Chapter 1137 - Untitled

Chapter 1137: Untitled

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The matter had escalated to such a point but Supreme Alliance still had the guts to say such things? The reporters weren’t expecting that.

The moment the team was plagued with such a scandal, the other teams wouldn’t be willing to accede their invitation because this meant their careers as professional esports players were at risk. The scandal might end everything.

Feng Yi knew the risk at stake. It was an impulsive act of self-destruction. Likewise, there was something else he understood. Supreme Alliance had never been afraid of offending anyone or how the public viewed them. They continued to push on even though it might cause their fans to turn their backs.

It was to keep a clear conscience. Fighting alongside each other had always been a principle they stayed true to. There were no exceptions.

Yin Wuyao and Coco’s livestream resources were cut off; the investors cut off all their publicity plans. The reason was simple: They might have designed the script for their livestream activities but since they weren’t obedient and hadn’t turned their backs on Spade Z, there wasn’t much meaning to support them.

Yin Wuyao and Coco were sent out of the livestream channel politely.

Some channels would use such methods to train esports players. It wasn’t all bad since they were esports players and not influencers. But they would be affected regardless. Without publicity online, their popularity would start to fall. That was the purpose of livestreams.

The channel seemed to have forgotten that they had been the ones that had initiated the contract with Supreme Alliance but now they were kicking them aside.

Feng Yi had expected the consequences. He remained polished and well dressed in the face of others, an unwavering smile plastered on his face regardless where he was. He couldn’t break down, he had to take the lead.

The channel operation manager smirked. “Boss Feng, we are just trying to make a living. Why don’t you people understand the relationship between profit and loss? What is the use of disobedient and unprofitable workers? Honestly, aren’t you aware of your current situation? Your team is without popularity and skills, the main players are all gone. Who can you defeat at this point? Frankly, Supreme Alliance is just an expired team, you should take whatever profits you can.”

Feng Yi held a cigarette between his fingers. He glanced up at him and put out his cigarette, standing up with a smile. “Manager Li, you are absolutely right, they only have one flaw – having a conscience. In comparison to you, they have a much higher tolerance level.”

“You!” Manager Li narrowed his eyes. He smirked and shouted at the three figures behind him, “Supreme Alliance is over, they will be worthless very soon. Feng Yi, it’s time to wake up!”

The three of them walked away, ignoring the voice behind them. When they boarded the car, Feng Yi started, “Take a two-day break.”

“Alright.” Coco hugged his bunny. “Good time for some rest.”

Even so, they were well aware of the situation. In a time like this, Supreme Alliance could only rest. That wasn’t all, there would be more for them to deal with. But at this moment, in every major internet cafe or clubs, anyone with computers, the screen flashed.

There was a second of blankness before a youngster appeared. Her silver hair was fastened to the back by a black snapback, exposing a face blessed by the heavens. She didn’t wear a face mask, her features defined and eyes clear with a black belt tied around her neck. Bo Jiu.

It was indeed Bo Jiu, the real Z. She wasn’t in her usual attire but that wasn’t important. What was important was her appearance at such a moment.

In such a manner and in that instant, all the major channels were trying to get hold of her livestream. It was streamed everywhere but there was one channel that couldn’t get hold of the stream. “Manager Li, we still can’t get it to work.”

He watched helplessly as traffic flew away in masses. Manager Li started to panic, every esports fan would be watching the livestream but yet, he couldn’t seem to stream it.

Manager Li tugged his tie, he was going to make his staff try again.

However, the person on the livestream started, “A certain channel manager should be watching this livestream. Let me put this straight, Manager Li, every channel other than yours is able to stream my video. As for the reason, it’s simple, as a member of the team you deem expired, I don’t like you.”

Manager Li turned back violently when his name was called, all color stripped off his face. As the operations manager, his boss would hold him responsible if he lost such a precious resource. But Spade Z hadn’t exposed the company’s name. Only the company themselves was aware that this was a resource they couldn’t exploit at all.

Manager Li’s first reaction was to call Feng Yi. That was the only way to recuperate the losses from before. Unexpectedly, the smiling gentleman of the industry, Boss Feng had blacklisted him.

As predicted, Manager Li received a call from the higher-ups just a few seconds after the livestream had begun. “What exactly is happening? What’s wrong with the operations?!”

Manager Li wanted to explain. “No, I thought that Supreme Alliance…”

“You think?! Don’t give me excuses, if you can’t get Spade Z’s video, prepare your resignation!”


The call went dead.

Manager Li sat helplessly as cold sweat drenched his forehead. Deep inside he was regretting his actions but it was all too late. There hadn’t been anyone else around so how had Spade Z found out about the conversation?! They couldn’t seem to figure it out.

Bo Jiu could find out anything she wanted easily as long as there was a surveillance camera and Manager Li had insulted Supreme Alliance outside his office, which would definitely be equipped with a surveillance camera.

Once the news was out, Bo Jiu’s first reaction was to dig out the schedule for the team members from the club’s internal system. She wanted to tell them to just forsake her, to do whatever was best for themselves. But that was the footage she saw after breaking into the surveillance.

Hoshino was seated behind Bo Jiu, watching the screens calmly. “Are you going to interfere?”

“I’m going to teach him how to behave,” Bo Jiu declared calmly but her eyes had darkened. Supreme Alliance shouldn’t be humiliated because of her. Besides, Manager Li didn’t have the right to insult Supreme Alliance. This was the reason for the livestream. Her gaze was dark and firm as she stared straight into the camera lens. “You can say anything in the livestream, until all your frustrations have been let out.”

