Chapter 1133 - Almighty Qin

Chapter 1133: Almighty Qin

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Due to the sharp pain in his nerves, Qin Mo clutched his head unconsciously. The feeling of being drowned by seawater was extremely familiar. It was so familiar he felt that he experienced it personally. It wasn’t just a dream.

Qin Mo tried to bear with the pain but he realized that he couldn’t resist it. Fragments of things started swarming into his mind. The most conspicuous thing was the sweet voice that kept calling out to him.

“Momo, don’t be shy. We are both girls. It’s alright to let me see it.”

At that time, he had scoffed in his heart. Who is a girl? I’m a boy.

He couldn’t disagree with the voice but he couldn’t push it away either. “Momo, if you keep ignoring me, you won’t have any friends.”

He had felt that it was right for him to keep quiet before that fellow had confirmed his gender.

Who knew that the voice continued eloquently as though there was no end? “Momo, this is all my money. It’s enough to buy you, I’ve researched online. There is a saying in China: If you have money, you can make the devil push the desert for you.”

“Idiot. It’s a milestone, not desert. If you have money, you can make the devil push the milestone for you.” That had been his reply.

Even though he hadn’t known why, in the end, he had held the girl’s small little fist and wrote calligraphy with her.

Maybe it was because the voice had asked, “Aren’t they both ‘Mo’1?”

That was why he had taught that little fellow to write the word.

However, he couldn’t see that little fellow’s face. His head hurt too much.

Qin Mo wanted to stand up. However, he realized that the more he wanted to know some things, the greater his internal resistance.

He only woke up from the confusion and pain when he felt a stinging pain on his palm. His eyes were deep and heavy. His lips seemed to be painted white.

He looked around him again. There were still a few computers that were running. But their owner was gone. Yes, gone.

Once Qin Mo thought of the fact that the person who had hugged his waist and enticed him yesterday was gone, his heart felt as though it was hammered. It wasn’t very painful but the blunt knocks made him uncomfortable even when he was breathing.

Thus, even someone as smart as the Almighty didn’t observe the details carefully. Instead, he rushed to the nearest farm from the castle. He wanted to ask the people living there where his Mrs Qin had gone.

He forgot about his manners for the first time as he knocked the door loudly. However, after the third knock, he realized that there was no one inside and even the old sports car parked in the farm was gone too.

The owner of the farm was probably afraid that some people would visit him so he purposely wrote at the side, “Off for a holiday. Won’t be back any time soon.”

After seeing this sentence, Qin Mo’s rationality slowly came back.

It was too much of a coincidence. They went on a holiday at this moment.

Qin Mo took a deep breath. He clutched the favorite takeaway food of Bo Jiu tightly and walked back to the castle again. This time, he wasn’t in a hurry to find that person like the previous time.

Instead, he focused his attention on the details. All the cameras in her castle were on. When he had left the castle, they had still been off.

There were more than ten drones lying on the ground too. He had seen these drones before.

The tea-making set in the living room had disappeared and the broken shards on the ground didn’t belong to them. That meant that someone took them away.

Qin Mo seemed enlightened. He walked slowly up to the second floor and opened all the wardrobes.

Most of Bo Jiu’s clothes were gone. Even two of the suits the old butler always wore were gone. The suitcase placed under the wardrobe was missing too.

No organization would take their victim’s clothes after kidnapping the person. Thus, this seemed like a pre-planned escape from home. If he took into consideration those people lying on the ground…

Qin Mo’s fingers stopped moving. Before he could take a step, he heard the sound of police sirens coming from outside the castle.

The police cars had come and it was a huge number. The police cars stopped outside the castle one by one. The bright lights shone in from the main door.

One of the inspectors narrowed his eyes and raised his gun. He shouted loudly, “There’s someone inside.”

However, Qin Mo didn’t seem to hear him. He raised his head to look at the cameras in the room. The videos must have been saved on the computers in the basement.

“The person inside, raise your hands. I’ll count down from 10. If you don’t come out within ten seconds, I will have the right to shoot you. 10, 9, 8…”

“Wait!” The chief inspector who just got down from the car beside recognized the lengthy figure walking out of the castle. He raised his hand and then pushed his arms down. This was a signal for the other people to put down their guns. “He’s one of us.”

“One of us?” The inspectors couldn’t believe it. How could someone reach before them?

Actually, the chief inspector was puzzled too. He walked slowly towards Qin Mo. “The minute you left, I received a call from my superiors telling me that someone called the police because they heard gunshots here. However, the person was uncertain so my superior wanted us to take a look. Why are you here too, Qin?”

