Chapter 1144 - Untitled

Chapter 1144: Untitled

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But Wolf was having difficulties as this was in contrast to the previous drill. This time, the entire team seemed to have been exterminated because the red dots started disappearing. This meant that the number of his comrades was decreasing.

Wolf was hunched over, concealing himself expertly. It wasn’t much of a shock since they were a small team. Wolf was the best sniper under Qin Mo. Even so, without Captain’s instructions, Wolf could only defend.

“Captain, capture the enemy.” The messenger came with a number.

The captain tapped the table. “How many of them are left?”

“Seven,” the messenger reported. “Two of them have been located by our side but the other five are harder to locate. What’s weird is that there are two of them who we haven’t seen at all, it’s as though they haven’t entered the jungle.”

The captain wasn’t bothered. “They can only defend. Once their location is exposed, it’ll be the end.”

They were just a bunch of new recruits. It wasn’t dangerous since Qin Mo wasn’t the one in charge of this drill.

Right at this moment, Bo Jiu appeared from the bushes, lying in ambush. She made use of the natural terrain to conceal herself.

She glanced over at Prince. As they were both the best of their troop, Prince instantly understood her intentions. On the other side of the bushes were two soldiers who were chatting. “Pay attention, I heard there are seven others.”

“What’s there to be afraid about? Didn’t Captain say they like operations in the dark? It’s daytime right now, they won’t be dumb enough to come here.” As soon as he finished speaking, their world turned black.

They were covered by a bag. They wanted to scream but their mouths were covered. His comrade was captured as well. Bo Jiu had moved swiftly.

Prince watched as the youngster sped off like an arrow, holding them down easily.

Since this was a hidden area, it was the best place to hold them down. “Wu, wu!” The two soldiers that were captured tried to alert the others with their voices because both their limbs were tied together. Bo Jiu had even removed their top and bottom!

Prince wasn’t all that bad. “Let’s not remove the singlet, leave them some dignity.”

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“Whatever.” Bo Jiu wore the army cap of one of the men and tightened his belt. In just one minute, she was wearing another uniform.

Prince watched as the youngster removed their keys, feeling slightly melancholic. This wasn’t his style in the past. At the very least, he had never stripped the opponent’s clothes during a combat drill.

The youngster removed their clothes so emotionlessly. She was indeed deserving of a compliment.

There were five left in the team. Hunter watched as two dots reappeared, leaping out of the military vehicle that was under surveillance. It was time to alter his strategy.

Just then, the screen wavered. The youngster he had been eyeing had actually infiltrated the enemy’s station!

At this moment at the main branch of the campsite, Magician was still gloating as he watched the red dot on his phone.

Suddenly, a lean and fair hand reached forward from behind, snatching his phone. Magician froze when he saw who it was. “B-boss…”