Chapter 1141 - Untitled

Chapter 1141: Untitled

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Hunter watched the youngster and suddenly raised his rifle. ” We are around 10 kilometers from the base camp, which is located at 9 o’clock. Since you all are so capable, you can start jogging back with your baggage.”

“10 kilometers? Walk? With weights?” Which camp made their recruits enter in such a manner?

Hunter raised a brow. “It’s just 10 kilometers, those who are incapable shouldn’t be here. As for the seven that were shot, you can stay here, there will be someone coming to get you.

With that, Hunter left. The sniper in the trees leaped down, his actions swift and fluid. It was as though the wilderness ahead didn’t mean anything. In a blink of an eye, the few figures disappeared into the trees. Even though they couldn’t be seen, their voices could still be heard. “Finish it in two hours. I will be waiting at the end. Those that exceed the timing are automatically disqualified and those that miss mealtime can forget about dinner.”

“F*ck.” Prince hurriedly lifted his bags.

The others did the same.

Those that had been shot hung their heads, some grabbing their hair in frustration. It was clear that they had been disqualified. They came in as a car full of people but now, only half of them were left.

Those that had remained knew that this was the legendary king of all troops. Hiking through the jungle was unlike ordinary walking as the jungle was filled with unknown circumstances. More importantly, the new recruits were completely caught off guard. They hadn’t expected the training to be so tough even before it had officially begun.

Of course, stamina was a major qualifying criterion. But Prince hadn’t expected some to take such unusual routes. He was still figuring the route when the long and lean figure leaped onto a tree branch. She released her belt and flew onto the neighboring tree.

“F*ck, where did that guy come from? His skills remind me of the martial arts experts from the past!” Prince remarked as he walked on.

As he continued, he realized walking would take far too long especially after his boots were coated with mud because the weight was pulling him down. How could he finish walking the entire distance in two hours?! They weren’t familiar with the environment at all. He wouldn’t be eliminated but what if he missed dinner?!

“Brother, brother!” Prince shouted for the youngster before she leaped onto the next tree. “I have cigarettes with me, want one? Come down and take a rest?”

The youngster smiled, turning towards him. “I’m rushing for dinner.”

“That’s great, we have the same goal. You seem to be flying very happily, why don’t you take me along?” Prince quickly added, “I don’t just have cigarettes!”

The youngster tilted her head, taking a moment before replying, “Alright, but if there is meat for dinner, you’ll have to give me half.”

“What’s with such a big appetite when you’re so thin?” Prince wanted to curse.

The youngster ate her lollipop, positioned on the tree. “Do you still want to fly?”

“Fly! I’ll give half of the meat to you!” Prince weighed his options and decided it was more important to reach on time.

The youngster threw a rope down the tree. “Come up.”

Climbing trees wasn’t really Prince’s forte…

The youngster arched a brow. “You came from the Courtyard but can’t even climb trees?”

“How is that possible!” Prince was much better than the other weaklings. He reached for the rope and climbed up the tree but was confused thereafter. “What’s next?”

“Fly.” With just one word, the youngster held onto her leather belt, flying from one of the trees to another.

F*ck, didn’t you promise to bring me along?

Prince wasn’t prepared, his face smashing straight into a tree. Fortunately, he quickly got the hang of it. Inside, he continued to curse the youngster, wondering where such a black little fellow came from, his tree flipping skills so skilled.

After one hour, near the borders was the most secretive troop. There wasn’t anyone in the surrounding 500 li1, which was why raw ingredients had to be delivered through military planes. This place had the perfect conditions for forest combat drills.

There were many with a misconception. They assumed that the peace in China was a given. In reality, this wasn’t a peaceful era but we were born into a peaceful country. At the borders 3000 kilometers away, there would be troops standing guard. The powers preying against China couldn’t enter because of these troops. This area possessed a great threat.

The sun shone, seeping through the branches and lengthening the shadows. A military car stopped in front of the campsite and beside the vehicle was a man. He stood under the light, his face glowing from the light, his features defined.

He tilted his head, smoking a cigarette that was clenched between two pale fingers. If it wasn’t for the smart uniform he was wearing, no one would be able to tell that he was a soldier.

Hunter was still smiling happily over the recruit’s misfortune but when he saw the figure in front of him, his lips froze and he immediately straightened, his gaze wavering. He looked straight ahead, calling out weakly. “Boss.”

The person ahead glanced at him, pointing towards the army car, his voice faint. “Where are the recruits you were supposed to bring over?”

“Since it was their first time, I thought it would be good for them to familiarize with the surroundings and better adapt to the training!” Hunter reported. Deep inside, his heart was racing.

“Good idea.” The figure smiled. His face was covered by the shade, concealing his appearance.

Hunter’s eyes lit up. He had never expected his boss to agree with his method. But his happiness lasted only until the next line.

“Since you have such thoughts, I don’t think you’ll have an issue with having vegetables for dinner. I don’t think you would mind running five kilometers as well.” He glanced down at the watch on his arm. “Report to me in one hour.”

Hunter hadn’t had the chance to speak.

The three other comrades standing beside him were all restraining their laughter, afraid that any noise would put them in the same fate. They waited until the figure was gone. One of them walked forward, placing an arm onto Hunter’s shoulders. “You went overboard this time. Oh, logically speaking, you guys went over in an army plane, there shouldn’t be many people left. Why did you make them walk back?”

“I was filtering the talents out for Boss.” Hunter waved his hand dismissively. “What does Magician know?”

