Chapter 1146 - Untitled

Chapter 1146: Untitled

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Prince wasn’t sure why they were going to the engine room but since they were already here, he just followed behind. The engine room was a distance away. Prince glanced back, pausing midway. “Hey, Sugar… F*ck, your codename… Turn back and look. What is that? It’s the car from our camp! The Lamborghini!”

Bo Jiu glanced back. She glanced over to the lean figure on the driver seat. It seemed as though her world had fallen silent. Her heart started to race with a hint of excitement and the endorphins started to soar. She remained focused on him.

Prince watched her unwavering gaze. “I guess you really like that car.”

Internally she thought, “What do you know, this Daddy is interested in the man driving the car.”

“F*ck, who exactly is he? The blue team is going through so much effort to welcome him.” Prince was confused about the situation.

Bo Jiu stood there, an itch within her. It was a pity she had a task at hand or she would have snuck in to take a peek. Once she was done, she would head back and ask Little Blackie which room he was staying in.

Bo Jiu lifted her rifle, lifting the cloth over her face, exposing her dark and bright eyes. She was dressed in the military uniform, with the long rifle beside her, looking very much like a soldier from the movies.

The Lamborghini sped through. It was just a flash but Qin Mo’s flawless face was still as impressionable as before.

Prince glanced over, his eyes glowing. “F*ck, I never knew there was someone like him in the camp, they must have picked him because of his looks.”

Bo Jiu remained silent, her gaze focused.

Qin Mo hadn’t paid attention to the two guards. Commander Wang was standing in wait, a wide smile across his face as he welcomed him. “Come, come, Little Mo, we just cleaned some cymbidium, we can admire them together.”

Qin Mo pushed open the car door and straightened, wearing his military uniform; the tassels on his shoulders and his heavenly appearance radiating prestige. In that instant, the surrounding soldiers started to curse, their eyes turning towards their commander. Why did he have to invite such a devil for lunch?!

Qin Mo could feel the unwelcoming gaze but he had the ability to ignore such gaze. His lips were lifted as he removed his gloves. “Commander Wang, you must have forgotten, I’m here for lunch, not to admire flowers.”

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Across the crowd, Bo Jiu gazed at him from afar. After she caught a glimpse, she turned back and shook her head. “A beauty indeed.”

“Beauty? Where?” Prince glanced around but couldn’t see any female soldiers.

Bo Jiu remained silent and glanced up at the red dot. Since Wolf had started, she turned, sneaking into the engine room with Prince while everyone was preoccupied with welcoming Qin Mo.

The engine room would definitely be guarded but Bo Jiu was wearing their military uniform. The moment she entered, she took out the box of cigarettes.

There was a soldier typing but the moment he turned, Bo Jiu pointed the rifle at his chest. There weren’t any bullets, with the noise removed. The moment it landed on the soldier, red smoke would emerge.

When the soldier wanted to shout, Bo Jiu leaned against him, her voice calm. “According to the rules of the combat drill, you are dead. Another word and you have breached the rules.”

The soldier eyed her uniform and when he finally figured out what had happened, he pulled his hair in frustration.

Bo Jiu chuckled, placing a cigarette stick in her mouth. She reached out for the walkie-talkie he wanted to use. “I’ll keep this.”

The soldier: … F*ck, where did he come from!

One of the blue dots suddenly disappeared from the map. The team would definitely start asking questions as the blue troops had their rules. “Hey, hey. hey, 114, what happened?”

Bo Jiu picked up the walkie-talkie, facing the device. “Nothing, I dropped the device.”

“Be careful.”


Once the call ended, the person on the other end still wasn’t assured. He turned to the two soldiers beside him. “Take a look at the engine room.”

“Yes.” The two soldiers lifted their rifles and headed to the engine room.

Bo Jiu was already in front of the computer, both hands on the keyboard, typing away.

Prince glanced over in surprise. Rows of code appeared on the screen while the youngster was typing at a startling rate. Was he really a technical soldier? A technical soldier that was better at jungle combat than he was?

It was a devastating blow.

Bo Jiu contacted Wolf as she typed. “Start.”


