Chapter 1140 - Untitled

Chapter 1140: Untitled

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“I don’t just recognize them.” Bo Jiu’s gaze turned deep.

The handsome man in the traditional Chinese costume smiled. “It looks like the grudge is deep. This organization had appeared in the past. This time, they appeared again and got filmed by someone. The person wanted to extort money from them but…” He paused at this moment. “If you allow me to see you in military costume, I can give this piece of information to you for free. I can even provide you with more internal news.”

Bo Jiu felt speechless. “Can the Tang family change their fetish?”

“Z, if you don’t use all the resources you have to do what you want, you’re stupid. That was what you told me before you even turned 15 years old. We haven’t met for so many years but I’m really quite curious. What happened to your appearance and your hair?” The handsome man pointed at Bo Jiu’s head.

Bo Jiu smiled. “I can’t always look the same.”

The man didn’t probe further AND went straight to the main point. “So, do you want to enter the military?”

“Yes, I can do that.” Bo Jiu placed her hand on the table and leaned her weight forward. “But; uncle, I always thought that you were on the underground side. When did you start helping the military to recruit people?”

The man took out a watch and pretended to analyze it. “You already said that my surname is Tang.”

“What identity will I be using to get in?” Bo Jiu always liked to talk about the important things.

The man put the watch down and lifted the corners of his lips. “Three days later, the military will be choosing ten of the most capable soldiers out of their special forces to go on a secret mission outside the borders. This mission is related to this organization. I can tell you that it isn’t as simple as eradicating them. Three days ago, I received a secret message. It said that the spies the military sent over at the start have all betrayed them. There is an expert in psychology in the organization who is very good at reading people’s minds. In one of the schools near the borders, 30% of the students had been hypnotized by him. Besides destroying our opponent’s communication devices, we need to infiltrate into the school and find that expert. If not, we won’t be able to carry out the rescue mission at all. The distance between the base of the organization and the school is only 150 kilometers. One is outside the borders while one is inside. The ruthless actions of the organization violated international laws. However, the situation there is tense so we can’t send armies there. Thus…”

“We need people to infiltrate the place secretly.” Bo Jiu interrupted him. Her face remained as handsome as ever. “I need an identity to enter the military.”

The man smiled. “Sure. I’ve already prepared the identity for you. However, there’s one point you have to note. You must stand out among the hundred special forces. Remember, you only have three days. Everything you do in the military will affect your points.”

Bo Jiu paused for a second when she heard this. She raised her head and asked, “Will there be additional points for being too handsome?”

The man: …

“Give me the thing.” Bo Jiu tidied his hair in the mirror. “Being too handsome might cause me to lose points. I heard that the soldiers in the military are all very dark and rough. I don’t seem to qualify.”

The man held his forehead. “Yes, yes, yes, you’re the most handsome. Choose a codename first.”

“Codename?” Bo Jiu looked over and smiled. “You can ask them to call me sugar daddy.”

The beautiful attendant in cheongsam who was walking over: … Was it alright for you to bully the mercenaries?

Yet, surprisingly, her boss actually nodded his head and smiled with his eyes. He looked like a fox. “That’s not bad.”

The beautiful attendant: … Boss, was it alright for the two of you to bully other people!

No matter what, the codename was decided. Unique was what they wanted anyway.

Bo Jiu thought about it for a moment. When those people talked about her codename, they would definitely have to call her daddy. She was able to put herself at an advantage just from her codename. This was always her style of doing things.

The second day, far away in the Yunhai region in China, an ordinary-looking military car drove through the center of the grassland.

In the military truck, everyone was wearing camouflage uniforms and carrying a military backpack weighing 10 kilograms. Every one of them looked very orthodox and a little weird. The average age of these people wasn’t very old either. By right, the soldiers that could sit in this kind of military truck and come to these kinds of places must be the top-tier people in the military.

But even so, there was a youthful-looking person whose sitting posture was different from the rest. Normally, soldiers should sit up straight but this person was leaning against the walls lazily while sucking a lollipop. The high nose bridge and the person’s side profile made him look like a senior high student that hadn’t graduated.

The military accepted such young people? Fine, even if they did accept, it should be the descendants of some high-positioned officers. But they had never seen this person before.

People like them had either been training with their masters in the military ever since young or they were handpicked carefully from the various military units. But, when they came there, they were nothing. After all, anyone that was able to come here, all of them were the cream of the crop. But why hadn’t they seen this fellow before?

However, it was rare for someone to be so dark. Was this fellow selling coal at home?

“Brother.” One of the young masters with the aura of a soldier couldn’t help but open his mouth. “Which unit do you belong to? Honestly, your suntan is really unique. I want to find a chance to bath in the sun but I can’t find any because I live in Shaanxi.”

The youngster thought for a moment before saying, “Jiang City.”

“Jiang City? That’s impossible!” the person replied instantly. “I’ve gone around the entire Jiang City but I’ve never met you. Which courtyard are you from?”

The youngster changed her sitting posture. “My family does business. I don’t live in the courtyard.”

“That’s weird.” The young master couldn’t understand why someone like him had the chance to sit together with them. Also, he was too young.

At this moment, the military truck stopped. This place was a desolate station. Besides the new soldiers that filled up the entire station, there was no one else. The military truck dropped the people off and left in a rumble when the sun slowly set. The sky was grey and sand flew everywhere. Only the sound of military jets could be heard from afar.

The youngster raised her head and looked towards the direction where the sound came from. Her expression remained relaxed but her gaze was sharp. The legendary king of all troops lived up to its name. Were they using this special method for their first round of examination?

