Chapter 1142 - Untitled

Chapter 1142: Untitled

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“You like this car too?” Prince leaned over. “You have a good eye, there aren’t many models in the country, I wonder who it belongs to. How could he have driven it here?”

the youngster remained silent. She reached out to caress her nose as she took another glance at the Lamborghini.

Hunter turned over, his arms folded around his chest and brows arched. “It belongs to our captain, you both better stay away or be prepared to pay.”

“Captain?” the youngster’s eyes deepened.

Hunter didn’t bother turning around. “You’ll be able to see him after surviving three days.”

Prince didn’t seem interested as anyone who could drive a sports car into base camp definitely had a formidable background.

As compared to the captain, he was more intrigued by this black little fellow. But he hadn’t expected the youngster to be so unfriendly despite it being their first meeting. He had really taken all the beef away, with the word, “Payment.”

Prince bit down on his big mantou. He took several bites of vegetables and comforted himself that having vegetables was better than going hungry.

The earliest recruits after the youngster and Prince arrived half an hour later. Of course, there were some who reached after two hours.

Hunter didn’t waste any time. “Those that are late can return using the same route, those that arrived within two hours, come with me.”

Those that remained weren’t ecstatic and those that left weren’t that disappointed since this was before training had even begun. What sort of missions were they doing for the selection to be this stringent?

No one knew the specifics but many could already predict the torturous, life threatening missions they would be sent on. Those that were late were denied dinner. They had assumed everyone was the same until they saw the youngster caressing her stomach on her way out of the canteen.

One of them looked at her in confusion. Didn’t they begin at the same time? How did they arrive so early?!

Prince finally understood how it was like for others to watch him with envy. Indeed, it was satisfying. But why did he feel like a fraud?

Before he could continue his act, the person beside him prepared to leave.

“Ah? Where are you going?” Even though he was a fraud, it was better than nothing.

The youngster stuffed a hand into her pocket. “I’m going to walk around.”

“We have to gather soon.” Prince frowned. “How can you walk around?”

The youngster didn’t turn back, disappearing in a few steps.

Prince wanted to call her but it was useless. Fortunately, the little group leader that fetched them was still eating in the canteen. If he saw that scene, he would definitely teach the youngster another lesson. But where did he go? Acting so mysteriously.

She went to the Lamborghini that was parked under the tree. The car was parked there less than three days ago but no one dared to come close since everyone in the camp knew it was a car that could speak.

The moment someone touched the car doors, the car would automatically start up followed by a piercing alarm.

In less than a minute, their boss would be standing in front of them. The consequence… trying once had been enough.

The youngster arched a brow, reaching out her left hand. The moment the car felt someone approach, the navigation system perked up, prepared to sound the alarm. But at this moment, someone spoke, “I like you, Qin Mo.”

“Password correct, verbal verification begins…” The navigation system perked up once more. After the verification, the car shook. “Master?!” Was it hacked? It wasn’t possible to hear his master in such a place. Little Blackie turned on his headlights and started to check its system. It was afraid someone had planted a virus in it.

The youngster casually continued with another sentence. With that, Little Blackie was certain it was his master. “Not bad, you’re pretty clean, it seems like you don’t need another wash.” That was right, this youngster was Bo Jiu in disguise.

The navigation system perked up, its speed comparable to a human. “Master, what are you doing here? Are you here to get me? Even though your little Vixen treats me rather well, there isn’t a day I go by without missing you. I thought he would throw me away in America but he ended up shipping me over here. I checked the location and it’s way too far from America for me to go back by myself. Master, there is something I have to tell you, your Little Vixen isn’t a little vixen at all, he is a devil incarnate, you have no idea…”

Little Blackie had more to say but Bo Jiu cut it off. “Someone is here.”

Little Blackie immediately stopped speaking, its navigation system turning into a motionless straight line. Even its headlines had dimmed to when he hadn’t been activated.

It was Hunter, the soldier who had brought Bo Jiu’s bunch into the campsite. He glanced at her once before turning towards the Lamborghini, his brows knitted. “I knew you weren’t going to behave, I don’t care which department you came from but it isn’t the same here. You better listen to your bosses or prepare to be tossed out regardless of your background or where you came from.”

Little Blackie wanted to move but Bo Jiu bent over to tie her shoelaces as she answered, “Okay.”

Her feet were placed at Little Blackie’s tyre. Little Blackie immediately understood her intentions and remained stationary.

“Seems like I’ll have to hold a meeting for the new recruits.” Hunter signaled for Bo Jiu to leave.

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything, smiling when she brushed past him.

Hunter prepared himself for her words but all the youngster gave him was a side glance. F*ck! It felt as though he didn’t have any authority.

But the youngster hadn’t done anything against his principles. Ah, he was infuriated! Hunter cursed internally but even then, as a special forces soldier, he managed to notice something.

The Lamborghini was quieter than usual. Did the black little fellow just take a look? He didn’t touch it at all? Hunter muttered to himself.

The navigation system perked up. It didn’t say anything but the waves were saying, “The black little fellow you were referring to is my master, he can touch me all she wants, she can even drive me away!”

Master must have entered the camp because of him. It had originally assumed his master had forgotten about him. This was so touching.

The Lamborghini lit up his headlights in excitement. Just as he lit it up for the second time, a tall and lean figure walked over.

Just as Hunter was still deep in contemplation, the figure placed his palms on the car, his features clear and distinct. He wore his uniform, looking smart and sharp, with a hint of coldness. It was Qin Mo. “How did your 10-kilometer run with weights end up here?”

