Chapter 1138 - Untitled

Chapter 1138: Untitled

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Once Hoshino finished speaking, he had already taken the jacket placed at the side before Bo Jiu could react. “Shall we use a different way to track the mastermind of the Maiden’s Sacrifice? Before I came, I bought some pieces of news. I left them at the Fifth Avenue.”

“Okay.” Bo Jiu had already noticed that there was a problem there. It looked like a simple gathering of people with twisted principles but the actual consequences caused were getting worse every time. The serial suicide case this time involved subconsciously conditioned minds. Fan Jia wouldn’t be able to complete this alone.

Before she left, Bo Jiu stopped abruptly and looked at her phone that was turned off. In the end, she still went to the phone booth and made an international call.

The phone was picked up very quickly. The person must have answered immediately when he noticed that it wasn’t a local number. “Hello. Is this Jiu? Is this Jiu?”

The reception wasn’t good so the conversation kept getting cut off occasionally. However, He Honghua’s voice could still be heard.

Bo Jiu knew that He Honghua would be worried since such a huge thing happened. She couldn’t walk away from He Honghua because she was using this body and she knew how much this mother loved her daughter. Whenever she met He Honghua, she would feel guilty towards her. She didn’t know how to tell He Honghua that the daughter she loved wasn’t around anymore.

At first, Bo Jiu had the intention of following her heart and telling He Honghua the entire truth. But after hearing He Honghua’s voice, the thought disappeared.

“It’s me.” Bo Jiu knew that, sometimes, in order to make someone happy, you needed to tell many lies. She was someone that hated lying. However, she said the most lies to He Honghua. “Mrs He, don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m doing well in America. My phone dropped in the water when I was filming so I can’t make calls properly.”

He Honghua hesitated for a long time before she opened her mouth and replied, “Jiu, why don’t we stop playing the game?”

He Honghua was someone who didn’t care about the opinions of other people. Bo Jiu knew this better than anyone. She was from a village and because of her identity, there would always be people criticizing her no matter what she did, even if her husband was snatched by someone else.

Well, she did have a loud voice, which made her sound like a country bumpkin. But even so, she had never admitted defeat. Other people said that she didn’t have the caliber to become the shareholder of the Fu Group. No one remembered that she was the one who provided the start-up fund of the Fu Group. She was qualified to be a shareholder.

After she had been chased out, she had suffered greatly. You could say that the things Bo Jiu was going through weren’t even 10% of what this mother had gone through. From a certain point of view, Bo Jiu wasn’t a person that was easy to bully. But in the past, what did He Honghua have?

Some people had used true love as an excuse to rob her. They had felt that Fu Zhongyi and Su Mei should be together.

He Honghua was just a village girl. She should just go back to where she came from.

Even during that point in time, He Honghua had gritted her teeth and persevered through it. For someone like her to say these words, you could imagine how she was feeling currently.

He Honghua didn’t understand some things. After all, her age wasn’t young anymore. But she didn’t want her daughter to get scolded by other people. If they wanted to scold someone, she hoped that they would target her instead.

Actually, all mothers felt the same way. They just wanted their child to have a good life. To a mother, it didn’t matter how many people stabbed her. But if someone hurt their child, their hearts would hurt so much that they couldn’t sleep.

Bo Jiu held the phone and paused for a second when she heard the person’s plea. Finally, she said, “Okay, I won’t play games anymore.”

Someone who wasn’t afraid of rumors had their soft spots too. Bo Jiu’s soft spot was He Honghua.

Many times, people asked themselves why they didn’t become a bad person. After all, in this world, there were many cases of people seizing other people’s things. They just needed to act pitiful and they would be able to gain many supporters. As for those people who persisted in their passion and work, they were unable to get back the things that belonged to them. The cost of becoming a bad person was too low. It was so low it was negligible. However, a normal person was always bound by this thing called conscience.

When Bo Jiu hung up the call, Hoshino was standing outside the phone booth. He glanced at Bo Jiu and frowned slightly.

“Letting someone know that I’m safe.” Bo Jiu didn’t explain the details of her conversation. There didn’t seem to be many fluctuations in her emotions too. However, there was a sentence she was serious about. She had entered the esports industry because the person she liked liked to play games.

Bo Jiu liked the feeling of fighting alongside the other members of Supreme Alliance.

Every time someone decided to give up on something they liked, it was because of their soft spot.

