Chapter 1143 - Untitled

Chapter 1143: Untitled

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But before that, he still had to solve her bathing issue. Just as she was thinking about this, Prince, who was beside her, took out his belt and his camouflage military uniform. He was only wearing a shirt with a white towel hung over his shoulder and carrying a basin. “Sugar…” Prince paused at this moment. He couldn’t say the last word. Hence, he decided to change the topic. “Let’s go and take a hot bath.”

Bo Jiu didn’t turn her head. She replied with her normal relaxed voice, “I’m not going.”

“We stayed in the forest for more than an hour today. Why aren’t you bathing?” Prince widened his eyes. In the past when he had been staying at his dormitory, he had been like this too. He hadn’t washed his socks for three consecutive days.

However, he didn’t expect the real master to be here. No wonder he was so dark. How could he not get dark if he doesn’t bath?

Prince shook his head and walked away helplessly. Wolf, on the other hand, seemed uninterested in the things that were happening in his surroundings.

Bo Jiu filled her basin with hot water from the thermos flask. She took off her military boots and sat down on her bunk, placing her legs into the warm water. When she was soaking her feet, she thought about how she could find the Almighty without his notice…

On the first day for the reporting of recruits, there would be reconditioning at night by right. But that was only in a normal military unit. Here everything was different. At 1am, everyone here was asleep. Suddenly, the sound of a whistle echoed through the air.

Wolf was the first person to open his eyes. From his perspective, he felt that he should be the first one to finish his preparations.

Surprisingly, another person straightened her back swiftly and the camouflage uniform slid on his body when the light lit up.

Hunter stood at the door and went from dormitory to dormitory. “30 seconds. Gather below. You should know the consequences of being slow.”

This sentence seemed even more impactful than the whistle as everyone started wearing their clothes at the fastest speed.

Wolf saw the youngster turning her body and with a backhand, she placed the military cap on her head. Actually, none of the people that managed to survive until now were slow. Even Prince moved very quickly when he started packing.

However, no matter how fast the people were, they weren’t as fast as the youngster. The youngster seemed to have practiced wearing clothes all the time because in a blink of an eye, the youngster had already lowered her head to tie her shoelaces.

But there was a point to note. The youngster didn’t fold her blanket.

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The three batches of recruits were led by three people. Based on their prediction, since these people were selected from all the various military units, they should at least have time awareness.

However, 30 seconds was too fast. Only half of the people were able to reach this speed.

The youngster was the first person to come down. Honestly, at this moment, Hunter felt that it was a good thing the little black fellow was in his team. He brought honor to Hunter’s team. Thus, half of the candidates were disqualified using this method. But…

An unexpected problem occurred.

“Who is sleeping at the lower bunk right next to the door of dormitory 318?”

318? Wasn’t that from their team?

The instant Hunter frowned, the youngster, who had been the first to come down, took a step forward. She was standing the straightest among everyone. “Officer, it’s me.”

The officer sized up the youngster. “Why didn’t you fold your blanket?”

He didn’t fold his blanket? How could someone make such a simple mistake?

“I don’t know how to do it.” The youngster’s reply caused silence around him.

He didn’t know how to fold his blanket. How on earth did this fellow manage to come here!

Besides the soldiers under Hunter, the recruits from the other teams looked at Bo Jiu as though they were looking at someone who managed to get himself in using his powerful background.

The officer closed the book in his hand. He was starting to suspect if there was something wrong with their selection system. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the information of this youngster ever since she had come into this training facility. She was the best at fighting. Not only that but her shooting skills were also ranked first and most importantly, it was written in her document that she specialized in hacking.

This person passed the assessment as an enlisted specialist. But why didn’t he know how to fold his blanket? Wasn’t that the most basic thing?

The officer remained silent for around five seconds. This was the first time he met a problem he didn’t know how to solve. Thus, he called the leader of the group, Hunter, to one side and asked, “How is this person’s performance?”

“His observation skills are amazing. He’s probably good in jungle operations. Also…” Hunter’s voice was very low. “He’s very special.”

The officer used his finger to tap on the notebook. “How should I report to Boss?”

“Just tell him the facts. We don’t know where this fellow popped out from. Let’s look at this assessment today. If he doesn’t meet the requirements, we can chase him away. If he performs exceptionally well, you can report to Boss.”

The officer nodded after listening to Hunter. “That’s the only way.”

“Let’s talk about the mission today first.” The officer turned his head and scanned the soldiers that were standing at the front row. His gaze paused for a moment when he saw the youngster. This meant that the youngster’s issue would be put aside for now.

However, why were they having a mission the moment they arrived? Everyone was stunned by this mission that caught them unaware. They could accept walking up so early for training. They also predicted that after entering this military unit, it would be different from their original military unit. But a mission directly after they arrived? Was this normal?

“Everyone only has a pistol and a map. The mission that we’ll be giving you this time isn’t about chasing criminals. It’s a military exercise. A hundred kilometers away from our training camp, there is a garrison. All of you must destroy the target before sunset today.”