The young master beside her was still looking around. He wanted to place his arm around the youngster’s shoulder and ask him for his name. After one round of observation, if he just considered the people in his truck, their ages were the closest. Thus, they must be able to get along well.

But the moment he put his arms up, the youngster pulled him to the left and pushed him towards the front. Before the young master could fume in anger, a loud sound appeared from the sky. It was the sound of a gunshot!

Two people slid down from the two sides of the military airplane. The bullet hit the spot right beside their feet!

“F*ck, what’s happening!” The young master was dumbstruck. He looked up and shouted to the people above, “Brothers, look clearly. We’re on the same side. We came to report…”


The second gunshot was heard. It hit a person directly on the back.

The young master wanted to stand up and confront the person who had fired the shot. “Hey, did you hear me clearly? We’re on the same side!”

The youngster pulled him back. “You’re the one that doesn’t understand the situation. Look at the person’s back.”

“Red smoke? The gun is a fake gun?” The young master was probably a dumb person just like Lin Feng. He only managed to get hold of the situation now. “They are testing us?”

The youngster didn’t have the time to talk to him as gunshots sounded again. There was limited space for them to dodge but staying still and waiting for death wasn’t her style. She rolled to the side and evaded the long-barreled gun. Then she stepped on the shrub with her long leg and jumped into the air.

The sound of wind was heard. She had taken out her sharp military dagger.

Soon, the young master saw something dropped. He looked up at the top of the tree. More than half of the leaves had disappeared on the tree. Instead, a human had appeared.

The military dagger in the youngster’s hand was propped against the person’s neck. “This is a unique way of welcoming the recruits. However, I’m afraid of airplanes so why not let those people above come down and let’s talk nicely. We will be in the same unit in the future. It’s not good to be so aggressive.”

“F*ck!” The person who was shooting from the airplane took off his special goggles when he saw this scene. “How did Four-Eyes get discovered?! Who’s that person threatening Four-Eyes? He managed to dodge my fatal attack and now he’s even asking us to talk nicely. This recruit is a little too arrogant!”

Just as he was about to continue speaking, a low voice came from the other end of the walkie-talkie. “How is this batch of recruits?”

“Boss.” The person immediately grabbed the rope beside him. He smiled and said, “Not bad. They have the potential.”

“Really?” The voice sounded indifferent but it gave off an imposing aura. “Why did I hear that you drove the military airplane out to fetch them? You didn’t hide yourselves so are you planning to give them an opening gambit?”

The person didn’t say anything. He winked at the people beside him, asking them whether any of them had revealed their plans to their boss.

The three people exchanged glances with one another. Were they stupid? Why would they tell their boss their plans?

“We’ll talk about your business after you come back,” the charismatic voice spoke again. “You can send anyone who got hit by the bullets back. We’ll follow the rules.”

“Yes, Boss!” At a time like this, they didn’t dare to tell their boss that a recruit had discovered them and even saw through their entire plan because that was the equivalent of looking for death. If they didn’t bring this batch of recruits to the military unit as soon as possible, their boss would find people to investigate them. If he did, it would give the game away.

“Land.” After thinking through, they felt that this was the only thing they could do.

The youngster looked at the airplane that was getting lower. Her pure black hair flew messily in the wind caused by the propellers of the airplane. Yet, for some reason, she looked really handsome.

The young master muttered to himself, “I must be blind. He just looks like Bao Zheng1. It’s the least popular skin color now.”

The first impression Hunter had of the youngster was his dark skin color. It was too dark. He also looked very young. Their plan was broken by a little black fellow. Thinking about it made them feel…

“I’m the officer that will be sending all of you to your training unit. I’ll also be your team leader for this period of time. My codename is Hunter.” When he spoke, the youngster moved his dagger away and handsomely put the dagger back in its sheath. Hunter squinted. Was the youngster trying to act handsome in front of him?

The truth was, the youngster didn’t have this intention. She jumped down from the tree and landed lightly on the ground. Although she was still sucking the lollipop, her aura was becoming obvious now.

“How did you know that there’s someone here?” Hunter’s tone was calm. He had learned this from his boss. In order to be a qualified special forces soldier, no matter how regretful he felt, he must appear nonchalant on the surface.

The youngster looked up and said, “There are two high grounds here. One is bare so there’s obviously no one there. The other tree has denser leaves. The angle where the bullet came from is different too. The first gunshot didn’t come from the airplane. Based on my analysis, there should be a sniper hiding around here. If I’m the sniper, I will choose this position too. The recruit’s vigilance will be at their lowest after they got down the truck. If there’s a sniper here, he might be able to get rid of a large number of people.”

The young master widened his eyes and opened his mouth when he heard this. How had this fellow noticed so many things? Hadn’t he been chatting with him all the while? What the hell, had he been the only one that was seriously chatting?

“Your observation skills are not bad.” Hunter walked towards the youngster slowly. “However, if you want to remain behind, observation skills are not enough. This is just the start, recruit.”

The youngster smiled and gave off a lazy feeling. For some reason, when Hunter saw the black little fellow’s smile, he was reminded of his boss. No kidding. When the boss smiled, he looked devilish too. This little fellow must be just acting.

Unexpectedly, the moment he pushed this thought away, the youngster walked past him. He heard the youngster speak beside his ears, “You wanted to give the recruits an opening gambit but in the end, you failed. Leader, in the future, you need to come up with a more detailed plan.”

What the f*ck! Which military unit did this fellow come from? Why was he so hard to deal with?

“Sigh, I wonder what the other leaders at the training camp will think if they found out about this.” The youngster bit on her lollipop and walked away with a smile when she had finished talking.

At this moment, Hunter almost couldn’t resist his urge to call his boss and tell him that there was a recruit he wanted to beat up badly!