Chapter 1147 - Untitled

Chapter 1147: Untitled

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How could this have happened?

Commander Wang bolted upright! He was about to call for someone when his assistant commander took large strides over. Before he could say anything, an alarm pierced through the air. “What’s happening?!” Commander Wang demanded angrily!

The assistant commander knew it was too late. “Someone sneaked into the engine room and took control over the computers. The control is at the opponent’s hands.”

“Technical soldier!” Commander Wang didn’t care if Qin Mo was still around, he needed to know if the situation could be salvaged!

The assistant commander shook his head. “It’s useless.”

“How did he enter our engine room? Where were the guards?!” Commander Wang exploded.

The assistant commander had his grievances. “They didn’t enter immediately, probably waiting till after daybreak and disguised as our people. Moreover, the ambush was on perfect timing. Wolf finished off a large majority of the snipers after they broke into the engine room. ”

“You mean we lost to the both of them?” Commander Wang wanted to curse.

The assistant commander was thoroughly humiliated. “There were three of them, but the third person didn’t seem to have done much. The technical soldier was the lead. It was our mistake, we hadn’t expected a recruit to be this skilled.”

The assistant commander shouldn’t have said the last line because the news of their loss to a recruit was going to spread like wildfire!

Commander Wang stomped forward. “Where are the 10 others in the engine room? They couldn’t stop them?”

“They seem to have been disqualified.” The assistant commander could feel a flush creep up his face.

Commander Wang didn’t wish to know more. 10 soldiers couldn’t win against one technical soldier?! Speaking of which, why was the technical soldier skilled in jungle combat?

Commander Wang calmed down. He was about to think through this when he caught sight of a certain someone who was sipping on his tea leisurely! Just then, he seemed to have understood! “You knew about that recruit, didn’t you?” Thereafter, he felt as though it was a dumb question.

Wait a minute! What did that make this meal?! Commander Wang narrowed his eyes. “You deliberately agreed to this meal to lower my guard so that your soldiers could execute their ambush. Mo, when are you going to have an open match against me?”

Qin Mo tilted his head slightly, his words coming slowly and leisurely. “Commander Wang, I agreed to this meal just to see your beloved fish. As for the guard you mentioned, he hadn’t been there since the start since there were a bunch of recruits that were being sent out.”

The assistant commander turned, holding onto Commander Wang’s waist. He was afraid Commander Wang wouldn’t be able to hold his anger, smashing the teapot at Young Master Qin. But Young Master Qin, why did you have to mention the fish!

“Don’t stop me, I’m going to beat him up this time!” Commander Wang shouted.

The assistant commander said in a lowered voice, “Commander Wang, you are no longer the company’s commander, maintain your image!”

That seemed to have struck some senses back into him because Commander Wang straightened. He coughed heavily and arranged his uniform, sitting solemnly. After a moment’s thought, he still couldn’t live it down, turning to the unaffected little fellow. “What’s the name of your technical soldier?”