Chapter 1134 - CP

Chapter 1134: CP

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Unexpectedly, the navigation system detected loneliness in the voice.

Qin Mo’s men came very quickly. They were like shadows. The first thing they did was to return their young master’s phone to him. Now their young master didn’t need to pretend that he was kidnapped by Young Master Jiu so the receiver was useless.

However, the shadow guards felt that their young master was different compared to when he just came but they couldn’t exactly pinpoint what the difference was.

Their young master sat on a sofa while holding his phone in his hands. He seemed to be waiting for some news.

The shadow guards had thought that their young master would return to the An family. After all, their old master had come to America too. But after waiting for a long time, they realized that their young master wasn’t moving. Was he planning to spend the entire night in the castle?

The shadow guards glanced at each other. They quickly found a place each to stand guard.

The castle was extremely quiet. Only the sound of the clocks ticking could be heard clearly, from 11pm until 3am and from 3am until 5am; the hands of the clock kept rotating.

Qin Mo’s phone didn’t make a single sound even as the sky outside started to turn brighter. There wasn’t a single message received too.

He was waiting. He was waiting for that fellow to contact him directly. However, the ringtone which he specially set up for someone seemed to have disappeared.

Qin Mo stood up and made a call back to China. The first sentence he said was, “I want to know Hoshino’s position.”

The person on the other end of the phone was Magician. At first, he thought that before he found a way to find Hoshino, his boss wouldn’t contact him. Reality proved that he was too naive. “I lost him.”

Qin Mo clenched his fist tightly at the three words.

Magician wore his earpiece as he looked at the crowd around him. “I followed him to Tokyo. I thought that he was here but by the time I noticed it, he had already bought a ticket to America. I’ve found his flight number. Let me see if I can ask our men to stop him.”

The moment he heard that, Qin Mo had guessed what happened. He had never hated his inference ability so much like he did now. It was obvious that Hoshino was here to meet someone. The attack was sudden so it might have been unexpected. However, that person had already made the decision to not bring him along when she left the castle.

Everything had been arranged in an orderly manner. This meant that she didn’t leave because of the attack. She had just left earlier than she expected.

Qin Mo’s gaze turned dull as he thought about this. It wasn’t as sharp and cold as it had been in the past.

Magician waited for a long time on the phone. When he didn’t receive a reply from his boss, he tilted his head and called again, “Boss.”

After what he felt was a very long time, the person on the other end finally replied to him with a sentence in an indifferent tone, “No need.”

This voice seemed to be tainted with the dampness from the air. Magician felt that the voice didn’t seem real. Was he thinking too much? Why did he feel that his boss’s mood was exceptionally gloomy?

The shadow guards had the same feeling too. Not only the shadow guards, when Qin Mo opened the car door of the Lamborghini again, even Little Blackie felt that this ultimate boss its master picked up from the streets didn’t have the noble aura he had yesterday.

“I have to drive you away. That’s the only way she might come back.” The man’s voice was very low and slightly hoarse.

Little Blackie moved its lines seriously. “There’s no use kidnapping me. The day before yesterday, my master told me to let you drive me if you want to leave.”

Qin Mo’s hands, which were on the steering wheel, froze when he heard this sentence. Before he left, he had thought that the person would be waiting in the castle pitifully for him. After all, he had disappeared. Yet, now he felt that he was being slapped in the face by his imagination. She didn’t wait for him. Instead, she had silently consented his leave.

“Your voice password settings have been reset too.” This wasn’t a question. It was a statement.

Little Blackie couldn’t lie in this aspect. “Yes. Master made some adjustments. In the past, I’d analyze the voice. Now the password alone is enough to unlock the car.”

Qin Mo understood everything when he heard this. He tilted his head and looked at the takeaway bag on the passenger’s seat. It seemed to be reminding him about something. This feeling was like, you were extremely confident that you could keep her back but the truth was, when you moved your legs and walked away, there was a step in front of you. You hurt your head and it was very painful.