Was he able to predict the future? Or did he manage to calculate this event? After all, Qin was a professional in this area. Could it be that what happened here had something to do with the Maiden’s Sacrifice? If that was the case, it would be serious. Did Qin find this place because of some evidence?

Thinking about this, the chief inspector’s expression turned serious too. However, very soon, he realized that Qin’s wasn’t looking at him. He seemed absent-minded.

“Qin?” he called the person again.

There was still no reaction.

While he was thinking whether he should disturb the person’s thoughts, the familiar deep voice sounded beside his ears. “Ask your men to carry away those people lying inside. Don’t touch the other things in the castle.”

“Don’t touch them?” The chief inspector frowned. “If we don’t touch them, we won’t be able to inspect the crime scene.”

Qin Mo maintained his expression. It was difficult to tell his emotions. His voice was indifferent as he replied, “Before you came, I’ve already looked through this place. It’s an invasion of a mercenary team.” He threw something at the chief inspector. “Help me check which organization it is. Also, this castle belongs to my wife. I’ll be living here from now on. If you want any information, you can ask me directly. After removing these people on the floor, ask your men to leave. She doesn’t like to be disturbed.”

The chief inspector first thought was that someone was taking revenge on Qin Mo. He said immediately, “Qin, your wife…”

“I’ll find her personally,” Qin Mo interrupted him.

The chief inspector confirmed his thinking after listening to Qin Mo. As expected, someone took revenge on Qin because he was investigating the Maiden’s Sacrifice too. But since when did Qin have a wife? Why hadn’t he heard about his wife before?

If this hadn’t happened, he would definitely have probed further. However, now he wouldn’t ask because Qin Mo wouldn’t have the mood to reply to him anyway.

The only thing he could do was to listen to him and ask his men to clear the crime scene.

The chief inspector looked at the people that were carried out. He imagined a scene.

All mercenary teams were extremely brutal and there had been too many mercenaries so after the people here had fought with them for some time, they couldn’t resist anymore. Then a beautiful young lady had been abducted.

The chief inspector didn’t dare to think further. He could only say to Qin Mo, “When we find the organization, I’ll report to my superiors and ask them to send people to search for the lady personally. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely find her.”

“It’s okay.” Surprisingly, this was the reply Qin Mo gave him.

The chief inspector didn’t understand what Qin Mo was thinking. Could it be? There was another situation. As long as the police didn’t act, the other party wouldn’t kill their victim.

Qin Mo might be worried about this so he said that he would look for his wife himself just now. The chief inspector thought through the matter using his habitual thinking. Then, he patted Qin Mo’s shoulder. “If you need any help, you can tell me.”

“Okay.” Qin Mo continued acting absent-mindedly.

The more the chief inspector looked at Qin Mo, the more he felt that there was something wrong with him. He seemed empty and even his words got lesser. He spoke very little in the past too but that was a different concept.

It took a while to clear the scene. In this while, the chief inspector was led astray by his thoughts, thinking about the sentence ‘this is my wife’s castle’, so he didn’t notice those small details.

Before he left, he suggested leaving two people here to protect Qin Mo.

Qin Mo placed his hand in his pocket and looked in the air in a daze. After hearing the chief inspector’s sentence, he finally opened his mouth. “There’s no need for that. My men will arrive soon. They’re just around the area.”

“Okay.” The chief inspector didn’t force him. After all, he was clear of Qin Mo’s identity and his ability. He asked his men to get in the cars before bidding farewell to Qin Mo. The report would be hard to write. However, hiring mercenaries to take revenge was common overseas.

As soon as the police cars had disappeared, the castle resumed its silence. Two ceiling lamps were broken in the living room but it didn’t affect the lighting of the room.

Qin Mo stood there and looked at the marks left by the bike in the courtyard. His handsome face, which was tilted to the side, was elegant.

Then, just as he was about to take a step forward, the Lamborghini that was parked at the side made a sound. The navigation system wasn’t off. “I’m unable to detect the presence of my master. Can you tell me what happened? Why were there so many police cars just now? No police cars have ever appeared in this place before.”

In the past, its master and it always threw police cars off their tracks. Why had there been police cars at the castle?

“She isn’t here.” Qin Mo walked to the Lamborghini. It seemed as though he finally had the energy to speak after hearing sounds around him.

There were fluctuations on the navigation system. “Why were those police cars here?”

“Someone attacked the castle.” Qin Mo used one sentence to explain what happened. “It was done by mercenaries.”

The fluctuations on the navigation system turned bigger. “Are you saying that Master was discovered by her enemies? But normally, Master wouldn’t sit and wait for death.”

“She didn’t sit and waited for death.” Qin Mo turned around. His eyes were as clear as water but they were very deep. His voice merged with the night sky. “She just left…”