Chapter 1131 - Qin Mo

Chapter 1131: Qin Mo

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When the last ray of dusk disappeared, the surroundings of the castle went back to its original state. The forest around it remained as dense as ever. Against the evening glow, only one pure black Tomahawk could be seen driving on the main road connecting the castle. The faint sound of the driver’s clothes flapping against the wind could be heard.

On that day, all the hackers sent out a notification for war. They would never sell any information to the organization that planned the Maiden’s Sacrifice. Also, from today onwards, they would track this organization until they found them.

Fan Jia, who was still running away frantically in her car, hadn’t realized the implications of her actions until a call came.

The person’s voice on the other side was very deep. “Before you left, I reminded you that you mustn’t touch Fifth Avenue. You won’t be able to gain any advantage from touching them. I also told you that you shouldn’t attempt to catch Z alone. Now your actions caused us to be on the passive side. Our business is affected too. Have you considered the consequences of letting so many hackers tracing us?”

The person’s name wasn’t shown on the screen. However, from Fan Jia’s expression, you could tell that she respected and was afraid of this person. “It’s my fault for not thinking thoroughly. However, I’ve already thought of a plan to tackle Z. I’ll find Qin Mo and ask Qin Mo to handle Z.”

“You won’t be able to get close to Z or Qin Mo.” The person’s tone turned duller. “Fifth Avenue isn’t our playing field. As compared to your current plan, it’s better to kill more Chinese in America so that the armies on the borders of China will stop focusing on our organization. This is the most important thing. As for Qin Mo…” The person paused for a moment before continuing, “I received a piece of news that someone wanted him back in the army to carry out the mission to exterminate us. Once Qin Mo and the men he groomed returns to the military, we’ll be in trouble. However, there’s one thing that is good for us. Once Qin Mo returns, I’ll be able to reactivate the hypnosis your brother placed in his heart. Once our big plan succeeded, we will go with your idea and let Qin Mo take care of Z. Now you need to continue your task. Make the situation as messy as possible. Follow my orders and create more murders.”

Fan Jia wasn’t stupid. After she calmed down and thought everything through, she realized that this was the correct way. There were many people in this world and as long as there were people, the Maiden’s Sacrifice could be completed.

No matter how capable Z was, he could only prevent murders. He couldn’t control the minds of a person. She was a professional in this area. Just wait and see; their chess game wouldn’t end so easily. The lady she picked should have started acting by now.

Indeed, the lady didn’t know that something had happened to her father. She had always liked to boast about her father’s job on the internet. She never thought that her vanity would turn her into other people’s chess piece. Chess pieces wouldn’t feel that they were being made used of. Or rather, they were actually willing to do those things.

For instance, the lady commented below the author who tried to uphold justice, “How irritating. As the audience, I only care if the novel I’m reading is able to continue. I’m a fan of both novels. I just simply want to read a book. I’ve no interest in infringement. However, I feel that the author of the original work is quite fake. She caused her own death. Her mother continued hanging on to this matter so she will probably end up the same too. Considering the matter as it stands, it looks like a publicity stunt.”

Surprisingly, a bunch of people replied to her. “I feel the same. Everyone has their own view on infringement. As for me, I enjoy reading the book even if it was copied.”

“I’m a fan of both books too. I have the same view as the owner of this post.”

“I really hope that we can live peacefully. The fans of the original novel went overboard.”

The people who wrote these comments had twisted moral values but they still felt that they were mesmerizing little angels, especially this lady.

After the lady wrote the comment, she left home. The person who contacted her told her that in order for the person she hated to get punished, she needed to do something first. The thing that she needed to do was written in the letter in her mailbox. The necessary equipment could be found inside too. She just needed to take the letter and the equipment and follow the instructions given.

It was obvious that the lady was happy. She had enough of these people who claimed to be righteous on the internet. These people were either very young or they were poor people who came from villages. Their upbringing was terrible.

She had just written a normal comment but those people had said that her principles were wrong. The people online were so violent. However, it wouldn’t affect her as she never talked to stupid people anyway. She just wondered why her father hadn’t sent her any money recently. Didn’t he know that her expenditure overseas was very high?