Qin Mo raised his hand and held his forehead. From the look of his lips, he seemed to be smiling. However, Little Blackie didn’t detect any warmth in his smile. Soon, it heard a ‘swoosh’.

Qin Mo had opened the car window and thrown the takeaway bag into the dustbin.

The shadow guards watched him from the side. One of them asked, “Young Master, do we still continue investigating the organization?”

“Yes.” Qin Mo’s voice was cold too. “After you find them, contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ask them to cooperate with us by placing them on the international wanted list.”

The shadow guards replied, “Yes.” They noticed that their young master had no intention of starting the engine of the car. From his handsome side profile, he seemed a little distracted.

They opened their mouths again. “Young Master, do we go back now?”

There was no one here so what was the point of staying here?

Qin Mo didn’t respond to them. After around one minute, he finally started the engine. He threw a reply at them. “Leave two people here to watch over the surroundings.” Then he disappeared from the castle.

The shadow guards had never imagined that one day, they would become a guard of a castle.

Lin Feng also realized that he couldn’t contact Bo Jiu. Over the past few days, Lin Feng had undergone huge changes. The biggest change was his hairstyle. To make himself look more energetic, he tied his hair with a hairband. His clothing style changed too. Who would expect someone who kept calling for his grandfather to look so good in a suit?

“Erm, Master, I need to take leave today.” Lin Feng finished his last mouth of porridge and looked up at the person who had groomed him.

The man was eating very slowly while flipping through some documents too. When he heard Lin Feng’s words, he frowned for a moment before saying, “You are the one who’s in charge of this project. There’s lunch with the investors in the afternoon and then everything will end. Are you telling me that you need to take leave at a crucial time like this?”

“My best childhood friend is going overseas today.” Lin Feng looked away when he finished this sentence. “I must send him off.”

The man wanted to say something but the phone in his hand rang. It was from the CEO, who was coughing when he spoke. After hearing the word from his CEO, the man looked at Lin Feng and replied to his CEO with a “yes”. His gaze was calm as he said to Lin Feng, “It looks like you didn’t just run away from home in order to work, Yong Master Lin.”

Lin Feng choked on his food. He felt guilty.

The man didn’t say anything more. “There’s still another social activity at night. Come back immediately after you settle your matters. Even if you’re Young Master Ling, you still need to be present when drinking.”

“No problem.”

Honestly, people who were older than him had a more powerful force of presence. However, Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. He had started from the bottom because he had wanted to learn things from this person. After all, this person was very famous in the business world.

When he came out of the breakfast stall, he called Bo Jiu. He wanted to ask Little Spade what he should say to Yun Hu since he was leaving. Unexpectedly, when he called Bo Jiu, the other person’s phone was off.

Lin Feng frowned. Then, he received a text from his empress dowager. “Hu’s flight is in the late afternoon. Our families will be gathering before that.”

Lin Feng replied instantly with a “yes”. Then he asked, “Oh right, mom. Where are we going for the gathering?”

Mother Lin felt that her son had no hope of getting cured and called him. “I’m so smart and beautiful. How did I manage to give birth to such a stupid son? The same old place. Private room. Everyone is here, we’re just waiting for you.”

“Okay. I’m going over now,” Lin Feng replied. “To the beautiful and smart Mrs Lin.”

“Hurry up.” Mother Lin smiled. “Do you want to speak to Hu?”

“No need. I’m driving.” Lin Feng could hear the noises over the phone faintly. He could hear Tiger’s voice. It was very soft but his voice could be distinguished easily.

The call was hung up quickly. He was afraid that if Yun Hu really picked up the call, the two of them would have to converse awkwardly.

Lin Feng didn’t know that when he hung up, Yun Hu had taken over the phone. His fingers froze when he heard the busy tone on the phone. “Auntie, he hung up.”