If it were other people, they wouldn’t notice anything different about Bo Jiu but Hoshino wasn’t just anyone. When he looked at the back view of that person, he saw loneliness. The loneliness ended very quickly though. After a turn and getting on the sports car, Bo Jiu had turned back into Z, the young lord of the hackers, who was able to withstand anything.

She steered the steering wheel with one hand and tapped the navigation system to check the route. After confirming, she drove into the main street. The car was travelling at a high speed. Still, she was able to evade all the cars. When she brushed past the other cars, one could hear the sound of the wind caused by the high speed.

In China, many people were waiting for Spade Z’s reply. After all, the direction of public opinion had changed. Yet, no matter what they replied, Spade Z seemed to have disappeared.

Even Lin Feng noticed this problem. He couldn’t contact Little Spade at all. It wasn’t because Little Spade didn’t pick up his call. The number seemed to have been cancelled.

When that issue happened, Lin Feng tried to contact Bo Jiu continuously. But he only received the news that Yun Hu was coming back after he had gotten home and opened his official Weibo account. His fans had tagged him.

Lin Feng was stunned. He held his mouse tightly and stared at the screen motionlessly. He didn’t have the time to take off his suit so he looked a little blank. He had probably never expected Yun Hu to come back so quickly. It had only been one day.

Sometimes, he couldn’t help but wonder what his lifestyle would be like in the future. There was one point in his future plan: When he met Yun Hu again, it must be because he missed him too much so he flew over to find him. He would go to find him but he wouldn’t let Yun Hu know.

Lin Feng couldn’t stand the scene where they had to talk even though they had nothing to say to each other, especially between the two of them. Also, besides Yun Hu, there would be another person standing beside him.

Once he thought about this, Lin Feng felt that no matter how badly he missed Yun Hu, he shouldn’t fly over. After all, he had already started his new life. However, today, he had actually said that he was coming back.

It was understandable that Lin Feng was stunned. After he regained his senses, he took his wallet and wanted to visit his team to see what was going on. The moment he went down, he met Yun Hu’s mother.

Since the Lin family already moved out of the military compound, it was obvious that Mother Yun came because something happened.

In the living room, she held the cup of tea her good friend, Mother Lin, made for her and shook her head. “I don’t know what to say about Yun Hu. So many preparations were made for this trip. In order to get the only quota of the school, he started working hard ever since the first year in university. He always looked for me to discuss certain problems and finally managed to get the position. Yet, right before the plane took off, he called me on my phone and told me that he didn’t want to study abroad anymore. I’ve never heard such a serious tone from him before. When he said that he will be going over to quit his studies, I thought that he was kidding. Yet, he really…” Mother Yun couldn’t continue speaking.

Her son had never caused any trouble in the past. He was so outstanding she didn’t have to care much about him. Mother had Yun never expected Yun Hu to make a decision alone for something so important. He had even made the decision to quit school.

Before Yun Hu had left, she had specially called one of her friends there. Her friend was a professor at that university so he would be a great help to her son in the future.

No one was able to understand her feelings. When she had called her son to ask if he landed safely, this was the reply she had received.

“Don’t you think that it’s absurd? He came back because he wanted to continue playing games.”

Mother Lin was sitting opposite her. “Actually, sometimes, I feel that we’re too cruel. We always think about what’s best for them from our perspective. However, we forget to ask them what they really like. The amount of time Lin Feng spent on his projects is more than twice the amount of time he spent at his club. On the surface, nothing can be seen but I know that as compared to doing business, that fellow prefers to play games. Hence, I plan to take over the management of the company for this period of time. He will be able to do what he really likes for at least three more years.”

Mother Yun seemed enlightened. She leaned over and smiled. “You’re right. When we were young, we agreed that once we get married and have children, we must let them do what they want. I’m the one who forgot about it. However, those two people really like to play games. Do you remember that when they were young, they would hold a game console each and sit on the floor? Then they fell asleep with their heads touching each other because they were too tired.”

“Of course I remember.” Mother Lin shook her head. “So many years have passed but the two of them never changed.”

“You’re right.” Mother Yun was thinking about something.

Mother Lin saw this and poured more tea for her. “No one knows whether there will be another chance after missing this opportunity to go overseas to study. Since you’re in a bad mood, should I say something to lighten up your mood?”

“What is it?” Mother Yun was curious.

Mother Lin moved over and said, “Yesterday, after Hu left, my stupid son cried. You were too busy dealing with other things so you didn’t see his expression.”

Lin Feng, who was about to walk over to express his gratitude could only think, “Is this his real mother?”