“A destroy operation?” Someone couldn’t help but raise his voice.

The officer glanced at the person. “That’s right. It’s a destroy operation. I’ve already leaked the information to the other party that we will be invading them. That means that their vigilance is higher than normal.”

How were they supposed to destroy them then?

Also, look at the number of people they had. Their opponent was an entire garrison!

Prince was used to staying in the military so he immediately understood the difference in strength.

“Let’s align the time now,” Hunter raised his hand and said in an unprecedented stern tone. “I will be the commander of this mission. Once you get hit, the red dot that represents you will disappear on my side. Similarly, I will use the walkie-talkie given to you to confirm your position. If you don’t complete the mission by sunset, you will fail. Now, everyone, get on board the vehicles!”

“Yes!” Loud and clear voices sounded in the air. Everyone moved very quickly. As expected of the best soldiers handpicked from the various military units. But when they got in the vehicle, everyone looked in the direction where the youngster was in unplanned unison.

It was simple as this was an important military exercise and no one hoped that they would be dragged down by someone else.

“Find someone to protect this comrade.” This was the only solution they could think of. However, they knew that this method was only useful during military exercises. When they were carrying out an actual mission, it would be useless. No matter what, they were comrades now. All of them represented the legendary King troop. It was good to be protected by someone.

Bo Jiu sat there silently. She was examining the map. Most people would examine the topography most of the time when they looked at the map. But she was looking for all the communication facilities and where their internet server was.

Of course, the most important thing she was watching out for were high grounds. Normally, if you got hold of the high grounds, you would have command over the best sniping positions. However, since their opponent was already on their guards, they would be careful of these places too. But there was still a good point as their opponent didn’t know when they would be invading.

Bo Jiu sat in the hopper of the military vehicle. When she looked up again, a sharp look flashed past her eyes.

The military vehicles drove at a fast speed. Thus, in less than two hours, they were already very close to their destination.

“After passing through this forest, you’ll reach the camp of your opponent. I have to remind you that this forest is within the protection range of our opponent too. If you get hit there, you will fail. Okay, you can move out now.” The moment Hunter finished talking, the three groups of recruits, close to a hundred people, dispersed immediately and started inspecting their equipment.

It was 3:30 am. This was the best time for an invasion. At this time, their opponents were most probably asleep. This mission was a team mission. The team that Bo Jiu was in was Team 01.

After most of the people from Team 02 and Team 03 entered the forest, they moved towards their destination quickly.

This was reflected over at Hunter’s side. The red dots representing the walkie-talkies were moving forward.

Team 01 was moving too. However, something different appeared there. There was a red dot that stopped moving after entering the forest. This red dot was none other than Bo Jiu.

Prince stopped after he noticed that the youngster stepped. Prince naively thought that the youngster discovered something so he asked nervously, “Did you find snipers around here?”

“No.” Bo Jiu observed the humidity in her surroundings.

Prince was puzzled. “If that isn’t the case, why did you stop?”

“Sleep.” When Bo Jiu revealed this word, Prince wasn’t the only one who almost slipped and fell on the ground.

Another two people from the same dormitory wanted to knock the youngster’s head and asked him what he was thinking. “Forget it. It’s better for him to stay here anyway. At least he won’t get discovered.” The other members of the team had already given the youngster a fixed position in their hearts. They felt that this person wasn’t suitable for this place. He should go back and remain as a young master.

Thus, they walked slowly into the depth of the forest without looking back.

Prince wanted to follow the team but for some reason, he felt that this little black fellow wasn’t just going to sleep. After all, he had personally seen how this fellow crossed the jungle.

Prince made his choice between following the people in front and accompanying the youngster, who wanted to find a place to sleep. He gritted his teeth and didn’t continue moving forward. Instead, he walked back and asked, “Are you planning something?”


If you aren’t, why do you dare to sleep during such an important military exercise? I don’t dare to believe you when you say that you don’t have a powerful background!

Prince controlled his urge to mock the youngster. He raised his feet and wanted to leave when a lazy voice sounded beside him. “I can tell you what I’m thinking but you must pay for it.”

Prince turned back with an unfriendly look on his face. “You’re not suitable to become a soldier. You should become a robber!”

“Thank you.” Bo Jiu found a tree and leaned against it with a casual sitting posture. However, because of the military uniform she was wearing, she looked very handsome.

Prince gritted his teeth. “I’m really not complimenting you.”

“The price this time is very simple.” Bo Jiu had already started disregarding his comrade’s emotions. “Help me to fold my blanket for three days.”

The moment he mentioned this, Prince felt like breaking down even more. “Are you really a soldier? You don’t even know how to fold a blanket? Do you know that you embarrassed yourself just now?”

Bo Jiu opened a packet of sweet and put it in her mouth. She shrugged. “I’m really not good at this. It can’t be helped.”

“You can go and ask around. Which soldier doesn’t know how to fold his blanket?” Prince’s patience was running out.