“Hung up?” Mother Lin was very happy today so she didn’t notice Yun Hu’s emotions. “He has been really busy for the past few days because he has been following someone. He might not have finished his work yet.”

“Auntie…” Yun Hu opened his mouth and wanted to say something but when Mother Lin turned around, Yun Hu knew that it wasn’t suitable to tell their elders certain things. “Your sleeve.”

“This dress has huge sleeves,” Mother Ling said as she saved her sleeves. She didn’t know that what Yun Hu wanted to ask was why they let him stay beside that person to learn skills. They probably never thought that one day, his position would be taken over by someone.

The burning sensation in his chest made him loosen his collar. He told himself that he was going to meet that person again and he mustn’t let his emotions take control of him. It wasn’t right for him to make everyone awkward before he left. Although the relationship between the two of them wasn’t good, it wasn’t entirely broken too, right?

However, Yun Hu didn’t expect that when the dishes were all served, that person still hadn’t appeared.

Mother Lin wanted to call him and asked him to hurry up but the person didn’t pick up. “Maybe he’s still busy. His project is ending today.”

Mother Yun sighed when she heard this. “Lin Feng has really grown up. He’s really a good son. Why doesn’t he belong to me?”

“Enough. I would rather have your son.”

The two mothers were always talking bad about their own son.

Yun Hu sat there and finished the tea in his teacup. He wanted to stand up when Mother Lin said, “Let’s eat first. I don’t know when that brat will arrive. Hu can’t miss his flight.”

“Yes, let’s eat first.”

As the relationship between the two families was great, the atmosphere on the dining table was lively too.

Yun Hu had no appetite at all though. However, he couldn’t dampen everyone’s spirit. In the end, when he couldn’t bear with it anymore, he found an excuse to leave the private room. He leaned against the corridor, which was covered with a soft carpet and lit a cigarette.

After finishing one puff, he saw someone walking over hurriedly. The person probably didn’t expect to meet him in the corridor.

The person was stunned for a second before he said, “Fortunately, I managed to make it in time. The traffic jam was so big I almost got bronchitis. Why did you come out? To take a smoke break?”

“Yes.” Yun Hu didn’t speak the truth. He saw that his forehead was covered with sweat so Yun Hu wanted to wipe off for him.

Lin Feng instinctively raised his hand. “Are there perspirations?”

“A lot.” Yun Hu grabbed his cigarette and retracted his hands. He placed his hand back in the pocket of his pants. “You can go in.”

“What about you?” Lin Feng felt that his actions could easily cause the other person’s misunderstanding but he really couldn’t come into too much contact with him. He might turn crazy.

Yun Hu raised the cigarette in his hand. “I’ll go in after I finish this cigarette. You can go inside and have some food first.”

“Okay, sure.”

Yun Hu watched the person as he entered. Most importantly, he had to adjust his emotions. He only pushed the door open after he finished adjusting his mind.

Coincidentally, he heard the person speaking, “My master seems fierce but he’s good at grooming people. I’ve learned many things from him.”

Yun Hu tightened his grip around the door handle. When he looked at the person stuffing food into his mouth, his gaze paused for a second. They hadn’t met for only a few days. However, he could feel the changes in that person. His skin had grown darker but it was still fairer than most people and his face was still extremely beautiful. It was full of vigor and vitality.

He looked more like a man now, especially when he looked up and smiled while wearing his suit. He was different from the Lin Feng in his memory.

Yun Hu didn’t know if this was good or bad. Though no matter what this person became, he seemed to be able to affect all his emotions instantly.

At the same time, he noticed one obvious feeling. He was really losing this fellow. He was losing him slowly. But there was nothing he could do.

Lin Feng saw Yun Hu walking in. He pulled the chair beside him and wanted to chat with him before he left. He didn’t wish that their relationship would get shallower after Yun Hu went overseas. This was why he had purposely avoided him recently.

