remembered what her brother said. That year, her brother had tried many methods to kill Z. He had even left many traps behind so that he could get rid of this obstacle. However, Z was very strong mentally and wasn’t like Qin Mo.

If Qin Mo hadn’t appeared at the moment and blocked the hypnosis for Z, Z would have been dead long ago. Thus, the person her brother feared the most was Qin Mo. The person who was able to block his control even when he was hypnotized.

But that was the past and this was the present.

In Qin Mo’s heart, the most important person to him had died. That meant that he had a psychological weakness. Since she couldn’t kill Z, she must think of a way to get Qin Mo. Then she would use Qin Mo to tackle Z.

Their plan must have been leaked by someone. It couldn’t be from her side so could it be that hacker?

Fan Jia’s expression turned sinister. She had been too naive. She hadn’t expected a person to send out a message in such a unique way before he died. There must be some special way of communicating between them.

She had been scrutinizing the internet when that had happened so if there was something amiss, she should have noticed. Regardless, she wouldn’t let Z remain alive and the best way was to let Qin Mo take care of Z.