Everyone assumed the fans would jump at the chance, exploding the chat. And indeed, the comment section was flooded. But it was flooded with flowers, diamonds, airplanes, and cruises. There was even a photograph with around a thousand signatures.

The photograph had a small note. “Our idol Big Spade is well skilled and often entered the wilderness by herself. As a professional esports player, her skills are acceptable and as an ordinary human being, she went against injustice and malice. In the past, we dreamt about marrying such a person. This handsome youngster is flawless in terms of his appearance, personality, and her uncontrolled self-confidence. This person has everything we like in a person but due to her family circumstances, she was forced to crossdress. Right now, we just want her to know, as long she didn’t harm others, her privacy is hers to keep. We will always be a Spade fan.” At the back of the note was the signature of countless supporters and a big spade at the bottom.

There were some that criticized her. They couldn’t accept the idol they chased for such a long time to be a girl. They hadn’t expected the other Supreme Alliance members to show their support.

Even Xiangnan came out to show their support. Beauty Luo got the ball rolling. “I was so startled my mouse fell, my Almighty is a girl, isn’t that cool? I think I like her even more now!”

Next was Captain Xiao. “Refusing to find a substitute or imitating someone else’s style, treating every match with respect. That is the sign of a good player, it has nothing to do with gender.”

Zhao Sanpang came in last. “F*ck! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I was trashed so horribly by a girl back then! I’m not going to live it down. Little Spade, come back, Master Zhao is going to make you pay!”

That wasn’t all, even Rao Rong, who had disappeared despite the pleas from many, had spoken up. He had only shared two sentences. “I’m going to join Supreme Alliance. From today onwards, my ID will be Supreme Alliance Rao Rong.”

He was back! He wasn’t just back – he was back at such a moment in a team that was in trouble!

Many of his fans couldn’t understand. “Almighty Rao, why them?! Join another team, I’m serious, they are in a mess right now, don’t join the Supreme Alliance!”

Rao Rong replied to the comment, “On a personal level, I owe Spade Z a favor and on a professional level, Supreme Alliance is the team I want to be in. They would never abandon anyone just because of dirt that had been thrown her way, they have a conscience.”

Besides Rao Rong, there was definitely another member, who said seriously, “I have ended my contract and will join the Supreme Alliance as well. My ID will be the Hunk of Supreme Alliance.”

Two Almighties would be joining. The netizens and media hadn’t expected such a move. Even Feng Yi, who had experienced all sorts of trouble, had stilled, not believing his words. He turned towards his assistant sharply. “What did you say?”

His assistant replied agitatedly, “It’s real, Almighty Qin personally instructed someone to send their contracts over. Almighty Rao and the others will be part of Supreme Alliance from now on.”

“Almighty Qin…” Feng Yi picked out the gist instantly, he turned and called Qin Mo. “Almighty Qin, Rao Rong and the others…”

Qin Mo wasn’t back in China. He sat in front of his computer, watching the livestream with a deep gaze. “All I did was make a call. They were both willing parties.”

It wasn’t that simple because it was a revival.

Just moments before, Xue Yaoyao had been at the Zuo family’s house. Some of the girls that were over barbecuing in the grasslands had taunted her. “Supreme Alliance is over, it won’t be long before she returns to her former self.”

“Serves her right for treating her with such hostility.”

“It’s just esports, nothing to feel so highly about. Heh, heh. She’s just an ugly duckling, doesn’t she even look in the mirror?”

“Alright, let’s just wait and see when she expires.”

None of them spoke up after the explosive news. Rao Rong and the others and Yun Hu’s official Weibo were the only ones that said something, “In the midst of leaving school, I will be back in three days. Someone said Supreme Alliance is only at the provincial level and is just an expired team, we can see during the Asian Cup. I’m back.”

The last two words were very simple. But when countless numbers of people read the post, they couldn’t help the tears welling up in their eyes, the emotions swelling within their chests. I’m back. What did that mean?

Only those fans that have experienced the journey alongside him from the beginning understood. Those that hadn’t experienced it wouldn’t have understood the meaning and the emotions it carried.

In such an uncertain time, when everyone was worried about the trouble it might bring, they hadn’t tried to steer clear. Instead, they came together from different parts of the world back to the same city.

They wanted to tell everyone that Supreme Alliance was still intact and even if their name was dragged down the mud, they would still fight alongside their members when the situation was called for.

Those that wanted to defame them could do as they pleased. Dirty water was everywhere.

At this time, Xue Yaoyao, Yin Wuyao, Coco, and Feng Shang hadn’t been thinking about the scandal. Instead, they were thinking of fighting alongside their teammates during the Asian Cup.

There wasn’t expected to be any change in the public opinion. But that didn’t matter because those that mattered were still around. Indeed, warmth could only be felt after experiencing darkness.

Hoshino watched the youngster as she remained in front of the computer for a long while. He chuckled lightly. “You want to go back?”

“Mmh,” Bo Jiu agreed, she turned back. “But I’m not going back.”

“Don’t be so absolute.” Hoshino reached out, placed his palms on Bo Jiu’s head, and caressed it lightly. “Once you are done with the work here, go back for a game. Don’t forget you still owe me a match.”

Bo Jiu glanced over, trying to change the topic to the dead end. “We can PK now.”

“Z,” Hoshino called out abruptly.

Bo Jiu glanced up, looking at him with confusion.

Hoshino looked at her, his eyes clear as water. “That is the real you, the one beside Qin Mo, moving her mouse without restraint, entering the wilderness, cooperating with that person. The bright and radiant smile, the glowing gaze – that is the real you. You can only be your true self with Qin Mo by your side so treat yourself better so that I can be assured.”