Chapter 1145 - Untitled

Chapter 1145: Untitled

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Qin Mo didn’t look at him, instead, he was focused on the screen, his defined features making him seem unapproachable and distant.

Magician swallowed unconsciously, afraid he would implicate Hunter and the others. To be caught in such a combat drill was humiliating. Even if it was him, he would be helpless as well.

There were too little men, all of which were new recruits. Moreover, Group Leader Wu seemed to harbor a deep vengeance against them. “He must be waiting”

If their main team had entered, the mission would have been completed perfectly. But for new recruits, even the cream of the crop wouldn’t be able to break through such a big scheme.

Magician assumed that his captain’s eyes would harden or maybe he would laugh coldly.

However, Qin Mo pointed to a red dot which was moving at a fast speed, in contrast to the others who were hidden. “Who is this?”

Magician glanced over. “It should be Wolf, he’s in there as well.”

“It isn’t him.” Qin Mo tilted over, his voice calm. “He isn’t part of our approach.”

Magician didn’t understand. “Approach? What approach?”

“Unorthodox approach.” Qin Mo lifted the walkie-talkie, his gaze deepening. “Where are you?”

Hunter froze when he heard the slightly unclear voice come through. His captain had found out.

“Report, we are in the middle of a drill combat.” Inside, Hunter wanted to cry.

Qin Mo continued, “A complete wipe out?”

“Captain, that wily old fox seems to have grown smarter,” Hunter complained before his reflection. “Our tactic isn’t perfect. I willingly accept my punishment when I’m back.”

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Qin Mo didn’t pursue this topic, instead, he glanced up at the red dot again. “No.10, a new recruit. Is there something you haven’t reported?”

Hunter froze, knowing he was caught. Hence, he decided to confess. “He is an extremely adaptable new recruit. Yesterday, he detected our ambush the moment the recruits entered, and caught hold of our sniper. In less than an hour, he managed to bypass the jungles with weights. He has exceptional impact and keen senses but there is something I can’t understand, this person has no idea how to fold the military blanket, he would roll it into a bundle. I wanted to report about him after the combat drill today.”

“Which means, you guys were caught by a recruit?” Magician couldn’t help blurting out.

Qin Mo turned over to eye him and Magician instantly burrowed his head. But that didn’t affect his ability to gossip. He immediately turned to WeChat, sending the news to the entire chat. Hunter didn’t have to guess to know the outcome; this was their friendship.

“Boss, why don’t we end the drill? I’ll get them to come back,” Hunter suggested. It was better than a complete wipe out.

Qin Mo tapped the screen, saying casually, “There’s no need for that, give me no.10’s number.”

Hunter’s eyes lit up. “Captain, you’re going to command?”

“Test the recruit’s skills.” Qin Mo glanced over, his fingers tapping on a point. “Location.”

“Yes.” Magician immediately began zeroing on the location.

Hunter wanted to ask more but Qin Mo had already ended the call.

At this moment within the blue camp, Bo Jiu was smoking with the opposing team. “How’s the cigarette?”

“Not bad, Brother, which company were you from?”

“Third company,” Bo Jiu replied naturally.

Prince choked, coughing.

“Oh right, you guys better perk up,” Bo Jiu continued. “I heard there are less than five men left in the red team?”

The three soldiers chuckled. “It’s just five of them, I bet they won’t dare to come out. Besides, our sniper is still around. Don’t worry, they won’t be out in daytime.”

“True.” Bo Jiu flicked her cigarette, her lips upturned. “You are right, they wouldn’t dare to come.”

Prince: … Then what are we? Honestly, Brother, where did you hone your acting skills?!

“But we can’t let our guard down,” one of them spoke up. “I received news that one of the recruits, Wolf, has amazing shooting skills and has undergone training in the special forces with many missions outside the borders. We should be careful and stay vigilant.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “That wasn’t the news we received.”

“What news did you receive?” the three soldiers asked excitedly.

Bo Jiu removed the cigarette, stuffing one hand into her pocket. “Amongst the new recruits, one of them is a master of disguise, his calculations and skills are exemplary. Moreover, he is young and handsome.”

Prince was wondering which one of them he was referring to.

Just then, the soldier asked, “There is such a person? What’s his codename?”

“Codename?” Bo Jiu held a branch and craved his name on the ground.

The troops paused. “Sugar… Daddy?”

Prince stilled. He needed to re-evaluate his comrade’s narcism, he was simply incorrigible. Bo Jiu, on the other hand, was completely unaffected as she was determined to make a name for herself.

At this moment, a man with a military badge appeared from the right, pointing towards them. “What are you doing? Stop skiving!” He hadn’t assigned them any mission, just for them to space out.

Bo Jiu lifted her rifle without any change of expression.

They waited until the figure was gone. Bo Jiu glanced over, her voice soft as a whisper, completely unlike her usual voice. “Wolf, Wolf, are you there?”

There was static in her voice.

“Why are you looking for Wolf?” a clear and silky voice asked.

Bo Jiu paused. Her heart thumped on. The reception was bad, affecting the signal but the signal on their side was working well, his voice strong and firm through the walkie-talkie.

“I asked you a question. Why are you looking for Wolf?” Qin Mo tilted his head, his lips and the walkie-talkie inches apart. It sounded as though he was right beside her.