After his acknowledgement, the first shot was heard and another blue dot disappeared from the map.

“Continue.” Bo Jiu pressed the return key, the screen switching instantly.

Bam! The second sniper from the blue team clutched his chest in a daze. He had no idea how he had been killed.

The massacre continued.

The fallen soldiers could be heard in the blue team’s command center. But as the commander was out for lunch, the assistant commander was the only one left. “What’s happening?!” Where did all the blue dots go?!

“Report!” A soldier typed rapidly “Someone hacked into our network, it’s a virus. We are in the midst of removing it.”

“When can it be recovered?”

“This… I’m not sure yet.”

“You are not sure?” The assistant commander watched the screen. Something was definitely amiss. “It must be from the red side. You, hurry, inform the commander!”

“It might be too late…” The soldier hesitated. “Our central control will be theirs in two minutes.”

The assistant commander turned, his gaze faltering. “What did you say?!”

“I tried to defend but failed.” It was the first time the technical soldier had met such an incident. The attack was coming too quickly. Was there something wrong with their intel? Was there someone so skilled in the red team?

The assistant commander froze to the wooden chair momentarily before responding, “It’s impossible, they would have to enter the engine room to get controlling rights. Engine room… contact the four snipers in hiding, hurry!”

“Yes, Sir!” The technical soldier had never thought about using the engine room to communicate. However, all the walkie-talkie to the walkie-talkie communications had lost signal. This definitely wasn’t coincidental!

Indeed, it wasn’t. The virus created by Z wasn’t just going to take control. At the very least, it would cut off their communications.

Bo Jiu leaned lazily in front of the computer. She wasn’t even afraid of the surveillance above her since her face was so well concealed.

The technical soldier paled, inhaling sharply. His first reaction was to check the engine room surveillance. At that moment, here was only one person on the command center screen, a masked youngster with a rifle beside her.

The youngster seemed to know they were watching because she glanced up towards the surveillance camera and waved in greeting. “Hi, blue team buddy.”

The soldier felt a vein pop. Who was your buddy!

At this moment, Commander Wang had the same thoughts, especially when Qin Mo sat down to start his meal. He was belittling them! But this time, he had backing.

Commander Wang’s heart was calling out for his fish because that Mo fellow didn’t bother ordering anything else. Since the moment Qin Mo had entered, he had clearly been targeting the fish he had been rearing. Now it had become a steamed dish.

He had said it so casually. Commander Wang, everyone knows how much you love that fish. Some soldiers advised, “This is our commander’s baby, you should choose something else.”

“Baby?” Qin Mo chuckled. “I guess I have to try then.”

Commander Wang inhaled deeply. This Mo fellow was definitely here to infuriate him, he couldn’t allow it!

“It’s just a fish, cook it.” Commander Wang waved his hand.

“Ah?” the soldier asked, clearly startled.

Commander Wang replied, “What are you ah-ing about? Take it to the chef.”

The soldier was in disbelief. The fish was Commander Wang’s baby, he would change its water every single day. He was probably crying inside now that it was turning into a dish.

Commander Wang watched as the kitchen raked the fish, his teeth gripping tight. Everyone could see how much he was bleeding internally.

Qin Mo, however, radiated an aloof elegance while sipping his tea as though nothing mattered. That included killing fishes.

Once again, Commander Wang regretted making the phone call. But since the situation had escalated to such a state, he would gloat to the end to make himself feel better.

“Mo, your side is left with four soldiers, you should retreat while you still can. You weren’t the one commanding anyways. What’s the point of this drill? It’s just a waste of time,” Commander Wang remarked, feeling much better when he was done.

But a certain someone didn’t give in at all. He sipped his tea leisurely. “Commander Wang, quantity doesn’t matter in a battle.”

Commander Wang chuckled, shaking his head. “You don’t wish to admit defeat. Do you think you can enter as you please with just Wolf? The new recruits are probably already out, it would just be a matter of time.”

With that, he raised his hand, tapping onto a red dot. “Look, another one has just disappeared.”

With that, Commander Wang stilled since another red dot had disappeared as well but it was in the heart of their base!