Chapter 1136 - Untitled

Chapter 1136: Untitled

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The title instantly attracted attention and the author started off with suspense. “This may seem very unbelievable. I was shocked the first time I heard the news since no one would disguise in such a manner to attract fans…” This author was well versed at playing the reader’s emotions, he didn’t continue his expose, making the fans even more curious.

“Hurry and tell us, how did Spade Z lie to the fans?”

“What happened? Don’t just leave us hanging.”

“Where’s the author?”

Fu Ximing sat in front of his computer, watching as the readers grew in curiosity. He continued to act coy. “Apologies, the author is back. I’m still debating whether to share this information but this is considered deceit, right?”

“Author, please tell us!”

“Alright, since you insist,” Fu Ximing typed. “Please don’t be alarmed about the news… Spade Z is actually a girl. It is common knowledge that females have weaker ability to attract fans since fans tend to gravitate towards hunks. The acceptance level for girls in the esports industry is lower. Besides, a good-looking guy is more mesmerizing, bringing fans into the game more easily. She started off as a FC King before coming out as a guy, it was indeed a good hand by Spade Z.”

Although it was a short but explosive post, the esports industry went wild.

“Girl? Spade Z? How is that possible?!”

“Author, isn’t that too far fetched? I can’t believe it.”

At this moment, the author from the previous two posts came forward to comment. “If it is true, Spade Z is guilty of deceit. How can he criticize others when she is such a person? I was too young and naïve. She may be well skilled in esports but I can’t say the same about her personality.”

“My Big Spade is a girl? Oh no, I cannot accept this, it feels like I just got dumped. What should I do?”

Fu Ximing wasn’t just going to end here. He was determined to make things big. “Spade Z owes the fans an explanation. I spent so much to support her during Supreme Alliance’s events back then. I guess it was a lesson well spent but we should definitely seek an explanation from the management as well.”

“The author is right, we need an explanation.”

Fu Ximing was most affected by his previous claim that he was a ‘fan’ that wasn’t out to defame Spade Z. He went straight to the official Weibo and sent out a post. “Spade Z is a liar who pretended to be a guy, her actions are disgusting!”

“Shouldn’t Spade Z give us a public explanation?”

“I used to love Spade Z so much but now, I’m going to become an anti-fan.”

“I am sincerely a fan of Spade Z but logically and emotionally speaking, I need an explanation.”

Almost instantly, the entire official Weibo was filled with their grievances and demands for an explanation.

Fu Ximing didn’t have to do much. He only did what he had been taught, using a small group to blow up the topic.

This was a pressing issue and thus, as the Golden Manager of the Supreme Alliance and CEO of the Qin Group Club, Feng Yi was definitely alerted. In just an hour, the entire Qin Group Club sunk into a frenzied state.

At this moment, the other media outlets seemed to have gotten wind of the news, sending out reports of the incident.

Fu Ximing focused on stirring up the news online while Fu Zhongyi contacted the media outlets, tackling both ends to achieve their goals. However, despite the tense situation, neither Qin Mo nor Bo Jiu would have been affected by the situation if they had been there. But they weren’t present.

Feng Yi tried to contact his previous connections but couldn’t get hold of anyone. They were probably avoiding him, unwilling to enter the tricky situation. The media, other teams, and even investors they had worked with seemed all to be unwilling.

The public relations team was still monitoring the situation online. One of them glanced up at their boss anxiously. “Boss Feng, should we send out an announcement? This is ridiculous, how can Big Spade be a girl?”

The public relations team assumed he would agree.

Instead, Boss Feng glanced up, his voice deep and emotionless. “She is.”

Just two simple words verified the shocking news. Disbelief clouded their gaze!

“But such public opinion isn’t right.” Feng Yi walked over. “Ever since Spade Z joined the Supreme Alliance, she has been using a male appearance but that is due to her family and not to attract fans.”

The employees were still in a state of shock. “Big Spade… is a gir-girl?” It seemed so far fetched since she was way too handsome. But on the other hand, if Spade Z was really a girl… It would be a devastating blow to them.