Two days later, it would be her birthday. Her birthday party would directly affect her status in the Chinese circle. She had finally managed to make this new bunch of friends. If the money didn’t come, the people in that circle would think that her family wasn’t rich enough.

The lady started to get a little irritated as she thought about this. She decided to call her father and urged him to give her money after she took the things from her mailbox.

The mailboxes in school were very easy to find. They were like little cubicles. Once you opened the door, you would be able to see the things inside.

The lady smiled as she opened her mailbox. Suddenly, an alarm rang. It was as if she touched some trigger. That was indeed the case as there were people waiting for her.

There were all policemen. When they saw that the person who came to open the mailbox was really a lady, their eyes widened in shock. It was extremely accurate. The man who was leading the team of policemen appeared calmer than the rest. This was because he knew how capable Qin Mo was.

When Qin Mo had come to find him, he had the feeling that this case was going to be solved. As expected!

But when he saw the lady’s innocent face, he still couldn’t help but ask, “Qin, how did you close in on the target?”

The lady looked in that direction instinctively when she heard this English sentence.

Someone was standing against the light. His hands were in his pocket and he was leaning against the mailboxes. He gave off the feeling that he didn’t belong here.

“I used the culprit’s method to contact the accomplice. The person who came to take the things from this mailbox will be, obviously, the accomplice.”

Qin Mo walked over. His features got clearer.

The lady finally saw his face. She had never met such a situation before. So many American policemen were surrounding her. Her face turned pale. She screamed and shouted to see the people at the embassy.

Qin Mo didn’t even look at her. He knew that the lady would probably be sent back to her country since there wasn’t enough evidence to prove her crime. After all, she wasn’t the real murderer. But these kinds of people were no different from the actual murderer.

From the moment the cases appeared, Qin Mo wondered if these people had a certain connection as the person behind this scheme wouldn’t find a random person to help her do these things. Thus, there must be a connection between these people. He just hadn’t thought of it.

He had managed to find the crucial factor before he left the castle. Before he left, he had looked through all the information on Bo Jiu’s laptop and opened her website history.

All the people who were chosen had either supported a thief, felt that infringement was alright or said that they were fans of both sides. They had a point in common! Those accomplices that became the murderer’s victims, they had a point in common! They had made similar comments in the past.

Also, before they died, all of them had gone to find this person and had told her that they didn’t like someone and wanted to teach this person a lesson. All of them received a reply telling them that they had to do something. After completing the task assigned, the new accomplice would kill the old accomplice and the vicious cycle continued.

After finding this connection, Qin Mo had asked Fatty to screen through numerous IP addresses and only give him those that were overseas. Then he had asked Fatty to send a message to the various IPs. He had used the sudoku numbers to send the text. The message was the same as the one the accomplice had received in the past.

There was one person that never revealed herself in this case. This was the person that made use of the dark side in people’s heart to let them perform murders. In order to make someone into an accomplice, the person must ask this person to get the equipment from the mailbox.

Qin Mo made use of this point and waited for the person to open the mailbox.

The lady still wanted to argue but it was no use because the policemen present weren’t easy people; they were already mentally prepared to take on this brutal case.

Within one day, the police, using Qin Mo’s method, managed to catch six Chinese female students who studied in universities and lived here long-term. Once a cycle was broken, it was hard to link it back again.

The policemen who were in charge of this case felt chills down their backs. If they didn’t catch these six ladies, there would be another victim. However, thinking about it carefully, some of the victims were innocent while others were accomplices who got killed.

If it wasn’t for these accomplices, the first victim wouldn’t have died. That meant that this was a case where the accomplice was the one murdering people. As compared to cases where the murderer killed people personally, this was even more depressing. They didn’t know how to write the report for this case.

Fortunately, they broke the vicious cycle. Without Qin, they wouldn’t be able to solve the case even if they cracked their brains.

The superintendent looked at Qin Mo when he thought about this. He walked over slowly and patted Qin Mo’s shoulder. He signed and said, “Qin, let’s go and get a cup of coffee later. Allow me to show my gratitude.”

“It’s alright.” Qin Mo remained in his position. He seemed a little absent-minded as he looked up at the sky that was turning dark. His gaze was dull as he said, “I have other matters on hand…”