Chapter 1139 - Untitled

Chapter 1139: Untitled

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“Let’s do this. We’ll tell Hu what happened at the airport yesterday and ask him when he’s coming back too.” Mother Lin took out her phone and made an internet call.

Lin Feng rushed over and snatched the phone away. “Mother, Hu is busy dealing with the procedures for quitting school. Don’t disturb him.” Are you joking? Why are you telling Yun Hu such an embarrassing thing about me?!

The mature image he took so much effort to portray would be destroyed entirely. This couldn’t be his real mother!

He was able to stop his empress dowager but he couldn’t stop the other lady. While the two of them were talking, Mother Yun had successfully made the internet call.

Yun Hu was walking at the side of the river. He was on his way to school to finish the procedures for quitting school when he saw the voice all on his WeChat. He was prepared for this. He knew that his family would call him to discuss this matter.

However, unexpectedly, his mother seemed to be in a good mood when he answered the call. “Son, when are you coming back?”

Yun Hu paused for a second and raised his eyebrows in surprise. “I still need two more days to finish all the procedures.”

“Come back quickly. You don’t know that when you left yesterday, Lin Feng cried at the airport.” While Mother Yun said this sentence, she smiled and glanced at the person concerned.

Lin Feng: …

He could faintly hear the voice on the phone. The person seemed to be smiling. “Cried?”

“Yes. He was so sad.” Mother Yun’s smile grew brighter. It was obvious that she was teasing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at his auntie pitifully. He hoped that she wouldn’t continue anymore.

After picking up this internet call, the abyss in Yun Hu’s heart suddenly disappeared without a trace.

At the airport, the person had appeared calm and composed. He had seemed so indifferent he had thought that he didn’t care whether he left or not. The maturity Lin Feng had displayed had made him anxious for an instant. However, now his heart felt at least. The frustration that had been weighing down on his heart dissipated.

“Mom, tell him that I’ll be back soon.”

Lin Feng felt that there was no need to convey the message. He could hear their entire conversation. How embarrassing.

Lin Feng felt that if he continued listening, he would feel even more embarrassed. Thus, he got up and said, “I’m going out.”

The person on the other end heard his voice. “He’s here?” Yun Hu stopped in his tracks. When he relaxed his eyebrows, he always gave people a special feeling.

The foreign students that were walking along the side of the river turned back and looked at him. In China, it was rare to see any foreigners. The same applied to overseas too. Whenever these people met any Chinese, they would find them interesting.

Yun Hu fit the current beauty standards regardless of his height or looks, especially when he stopped and lifted the corners of his lips as he answered the call. Many local females started discussing him. After all, Yun Hu’s smile was really handsome.

“Mom, please pass the phone to him.”

Lin Feng heard the voice. He quickly grabbed his phone and wanted to run away. Calling him now, right after Yun Hu knew that he cried? That was too lady-like. F*ck!

The mothers were making things difficult for him though. Before Lin Feng could leave, Mother Lin pulled his collar from the back. This caused Lin Feng to bounce back onto the sofa.

“Why? You don’t dare to take the call?” His real mother was goading him.

As a man, why should he be afraid to take the call? Lin Feng took over the phone. At first, his actions were very handsome but when the voice sounded from the other side, he lost his confidence a little.

“I heard that you miss me?”

Lin Feng was a little angry when he heard the six words. “You’re so naggy. When are you coming back?” Lin Feng looked a little awkward when he said this.

“As soon as I can,” Yun Hu replied very slowly. “Lin Feng.”

“What do you want?” Lin Feng wanted to hang up the call but the other person suddenly called his name. What was the meaning of this? It was really awkward.

Yun Hu tilted his head and smiled. “Are you feeling embarrassed now?”

“Who on earth is embarrassed? What are you laughing at!” Lin Feng changed the topic immediately. “Fine, hurry up and finish your procedures for quitting school. The entire team is waiting for you. I’m hanging up.”

After he had finished speaking, Lin Feng swiftly turned off the phone and walked out with big steps instantly. He didn’t give his mother any chances of pulling him back again. Surprisingly, the more he walked, the hotter his face became. In the end, he placed his hand against the wall. This was all because Yun Hu had asked him whether he was embarrassed.

On the other side, Yun Hu never stopped smiling after the call was finished.

Everyone was guessing who was on the other end of the phone. How was the person able to make someone so happy? Some smart ladies noticed the hidden meaning behind this and gave up striking a conversation with him.

However, one thing occurred that day. From that day onwards, besides Big Spade, even Qin Mo disappeared without a trace.

The Esports Association decided that although Supreme Alliance was much better than it was in the past, the Asian Cup was different from internal competitions. They needed to send the best team for the competition. Supreme Alliance wasn’t still up to the mark yet. Their leader, Qin Mo, must be present. As for Spade Z, gender wouldn’t affect the right to participate in a competition.

This was a piece of good news for all Spade fans. All of them heaved a sigh of relief. What they had been most afraid of was that Spade Z wouldn’t be able to participate in any competitions in the future.