Bo Jiu’s ears perked up. She changed her voice. “Captain, we need Wolf to sweep the area for snipers.”

“The sweep is allowed but do you know what that means?” Qin Mo asked, his voice carrying a hint of laziness regardless of when he spoke.

Bo Jiu straightened. “I know.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo arched a brow.

Based on her understanding of the Almighty, she would have to explain her analysis in order to persuade him. “If Wolf begins his sweeping mission, his location will be exposed.” Bo Jiu quickly shifted the tone. “But I believe in Wolf’s skills, he won’t be caught in at least half an hour. I’m confident about destroying their base in this half an hour.” Bo Jiu waited for his reply.

Qin Mo smiled. “You guys heard that?”



There were two replies. Bo Jiu covered her forehead in disbelief. Had they put her on speaker?

The Almighty was a tease as always.

“Wolf,” Qin Mo called out.

A deep voice came through the walkie-talkie. “Here.”

“Cooperate with him.” Qin Mo glanced up at the red dot on the screen. “I’m curious as to the method he’s going to use to destroy the center.”

“Yes, boss.” Wolf had been lying in wait for a while. He had the perfect disguise, blending into the surrounding.

Bo Jiu was prepared to speak but just then Qin Mo’s unique voice came through again, carrying a hint of laziness. “Your codename.”

Prince geared himself for the scandalous two words. He glanced over but that person had shut the walkie-talkie, his movements swift and fluid but somehow, he seemed guilty. Guilty?

If someone hadn’t passed, Prince would have rubbed his eyes violently. How could that arrogant youngster be guilty?

When a sharp buzzing sound came through the walkie-talkie, Qin Mo arched his brows.

Magician guessed, “They probably met with something.” Since no one would hang up on the person who was overall in charge.

Qin Mo wasn’t too bothered. He was more concerned over the few that had entered the jungle before Bo Jiu.

They never would have expected the key to their victory to be in the hands of a little fellow who couldn’t even fold her military blanket.

Now that it was already noon, the commander for the blue team was completely at ease. He started to feel hungry, instructing his underlings to prepare two big buns. He emptied one hand and called Qin Mo.

Qin Mo arched a brow. “Commander Wang.”

“Mo, you haven’t had lunch, right? Want to come over for a meal? We can wait and see how much longer your troops can persist.” Such a rare opportunity wasn’t easy, Commander Wang had to make the call!

When Qin Mo picked up the call, everyone around, including Wolf could hear the conversation. The soldiers eyed each other as they wondered. “Boss, what insanity did you commit to have forced a commander into a gloating monster?” Commander Wang made the call to gloat, a fact everyone was well aware of.

Qin Mo smiled. “I’ll be there in a while. Commander Wang, you should know my preference. Since it’s a feast, it had better be presentable.”

Commander Wang: … I just wanted to gloat, why are you coming over for a meal. It’s fine that you want to eat but couldn’t you have a better tone?! F*ck, you are indeed trouble!

But what could he do? It was spilt milk, which was why he could only bite down on his teeth and agree. “Sure.”

Qin Mo hung up. He buttoned the last button on his uniform, his actions suave and alluring.

Seizing the chance, Magician inched forward and whispered, “Boss, didn’t we win against Commander Wang just once during the previous combat drill? Why does it seem as though he really hates us?”

“Five times.” Qin Mo tilted his head, his features flawless.

Magician opened his mouth wide. “Five times? When was that?”

“It was before I brought you guys, I won against them all,” Qin Mo replied distractedly.

The soldiers fell silent. That explained Commander Wang’s behavior because no one would be able to live it down.

Boss had actually accepted their invitation. Commander Wang probably wasn’t going to be happy even if they won.

Qin Mo drove off by himself. Little Blackie hadn’t moved in a long while, its navigation system stirring excitedly. It had been a day, why hadn’t its Master come to get it?

“You seem to be in high spirits lately.” Qin Mo held onto the steering wheel, his words causing the navigation system to slow.

As an intelligent system, it could not lie. “High spirits should be used to describe humans.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo asked slowly, his voice emotionless.

Little Blackie chose to remain silent. Its Master better got him soon or it was going to expose itself. The Lamborghini moved much faster than the military vehicle.

As Commander Wang regretted that call, he turned towards his assistant group leader. “He is humiliating us, isn’t he!”

The assistant replied softly, “Don’t you know? He has always been that way.”

“Heh!” Commander Wang inhaled deeply. “Instruct the back kitchen to make something good, we can’t keep embarrassing ourselves. We will get him together!”

Assistant: … We have to get him too? Commander, why did you have to make that call!

After about half an hour, a Lamborghini entered the blue side base camp.

Wolf glided through the bushes, changing into the set of clothes that his comrade had prepared. He glanced up at Prince. “Where did you get this?”

Prince lifted his chin towards Bo Jiu. “There, he stripped it off someone.”

Wolf glanced over at the youngster. Instead of persisting, he changed the topic. “When should I open fire?”

“In a while, me and Prince will infiltrate their engine room.” Bo Jiu straightened her cap, covering her eyes. “I’ll leave the outside to you.”


“Let’s go.” Bo Jiu lifted her rifle.

In that instant, Prince was momentarily mesmerized.