“Boss Feng, what should we do?”

Feng Yi spoke resolutely, “Tell it as it is.”

“But if we say that…” The person had more to say.

But Feng Yi looked at him. “I believe Little Spade would do the same if she was here, there isn’t anything to hide. She is a girl but had been brought up as a boy because of her ungrateful father. His affair is well known in the business world. Fu Zhongyi abandoned his wife. He teamed up with his mistress to scheme against his wife, forcing her to give up on the company shares. If Little Spade wasn’t a boy, they might not have been able to survive the ordeal. Ever since Spade Z’s debut as a professional esports player, her gender is the only incident we can’t explain, all this malice is meant to hurt her. Little Spade did not hurt anyone.”

“No one would understand her.” The public relations team were well acquainted with the behavior on the internet. Incidents that defied their principles and harmed others weren’t worth much concern. They were selfish accomplices because they undermined those that pursued justice.

But that wasn’t the same for private matters. They behaved as though it was a grave offence and portrayed themselves as the perfect victims, who couldn’t condemn the perpetrator. Even the slightest bit of imperfection wasn’t acceptable. But they continued to support those without morals, climbing higher with the use of others.

Even the most ordinary public relations staff knew this theory. Thus, it was impossible for Feng Yi not to know.

“Telling the truth isn’t for others to understand, it is to have a clear conscience.” Feng Yi turned, the flame in his eyes burning strong.

Indeed, the news grew too furiously. It spread across all media outlets, layer over layer. Insiders knew the best way was to refute the content since there wasn’t any evidence but things didn’t go as expected because Supreme Alliance acknowledged the claims.

The fans went wild and Supreme Alliance sunk into a crisis like never before. As predicted, countless numbers of people tried to distance themselves from Supreme Alliance. The other clubs took the chance and contacted Xue Yaoyao, showing their interest in her potential. They gave her an attractive offer, wanting to scout her over during their crisis.

“You should know what is happening. Supreme Alliance may have the Qin Group behind them but they won’t be able to go far. It isn’t just about Spade Z’s scandal; Supreme Alliance is breaking apart and if you continue to stay in that sinking ship, you will end up just like that. It would be different in our club, you would be supported with the best resources and fame.”

Xue Yaoyao was still wearing the team attire, the shyness and inferiority she carried with her seemed to disappear in that moment. “I will remain and will only play for Supreme Alliance for as long as I am a professional player, until the day I quit. Perhaps, as you have mentioned, Supreme Alliance will fall apart, perhaps I may wish to move but it will be with Supreme Alliance.” Xue Yaoyao hung her head as she watched the reporters crowding outside the clubhouse. “Besides, Supreme Alliance won’t break apart.”

“You are so senseless.” The manager trying to scout her hung up. Since he couldn’t get Xue Yaoyao, he would target someone else since she was just a backup. However, their replies were all the same.

That wasn’t even all. There was something else that surprised him more. It was the team that was facing scrutiny and judgement, whose members walked out from the clubhouse: Xue Yaoyao, Feng Shang, Yin Wuyao, and Coco.

Some of the other team players were watching the live stream and couldn’t help thinking they were a silly group. None of them avoided the media. Why were they standing in front of the clubhouse at such a tricky moment?

The media flew over like moths to a lightbulb. “What do you think about Spade Z being a girl? Do you feel betrayed by the lies? How is Supreme Alliance going to deal with her? Will she be banned from participating in competitions?”

Yin Wuyao was the eldest of the bunch and remained lazy and unaffected but there was a flame in his eyes. He glanced over at his team members before turning to face the camera. “We already knew that Spade Z is a girl. But her gender does not matter. For the sake of the team, she went straight into the opponent’s lair with her injured arm, facing five others by herself. She did not disappoint in her role as the vice-captain. She is an exemplary esports player. You ask if we feel betrayed by her lies? The youngster found us and brought us into the esports world, she is the one who pulled us out of our abyss. And now we will await her return.”