Hunter stiffened, he turned and did a perfect bow. “Boss.”

“You touched Little Blackie?” Qin Mo glanced over the car headlights, his eyes narrowing.

Hunter immediately shook his head. “I didn’t! Boss, who doesn’t know Little Blackie is your little wife, no one dares to touch her!”

“Stop sprouting rubbish.” Qin Mo still held a cigarette between his fingers. “Changing the topic isn’t going to help, start your 10-kilometer run with weights now.”

Hunter fell into a daze. “Boss, I wasn’t the one who touched Little Blackie, there was a black fellow here before me, that’s right, he must have touched Little Blackie!”

“Which black fellow?” Qin Mo asked emotionlessly. “Which one?”

Hunter was about to reply when he remembered how he was humiliated. “A new recruit.”

“There were so many new recruits today.” Qin Mo glanced over. “Little Blackie.”

The navigation system perked up. “Mmh?”

Hunter: … What was with that sultry Mmh?! More importantly, why didn’t Boss detect anything!

Qin Mo arched a brow. “Did someone touch you?”

“Him.” The navigation system made a sharp and swift movement.

Hunter froze. When did he touch Little Blackie?! No one would believe the car could lie! “Little Blackie, you can’t do this!” Hunter had more to say but the Lamborghini shut down instantly, as though he wasn’t willing to listen to any excuses.

Hunter turned over but Qin Mo remained emotionless. “20 kilometers.”

No, why wasn’t anyone believing him?! And who was going to tell him when the ever-honest Little Blackie had started to lie! Hunter couldn’t figure it out.

He didn’t know that the navigation system could make alterations according to its master’s wishes and since its master wasn’t willing to expose her identity, as an intelligent sports car, it would definitely keep the secret for its master. It was a simple logic but yet, he couldn’t figure it out, aish.

But it still wasn’t sure when its master would drive it away. As the security here was flawless, it wasn’t suitable for her to just drive it away, especially not when the devil was watching. The next time it saw Master, it would definitely expose everything about the devil, helping her escape. The artificial intelligent system had formed his answer.

On the other end, Qin Mo caressed the car, his waist leaning against the car. His voice was calm. “Tell me, who exactly touched you just now?”

If Little Blackie had a conscience, it would be shaking. Fortunately, it is a logical navigation system, hence, it replied steadily, “Him.”

Qin Mo watched the Lamborghini for a moment, his gaze distant as though he wasn’t looking at the car but rather someone through the car. This was the only thing that person had left him: a car. Other than the car, she seemed to have vanished.

Qin Mo clenched his fingers momentarily, his tall figure giving off a sense of loneliness. As though he had experienced this feeling before. He had thought he could see her the next day. But when he had pushed open the doors, there hadn’t been anyone or anything left. As though it had been abandoned.

Qin Mo lifted his lips, he seemed to be smiling but there wasn’t a hint of happiness. Instead, there was loneliness and desolation.

At the same time within the dormitory, Prince stood up when he saw the youngster walking back, her face carrying a mysterious experience. “I have a brief idea what sort of mission we are going on.”

Bo Jiu decided it would be hurtful if she didn’t pretend to be curious hence, she asked casually. “What mission?”

“Did you see the brother sleeping in the upper bunk? He is from Eagle Air Force, which is the best air force troop in China, the ultimate special forces soldier. Such soldiers are usually used for missions outside the borders,” Prince replied excitedly.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, signaling for him to continue.

Prince lowered his voice. “According to my analysis, our mission is connected to the tourist bodies that were recently found in the Golden Triangle. I heard that the killers are a bunch of mercenaries trying to instill pressure on our country.”

“Which means the mission will be carried out in the Golden Triangle.” Suddenly, a deep voice interrupted them.

Prince turned over. It was the Eagle Air Force soldier they were discussing about.

“Cough, was I that loud?”

The man turned to eye him. “Very loud.”

“Alright, brother. Since we will be on the same side from today onwards, let’s not sweat the small stuff.” Prince placed an arm on his shoulder. “Let me introduce myself, I’m from the General Armaments Department and my codename is Prince. Brother, what about you?”

“Eagle, Wolf.” The special forces soldier had always been a man of little words.

Once they were done, they turned towards the dark-skinned youngster that was already lying on her bed.

Bo Jiu ignored their gaze since her code name was too scandalous to say outright. But her partners were too persistent.

“Code name!” Prince reached out to knock the youngster’s bed, this was a chance to find out about the youngster.

The soldier was also curious about her identity since there weren’t many who could reach the camp base before him. Besides, he had been watching her. Such keen and sharp senses, what exactly did he come from?

Bo Jiu didn’t wish to disappoint hence, she replied lazily, “From the army, code name Sugar Daddy.”

Prince: …

Wolf: …

“Sugar, sugar daddy?” Prince found it difficult to repeat the two words. He had always thought his codename was the best but now that he heard hers, he was convinced. “Brother, good one.”

Bo Jiu didn’t think it was despicable and instead took pride in his words. “I know that.”

Wolf shook his head, trying to clear his mind since it was the first time he had heard such a codename. He had to re-evaluate this fellow… It was a pity this codename hadn’t been officially entered into their system.

Bo Jiu felt a little guilty, since it was an easily recognizable codename, one that would easily attract the Almighty’s attention.

She turned, her lips upturned. Mmh, she might be able to meet the Almighty…