Bo Jiu changed the topic suddenly when Prince still hadn’t lost control of his emotions. “If we attack at this time, we will get discovered easily. Why not have a good sleep first to build up some energy.”

“That’s not right. This is the time when people are the most tired. If we attack now, we will be at an advantage. Why would we be discovered easily?” Prince wasn’t a stupid person. He knew the benefits of acting at this time.

Bo Jiu remained in a relaxed position. “That is if our opponent didn’t know that we’re invading them. Do you think that our opponent won’t know what we know? The commander of our opponent should be their captain, right? The captain would have some analytical skills, right? What do you think?”

Enlightenment. This was the only feeling Prince had when he finished listening to Bo Jiu’s speech. Indeed, they were strong but their opponent wasn’t weak either. All of them came from the military. How could they not know this point?

Prince was stunned for a while. Then, he sat down beside the youngster and gave him a thumbs up. He continued asking, “Why didn’t you tell everyone your thoughts just now so that there would be fewer sacrifices?”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “Do you think they will believe someone who can’t even fold his blanket?”

Prince: … That’s true. They wouldn’t believe him.

To make it easier for the team members to know each other’s position, everyone had a device showing the red dots of their comrades.

When the other team members saw the red dot not moving at all the entire time, they didn’t have any hopes for Bo Jiu anymore. In their hearts, completing the mission was the most important thing.

Based on the rules of the military exercises, the blue team, which was the garrison, had to ‘kill’ all of them in order to win. They were the red team and they needed to destroy their opponent’s base to win. In that case, time was the most essential factor.

But unexpectedly, just as they took their first step, something happened!

Hunter couldn’t clearly see what was happening through the video. He only knew that the red dots on his screen were disappearing one by one at a surprisingly fast rate. His expression changed. He took his walkie-talkie. “What is happening!”

Even if this was a military exercise, he was the one commanding the mission. Why did he lose so many people the moment the mission started!

“Report, we got ambushed by snipers.”

Hunter placed his hand on his forehead when he heard this. This sly old fox. Why did he become so smart when he was the commander? In the past, when other leaders led the mission, that sly old fox had never used snipers to ambush them.

The captain of a certain troop was sitting in his office and drinking tea. “How is it?”

“Report, everything is going smoothly.”

The captain scoffed, “That cold fellow Qin Mo doesn’t have many skills. We must earn our pride back!”

“Yes.” The soldier placed his feet together and stood up straight before continuing,” But, Captain, the commander of this mission isn’t Boss. It’s one of his men.”

The captain turned red. “Even if his man lost, it means that he lost!”

The soldier: … Fine, you’re the captain. Everything you say is correct.

“Let me teach his men for him. Don’t think that just because he won once, he can win another time. Pass this message to our soldiers. Those bastards like to act at night. They like to attack people secretly so everyone must remain vigilant. We must let them know that we’re not easy to bully!”


Honestly speaking, the captain’s method was working. 80% of the hundred people sent out by the red team were gone. Only 21 people were left behind.

Hunter was really anxious now.

It was obvious that everyone was admiring the battle condition over here through a live broadcast. Magician sent his greetings over immediately. “Hey, I heard that you met some difficulties.”

“Shut up.” Hunter held his forehead. Why were the people on their team all so inhumane?

Magician laughed. “Don’t worry. Wolf is still alive. Oh right, I have another bad news to tell you. I sent the news about the red dot to Boss. From tomorrow onwards, he will be able to watch it on live broadcast. Your result isn’t very pretty, my dear little Hunter.”

Thud! Hunter hung up the phone instantly. He looked at the red dots on the screen. One more had disappeared!

Fortunately, it was already 6am in the morning. Their opponent’s search mission had reached its bottleneck. Even so, there was no advantage on his side as there were only 16 people left in his entire team and they were scattered everywhere. It was hard to give a command.

Wait a minute! Why was there a red dot that still hadn’t moved?

Hunter moved his gaze down and zoomed in on the red dot.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this was that small fellow.

Besides Hunter, the other soldiers who were in the same team as Bo Jiu noticed the red dot too. They didn’t expect that this fellow, who didn’t know how to fold his blanket, hadn’t been shot.

God really liked to fool people.

Right at this moment, however, the red dot moved!

It really moved. And it was moving at a very fast speed. What a vast difference when the red dot was moving.

“What’s wrong with this fellow?”

“I don’t know either.”

The normal recruits weren’t the only ones who weren’t sure what was happening. Even Hunter didn’t know what this little fellow had up his sleeves. The only person that knew what was going on was Prince.

Once again, he saw the amazing techniques this fellow had as he crossed through the jungle. He was puzzled why they weren’t stopped by anyone.

The youngster gave him a perfect answer when he was changing his attire. “The soldiers before us had already helped us to clear the path. Currently, our opponent must be chasing those people that haven’t been sniped. They won’t care about us. Who will still be squatting in the forest at this time?”

Prince: … Why did he feel that he was following a fox? They might still have a chance to win.