Magician fastened his army hat. “Alright, you can continue with your filtering, I’ll head in for dinner. I heard they made a pot of beef, it’s such a pity someone won’t be able to try it.”

Hunter had his grievances but he wouldn’t complain. There were two other groups fetched by Magician and the others, why didn’t they face so much trouble? Why did he have to meet with a rascal?

Hunter glanced up subconsciously at the thought of the black little fellow. No one should know about what happened, especially not Magician and the others. It was way too humiliating!

“They’ll take at least two hours to walk over.” The sniper from before reached out to grab Hunter. “I’m sure you scared them enough, Brother, I’m impressed.”

Hunter leaned against the army vehicle. “We have to let them know where they are, especially those that entered through connections, they should leave while it’s still early.”

“I heard Boss entered through connections too,” he replied in a soft whisper.

Hunter frowned. “F*ck, Boss doesn’t need connections. Stop spreading such fake news.”

“I was just asking.” The person glanced down at his watch. “It has been an hour, should we take a look outside?”

The soldiers beside chuckled. “Is there a need to look? They definitely won’t make it. We should take a bath and wait for dinner to start. Am I right, Hunter?”

“That’s right.”

The moment he ended, a lazy voice came from behind. “I guess we have arrived, the cars here aren’t that bad after all.”

The few of them turned sharply. A dark-colored youngster appeared. She carried her army bag, her military pants stuffed into her boots. The 10-kilometer hike with weights didn’t seem to have affected the youngster a bit, she was as clean as before, the lazy smile on her face.

She didn’t seem like someone who had treaded through the jungle. The person beside her was clean as well but his face was filled with cuts and bruises. Regardless, they shouldn’t be here this quickly. The soldiers had arrived within an hour because they were well versed with the environment. But this was the first time they were here, and yet, they took the same amount of time.

Hunter felt a whirl of emotions. He wanted to show the recruits who was the boss and yet, this was what happened!

“Where’s dinner?” the youngster asked.

Hunter inhaled deeply, the words stuck in his throat. In the end, he only had one instruction, “You’ll have to report first, come with me.”

The youngster arched her brow. “I thought there’ll be food the moment we arrive. I guess we will still have to wait.”

One breath wasn’t enough to calm Hunter. Where exactly did this black fellow come from?

“Only the best of the best can enter the king troop, let me warn you, don’t think you can stay just because you are here. That will depend on your performance, the troop isn’t here just for meals.”

“Oh,” the youngster replied lazily.

The bruised Prince lifted his big thumb. The youngster was indeed on a different level, demanding for food the moment they arrived.

“Reporting station. Remember, everyone has a blanket, just one each so take care of your hygiene. Toothpaste, toothbrush, washing basin, cutleries have to be collected personally. Remember your items and don’t mix them up with someone else’s.” Hunter pointed to an area nearby. “Your quarters are ahead, there will be four people in each room, there isn’t a private toilet. Those that wish to shower have to do it in the bath house, using water prudently is mandatory in the army. There isn’t a fixed time for training so always be prepared.”

Prince didn’t think much of it since the facilities in every camp weren’t that bad. The only difference between the special forces and ordinary soldiers was that they trained every day.

They heard there were two other batches of recruits before them. The selection should consist of all three batches. Prince caressed his chin as dread filled him. They seemed to have unconsciously offended their team leader. How were they going to make it through?

But… Prince turned over. The black-skinned youngster wasn’t the least bit affected as he studied the bathhouse.

It was just a bathhouse, what was there to examine? Almighty, you should be thinking about the situation now.

As a comrade that had fought together before, Prince felt a need to remind her. He carried the army blanket in one hand and lowered his voice. “Brother, spill it, you have a solid backing, don’t you?”

“What backing?” the youngster asked casually while tilting her head

Prince lowered his voice. “You can stop trying to hide, you wouldn’t have dared to offend the group leader without a backing. Besides, it isn’t possible to enter this troop without a backing.”

The youngster continued to study the environment, replying listlessly, “Other than backing, isn’t there a selection? I got in through the selection.”

Prince: …

He wasn’t sure if the youngster was really that skilled or if he should shake him to his senses. He was attracting so much attention without a backing.

“You must be lying.” Prince didn’t believe her.

The youngster continued to walk, leaving Prince to figure things out by himself.

Prince didn’t understand his new roommate at all. That was right, they were roommates. They arrived at the same time and according to the sequence they reported, they would be allocated to the same room.

The youngster tossed her bag onto the lower bunk the moment she entered. He scrutinized the room before tossing his bag onto the neighboring bed. Hunter didn’t leave because he wanted to find out more about this black little fellow.

After the youngster tossed her bag and arranged the bedspreads, she asked, “Can we eat now?”

Hunter: …

Prince: … It was scariest when the air went silent, really!

Hunter: … F*ck, was food the only thing on your mind!?

“You can eat, bring your things along to the canteen,” Hunter instructed, leaving ahead of them. He really wanted to inform his boss about this irritable black little fellow.

He was helpless. If he did inform Boss, he would have to tell him about his loss of authority. Hence, he couldn’t say a word, definitely couldn’t.

They walked from the dorms to the canteen.

Suddenly, the youngster paused midway. A pair of startling dark eyes landed on a car not far away. Logically speaking, that car shouldn’t be here. This was a base camp, there should only be cars from the army. But that was a limited-edition sports car. It was black with gold accents and that smooth body line, with car doors that looked like feathers. It was a car that demanded attention. It was a Lamborghini Murcielago.