After hearing this piece of news, Feng Shang couldn’t sleep for an entire day. He loosened his tie and leaned against the chair. He slept while smiling.

He knew that Supreme Alliance wouldn’t just stop like this. Representing China to participate in the Asian Cup, this was something he always wanted to see. Finally, he could achieve his dream.

This was the first time Supreme Alliance was so close to the dream.

Have you ever had this experience before? You really wanted to reach a destination but met many setbacks on the way. Sometimes, you even wanted to give up. Now, you finally reached the destination.

Actually, ever since the past issue had happened, the fans online had been waiting for a reply from the Almighty Qin. It had been huge. and based on their Almighty Qin’s personality, he would grab this chance to showcase his love. However, there was no reaction from him. No one knew why this was the case.

Many people became impatient and started tagging Almighty Qin online. Yet, there was still no reply.

“What’s the matter? Shouldn’t Almighty Qin be happy that Big Spade is a lady?”

“Am I the only one that feels the Almighty has lost contact?”

“I feel that this situation is the same as what happened three years ago, before Supreme Alliance went for the National League. At that time, Almighty Qin disappeared too.”

“To the person on top, don’t scare me.”

“I’m just making a guess. It might not be true.”

When Xiao Jing saw this scene, he stopped his exercises and looked up. He gave his father, who was in the military, a call.

The reply he got was that this was a level one classified case. Even he wasn’t sure what it was. His father also told him to stop asking. When he heard this, Xiao Jing knew that something big had happened.

That was right, something big happened. After he had come back from the castle, Qin Mo saw the military car parked outside the villa before he even parked his car.

A man in a military suit, wearing a white gown over it, opened the car door and looked at him. “Boss, I need to understand your mental state fully. Shall we have a chat?”

Qin Mo was driving the black Lamborghini at the time. As a responsible navigation system, it was very reliable. “Based on the analysis of the person’s tone, this person seems to have a little bit of evil intention.”

The psychiatrist’s expression froze when he heard this sentence. He looked at the black Lamborghini. What was happening? Was a car able to talk now? Where did Boss get this car from?!

“He is a bad person. It’s normal that he doesn’t portray kindness.” Qin Mo didn’t get out of the car when he said this. He placed his arm on the window frame and looked at the person with a noble aura. “I’m in a bad mood. I don’t want to talk to you.”

Every time the psychiatrist had to do this mission, he wanted to break down. Boss was even harder to talk to than those criminals. He was so straightforward he didn’t know how to reply.

After thinking for a while, the psychiatrist decided to seek external help. He opened the video on his phone. “Boss, you don’t want to talk to me but what about him?”

The video wasn’t clear. Because of the bad filming condition, it was a little shaky too. Some parts of the video had very low resolution.

“This was the only video our spy at the Golden Triangle sent back before he sacrificed himself.”

That was a huge drug manufacturing base. Large fields of poppy could be seen clearly. The flowers were blooming. There were armed mercenaries patrolling the area. Their eyes were filled with killing intent. When they met any disobedient farmers, they would use their guns to suppress them directly. All of them were wearing masks. Besides the tattoo on their arms which revealed some information, nothing could be seen through their appearance. It was hard to tell which organization this was. This was outside the borders at the Golden Triangle so there were many mercenary teams to choose from.

However, no terrorist organization dared to be so aggressive. They didn’t just manufacture drugs and sell them.

In the video, a group of tourists accidentally entered the field. They clearly revealed their identity and even kneeled down and begged for their lives when the mercenaries raised their guns at them. But the mercenaries ignored them. After a round of firing, they shouted, “We only kill people from China. Anyone that blocks our money-making route must die!”

They were speaking in a foreign language. It wasn’t a common language used by the world so it appeared naturally arrogant.

The person at the side reminded them, “Don’t kill people from China. If the people on the other side found out what you did, we will get suppressed by them. We won’t be able to do any business in the future!”

“What are you afraid of? Ask them to come to the Golden Triangle if they can. I’ll kill them! What’s wrong with killing a few Chinese tourists?” As he spoke, he lifted his arm and fired another round at the tourists, who were already lying on the ground.

It was so brutal anyone watching the video would feel flabbergasted, especially when the victims were from their home country.

As Qin Mo watched the video, he clenched his fist slowly. His gaze gradually turned cold too.

The psychiatrist looked at him intently from the side.

Qin Mo didn’t need to look at him to know what he was thinking. “You don’t have to use this video to probe me or to check if I’m affected by the hypnosis. Just like what I said, I’m in a bad mood and don’t want to talk. You can just say what you want to say directly.”

“Our comrade who filmed this video is already dead. Now we have no idea what those people are doing. What worries us the most is the name of a school that was stated clearly on the information sent back to us. It says that many people in that school have been hypnotized by their boss. The biggest problem is to protect these hostages. Also, the other two spies that we sent over have betrayed us. All our arrangements there have been destroyed. Boss, General Qin is unable to go overseas due to his status. He asked us to ask you. You are the only one that can do this mission now. Do you agree to go back to the military?”

Qin Mo looked up but didn’t say anything.