Just as he was about to open his mouth, Yun Hu’s phone rang. Although Yun Hu turned off the screen, Lin Feng could still guess who made the call. He didn’t say anything. His eyes were black and clear as he raised his wine glass and said, “Hu, have a safe trip.”

He felt that the most common greeting was the safest. The thoughts that occasionally emerged in his heart were suppressed by the cup of wine he drank.

The two of them sat together without saying much words to each other.

As Yun Hu was leaving, everyone’s attention was one him. Thus, no one noticed the different atmosphere between the two people. Even if they did sense the change in atmosphere, they would feel that it was normal. After all, the two of them grew up together. When one of them was leaving, it was normal for the other to speak less.

This atmosphere lasted all the way to the airport. As the entire family was sending a person off, there seemed to be no position for Lin Feng here. No matter how well Mother Yun educated her son, she was still an ordinary mother. She knew that her son had been independent and self-disciplined from young but she still reminded him earnestly.

Yun Hu looked past the crowd and saw the smiling face.

The person turned his head as though he suddenly received a call and answered his phone.

Yun Hu felt the clear discrepancy in his heart. The person was still there but he couldn’t sense it. He probably couldn’t bear with it anymore.

Yun Hu reached out and grabbed Lin Feng, who wanted to find a good place to answer his call.

Lin Feng widened his eyes. He froze in shock because of the sudden hug.

There were many people bidding farewell at the airport so no one would sense anything amiss about the hug between the brothers.

The man on the other end of the phone noticed the pause and asked as he raised his eyebrow, “Lin Feng?”

Yun Hu was very close to the phone so he heard the person speaking. He purposely raised his voice and said, “Be obedient when I’m overseas. Stop flirting unconsciously with other people.”

In the past, Yun Hu had always made this comment about Lin Feng. Hence, the blurred Lin Feng didn’t notice anything wrong with it. But to the man on the phone, this sentence had a different meaning. It was a warning that all men understood.

The man paused for a moment and hung up the call. He looked at the document that was placed on his desk. There was a photo of Lin Feng on the document. Indeed, he liked this kind of man. However, he wasn’t blind. He noticed how Lin Feng would stare at his phone occasionally when he wasn’t busy. If you liked something, it didn’t mean you had to snatch it. He had his principles in this area.

The person on the phone warned the wrong person. Instead of threatening him, he should threaten those ladies. After all, Young Master Ling was straight.

Lin Feng was really a straight person. Hence, he didn’t notice the hidden meaning behind the words. “I have to find time every day to play the game. There’s a lack of people in Supreme Alliance so I’ll only leave after they manage to get more people. Where would I have time to find ladies? Instead, you…” Lin Feng wanted to say that as someone who already had a partner, it wasn’t right for him to hug him like this but he felt that he was being too emotional if he said that.

There was a moment when he had been jealous of the person who was able to go overseas with him. However, after working in society for a period of time, the topics Yun Hu and him could talk about got lesser.

For instance, the project today. If it was during the time when his grandfather had still been in position, he would have an easier time getting the project.

Maybe after Yun Hu came back, he would be able to give him a project with a single sentence. However, this wasn’t what Lin Feng wanted.

Simply put, he couldn’t accompany Yun Hu just as a friend anymore because the Ling family wasn’t the Lin family in the past. Yun Hu had someone accompanying him too so retreating back to the position of his best friend might be the best decision. It was good for both of them.

“What about me?” Yun Hu looked at the person standing in front of him. His gaze was intense.

Lin Feng placed his arm over his shoulders. “As for you, give me some videos that can’t be found here when you’re free. I’ll be waiting for your wedding. When you come back, let’s play games together.”

Yun Hu didn’t say anything. There was an announcement for the boarding of his flight. He didn’t know how he passed through the security check. He only knew that although their relationship seemed to have eased up, it was still very distant.

He knew that they couldn’t go back to the past anymore. Many times, he told himself that he just needed to bear with it until he went overseas.

However, Yun Hu knew that if you really liked someone, you wouldn’t be able to bear with it…