Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Almighty Qin Treats the Young Man Differently

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Fu Jiu was stunned, and she looked at the other man’s face, which was very close to her. She curled her lips up into a smile. “It’s not too bad, it just hurts a little.”

The receptionist standing to the side wondered how exactly was Young Master Qin treating Fu Jiu like his little brother. He clearly took him to be a porcelain doll.

Young Master Qin had played harder than usual earlier, but he had never seen him icing anyone’s forehead before…

Qin Mo’s long fingers tightened, and he sounded indifferent. “If you flirt again, I will hit harder.” He touched the young man’s chin as he was speaking. His fingertip pressed on it lightly, “Turn your face, don’t look outside the court.”

Fu Jiu didn’t feel like there was anything strange about what was happening. She lifted her head and let Qin Mo ice her forehead for about a minute.

Xue Yaoyao moved unconsciously while playing games. She completely felt like a third wheel.

She thought that she’d better stop peeking at the court, so she tried to lower the presence of her existence.

After icing Fu Jiu’s forehead, Qin Mo restarted the game and hit the ball much more lightly.

Fu Jiu looked even more handsome than she usually did, especially when she was continuously running back and forth on the court. Her impressive jumping ability matched her face; both were so youthful that it made people jealous.

The two of them were both good players, especially Qin Mo. He just stood there, moved around in circles without being noticed, and swung his racket casually. His amazing skills matched his perfect figure and attracted rounds and rounds of applause.

“This is at the professional level, right? Who are the people playing?”

“You don’t know him? You’ve heard of the Qin family, right?”

“Stop wasting words, I’m not asking about Young Master Qin. I’m asking about that young man who’s playing against him!”

“No idea. Probably some young master from the military compound?”

This was a big court. It was also very private, especially since Qin Mo was a VIP.

When those people were looking, they only looked at the bodies, not the looks.

“Sigh, Young Master Fu, come take a look. Can you see clearly?”

Fu Ximing was quite short, and those guys who were doing business with his father couldn’t even see the figures clearly, let alone him. He played with his racket and said, “I saw Young Master Qin a couple of times. There were only a few from the military compound who followed him around. There shouldn’t be anyone else, so there’s no need to guess the other party’s identity.”

Those people laughed when they heard that, and they said flatteringly, “It’s true that I haven’t seen Young Master Qin in real life. Young Master Fu is really great.”

“It’s nothing.” Fu Ximing raised his chin slightly in a quite arrogant manner.

Fu Zhongyi was very happy to hear his son being praised. “My son doesn’t usually talk much. In fact, he’s amazing at playing games. Young Master Qin plays games too, so that’s how they got to know each other.”

“If so, then can we go say hi?” The gears in those people’s minds started to run after hearing that.

Fu Ximing frowned. “Young Master Qin doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s playing. Let’s do it another time.”

“Another time…” Their tone was obviously disappointed, but there was still hope at least. “Then I shall count on Young Master Fu’s recommendation.”

Fu Ximing harrumphed and looked in that direction again.

In fact, he was wondering whether he should wait until there was no one left to go and talk to Young Master Qin.

In fact, he came here to play tennis because he heard that Young Master Qin came here often to exercise.

He did get to see Young Master Qin a couple of times before, but only at the gate. He never even got the chance to speak to him.

This time, he needed to at least try…