The psychiatrist retracted his gaze and said seriously, “Boss, we are all waiting for you to come back.”

Without light, time passed quickly.

The same thing had happened three years ago.

Grandpa An laid down halfway on a rocking chair made from sanders inside the villa. He could see the military car clearly outside the window. He took a sip of tea and looked at his grandson, who was sitting in front of him. “Have you decided to go with them?”

“Yes.” There wasn’t any change in Qin Mo’s tone.

Grandpa An turned his head. “I thought that you have given up on being a soldier. You’re handling the company very well and you put in so much effort in esports.”

“No, I didn’t”. Qin Mo put down the teacup in his hand. “I just like to play games.”

Grandpa An sighed. “It seems like I can’t persuade you. When you meet your father, help me ask him if you’re really his son. Why does he only remember you when there’s a mission no one wants to do?”

“I’m the most familiar with the topography around the Golden Triangle. Giving the mission to me has the lowest risk. They have a psychiatrist too.” Qin Mo stood up. “It’s very difficult to save the hostages.”

Grandpa An felt that this felt more and more similar to what had happened three years ago. “You don’t have a military rank anymore.”

“If there is a need, I can wear it again anytime.” Qin Mo’s gaze was deep and dark. “This was why you let my mother marry into the Qin family. Grandfather, I’m the grandson of the An family but I’m a member of the Qin family too.”

Grandpa An knew that he couldn’t stop his grandson. He thought for a moment and walked towards the wooden table. He pulled open a drawer and took out an amulet. It looked ancient. “In the past, you always took this with you whenever you went on a mission. I thought that you wouldn’t need it anymore.”

Qin Mo took the amulet.

Grandpa An looked at the straight back view disappearing through the door. He raised his head and looked up at the stairs.

The person standing there was none other than Movie Queen An. She had been standing there all this while. She knew clearly what kind of mission her son was going on so she was afraid that once she appeared in front of him, she would try to stop him.

The sound of the car engine starting was heard. The Lamborghini that was parked outside drove into the darkness along with the other car.

As for Bo Jiu, she received the same piece of news the next day. The place where she traded information was unexpected. Many people thought that information would be traded in the dark. In actual fact, that wasn’t the case.

Fifth Avenue was the most prosperous place. In the afternoon, this place was a shopper’s heaven. You could see people of all races shopping here. CK, LV, etc. All kinds of big brands could be found here.

The luxurious watch shops looked extremely extravagant. It was normal for a customized watch to cost tens of thousands of dollars. There was one luxury watch shop that caught everyone’s attention. This was because it gave off an oriental feel as the boss of the shop was wearing a traditional Chinese costume and the other two attendants in the shop were both wearing cheongsams.

The boss wore a pair of black lace gloves as he adjusted the watch. Yet, the words he said had nothing to do with watches. “Anything in the legal world is this amount. Anything in the underground world is this amount. Would you like news in the legal or the underground world?”

There were first-time customers who walked away in fright and there were those who asked a few more questions too. But no matter what kind of customers they were, the rule here was that if you had the money, you could buy any news.

Of course, there were special cases. When a silver-haired youngster wearing a red t-shirt walked into the shop, one of the attendants paused for a moment. Then she lifted her long and fair legs and walked over. “Hello, how may I help you?”

Bo Jiu lifted her hand and pulled the attendant’s hand towards her. She placed a silver USB stick on her palm. The shape of the USB stick was unique as it was a Z shape. “I came to find your boss about the information I pre-ordered.”

There were cameras placed all over the atrium of the watch shop.

The moment Bo Jiu finished speaking, the boss of the luxury watch shop walked over slowly. He was a handsome man in traditional Chinese costume but he had a clip on his hair, looking like a character from a manga. It was hard to tell how old he was. “Z? It’s rare that you come personally.”

The boss sized up the youngster wearing a mask standing in front of him. “Come in. I’ve already prepared the information. This time, you’ll definitely feel that it’s worth more than what you paid.”

Bo Jiu looked very cool. She pushed the door open and felt as if she had entered an entirely different world.

“Huh? Where did I put the information I got a while ago?” The boss wearing the traditional Chinese costume scratched his head.

Bo Jiu found a place to sit down. “Your symptoms for senile dementia are getting more and more obvious. Are all the people with the surname ‘Tang’ like this?”

“How’s that possible?” The handsome boss moved his finger. “I just remembered that I saved it in a USB stick. Also, Z, I’ve told you through the internet to stop talking about my age.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “Uncle, do you only know how to use QQ on your electronic devices?”

“Times are changing. When you were not around, I’ve learned many things myself,” the handsome boss said as he clicked open a file.

A video popped out. The video was unclear but it was longer than the one the psychiatrist had.

Bo Jiu’s gaze turned colder as she watched the video. When she saw the red tattoo on the arms of the mercenaries, she suddenly opened her mouth, “Here. Pause for a moment.”

Snap! The handsome boss stopped the video. He turned his head and explained, “This is a very old organization. They were in hibernation for some time. They appeared again probably because they felt that they weren’t earning enough. What’s wrong? From your expression, you seem to recognize them.