Chapter 1148 - Untitled

Chapter 1148:


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“Commander Wang, you can check if you’re interested.” Qin Mo stood up, tall and suave. Even though it was shameless, he said it with respect and poise. “Seems like Commander Wang won’t be interested in having this meal with me. I’ll take the steamed fish with me.”

Assistant Commander: … You’re asking for takeout after eating a free meal? You’re despicable, Young Master Qin!

Commander Wang didn’t want to say another word.

The assistant commander finally understood how difficult it was to get rid of him. It wasn’t easy to send Young Master Qin away and if taking the food away could make him leave, they would do it! More importantly, their commander was no longer young, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Young Master Qin!

Commander Wang sat back down and drank a sip of the cold tea. “That kid left?”

“Yes, Sir.” The assistant commander nodded.

Commander Wang wanted to curse once more but someone walked in and he had to maintain his image.

“Reporting, Sir!”

“Come in.”

“Commander, we have located Wolf and are in the midst of capturing him.”

Commander Wang sighed heavily. “What’s the point? All of you can come back.”

“Come back?” the messenger asked.

Commander Wang pointed towards the screen that had dimmed. “Our command center is already in their hands, this means that the drill is over.”

Over?! When did that happen?

The blue team was still confused when the soldiers from the red team watched the three figures coming out from the jungle, the emotions on their faces indescribable.

As the first batch that was disqualified from an ambush, they never expected to have won – and even because of that person. The recruits on the red team turned towards the youngster, who was tying her shoelace. The youngster’s disguise was perfect. She was dressed entirely in the blue team’s uniform and there wasn’t a single flaw. The only differentiating factor was her face, and indeed, it was the soldier from their team who couldn’t even fold his blanket.

A recruit executed a team annihilation. Even though Commander Wang was displeased, he wanted to scout that recruit over. That was the reason he had asked little Mo about him. But that kid was prepared, his guard up high, unwilling to say a word.

Commander Wang narrowed his eyes, contacting the technical soldier. “Bring me the footage of the engine room during the drill.” He wanted to see where exactly the youngster had come from so that he could locate his department and scout the person over.

He couldn’t just keep thinking, especially when there was video footage. But all he saw in the video were sharp and clean movements, followed by a turn that sent the technical staff out of the match.

He couldn’t see his appearance at all because that person had a black scarf around her face, only her black eyes could be seen. There was no one to identify him.

Quickly, was the sound of the recruit typing. Such a speed was uncommon. Likewise, the speed she used to exit was one the commander had never seen before. She was unlike a recruit. Instead, her actions reminded him of the members little Mo had brought up; moving without a trace.

It was at this moment did Commander Wang realize he had indeed underestimated them. The invasion had been planned. It was nothing compared to missions outside the borders.

But who was that recruit and what was his background? Where did he come from? Even a drill could be made so mysterious. What sort of missions were they assigned to?

Commander Wang had a faint idea that Qin Mo was using them to see their performance. The drill would be a chance to pick from the recruits.

Commander Wang was right, that was Qin Mo’s intention. Three batches of recruits, from the initial hundred to the remaining twenty. And Bo Jiu was the one that was picked, with strong abilities but her lifestyle habits are horrible. How did such a person become a soldier?

Once again, the inspector covered his pen cap and pondered when he should report this to their captain.

At this moment, Bo Jiu sneaked over to the Lamborghini while everyone else was having their meals at the cafeteria. Little Blackie was ecstatic when it was activated. It knew his Master would find it. It was just a matter of time!

With the verification of the verbal password, the navigation system perked up. “Master, have you prepared everything? My gasoline level is acceptable, there won’t be a problem if you drive me out now.”

“Who said that I wanted to drive you out?” Bo Jiu scanned the surroundings. “Which room is the Almighty staying in?”

Little Blackie: … Hey Master, what exactly are you here for? Didn’t you come for me?

The navigation system stirred. “Nine o’clock, third floor.

Nine o’clock, third floor? Bo Jiu turned to take a look. It wasn’t going to be easy to pass through. Just then, a soldier walked over with a plate of food. “Hey, what are you holding?”

The soldier grinned. “Captain brought a steamed fish back from the blue camp. The back kitchen just heated it up, I’m bringing it over to him.”

“Give it to me, I’m going over to see him,” Bo Jiu replied naturally.

The soldier didn’t hesitate because he was rushing to head back to the cafeteria for his own meal. It was getting late after all.

Bo Jiu held onto the food, prepared to walk over.

Little Blackie heard the other exchange. Humans were indeed heartless animals. It had originally thought she had come to find it but instead, she had come to find that big devil.

Bo Jiu wanted to meet the Almighty. There wasn’t any other reason for taking such risks. The Almighty shouldn’t be able to tell her since her appearance, disguise, and skin color were all drastically different from before. Thus, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, for added protection, she would have to be careful when she entered.

Once she had prepared, she lifted her hands to knock on the door.

A voice came through the sound of water, saying, “Come in.”

Bo Jiu opened the door and entered. The first thing that caught her eye were the military pants on the wooden chair, the leather belt that was lying atop, and the military boots on the floor.

She could hear the sound of streaming water and could vaguely make out the long and lean back, his smooth and fluid body line – the muscled perfection.

The Almighty… was showering?

The rhythm of her heart changed. Bo Jiu glanced over the glass door. Since his back was so mesmerizing, Bo Jiu couldn’t control her gaze. Her face was heating up but that didn’t affect her ability to admire his beauty.

It was a pity that good things didn’t last long. He reached out and the shower stopped, the water was no longer flowing. Then he instructed emotionlessly, “Put the food down and go.”