Chapter 1149 - Untitled

Chapter 1149: Untitled

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She just came in and he wanted her to leave?

Bo Jiu raised a brow. As she hadn’t seen enough, she had to find a reason to stay. She leaned forward, using a different accent while admiring the Almighty’s delicious looking back. “The cafeteria ran out of mantous, I got some rice instead.”

Qin Mo paused, his unique silky voice asked, “A new recruit?”

With a swoosh, the wooden door was pulled open.

Bo Jiu lowered her head, pretending to be arranging the food. What was he up to? He didn’t give her any warning! Bo Jiu’s heart skipped a beat. Fortunately, her face was tanned or she would have been exposed.

The Almighty had his back facing her. He held the towel with one hand, drying his head in front of a small mirror.

Bo Jiu exhaled softly, not a change in her voice. “Reporting, Sir, I am a new recruit.”

“This accent? A Northerner?” Qin Mo single-handedly dried his hair with a towel, his black hair covering his eyes.

Bo Jiu couldn’t see his face from her position but his beautiful muscled back was enough. Sun rays seeped through the large windows, lighting up his back.

Qin Mo was half-dressed in his khaki military pants, fastened with a black leather belt. He tilted, giving a sight that could cause nosebleeds. Since he hadn’t dried himself completely yet, the sun rays reflected the droplets. Indeed, the Almighty was mesmerizing.

Bo Jiu was afraid she would expose herself if she continued to look. Thus, while he was still drying his hair, she hurriedly dismissed herself. “Captain, I’ll be leaving.”

“Sure.” Even the intelligent Qin Mo wouldn’t have paid much attention to a new recruit delivering his meals and especially not after a shower.

When Bo Jiu shut the door, he just finished drying his hair and had reached out to grab his gun.

His jet-black hair was still damp, droplets falling onto his face, shadows casting down on his face… Bo Jiu sneaked in two more glances. The Almighty dressed in military uniform made her heart swoon. This wasn’t good, she was acting too obviously.

When Qin Mo heard the door close, he glanced up and frowned. When had the soldier that delivered his meals changed?

Once Bo Jiu was done, she was prepared to have a good talk with Little Blackie.

Little Blackie was determined to expose the devil! However, it couldn’t get the chance because the first thing his master asked was, “What is the Almighty’s schedule like?”

Little Blackie perked up. “Master, you are completely smitten by him. As an intelligent car, I feel a need to discuss the little vixen’s character.”

“Character?” Bo Jiu arched a brow. “What does a car know about character? Give me the stats.”

“… Master, why do you need his schedule?”

Bo Jiu glanced over at the approaching recruits. She tilted her head and straightened her military cap as cover but she didn’t stop speaking. “Of course, it’s to admire the Almighty in his military uniform. The Almighty was in the shower when I delivered his food but I didn’t get a chance to see anything. Now that I’m hidden while he is out in the open, I’ll be able to see anything I want.”

Little Blackie analyzed the interactions it had had with Qin Mo. “Master, is it good to be so obsessed?”

“It’s perfect if it’s with the Almighty.” Bo Jiu tilted over. Even though her face was black, there was still a faint hint of her cheeky smile.

Little Blackie had more to say but it decided to ask the internet while it was still activated. Master is smitten over her little vixen and doesn’t even care about it anymore, what should it do? The response was for him to endure in silence.

It wasn’t hard to obtain the stats. Once Bo Jiu had gotten what she wanted, she turned and placed a foot on a tyre. “Remember, cover for me, it’ll be bad if the Almighty finds out I’m here.”

Little Blackie perked up. “Indeed, it’ll be bad. Master, fortunately your intelligence is still intact, I thought it was drowned out by your obsession. I’m glad to hear your affirmation, it is really touching.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “You are great as a car but way too talkative. I’m going to volunteer to wash you tomorrow.”

“I doubt you’ll be able to do that. The big devil has been washing me personally ever since I arrived. Honestly, he must really hate you. On the day you left, he didn’t seem in the right state of mind.” Little Blackie couldn’t understand emotions and could only describe his behavior.

Bo Jiu clenched her fists and loosened it, her voice seemingly oblivious. “I won’t let him find me before I destroy the syndicate.”

Little Blackie didn’t pursue it since it was confident of its master’s disguising ability. Indeed, Bo Jiu’s disguise was top notch. But even the best disguise couldn’t slip past the Almighty.

“Is this his information?” Qin Mo sat under the light. He was dressed in his military uniform, looking sharp and pristine in his military uniform.

“Yes.” Hunter nodded.

“Almost the entire team’s information is here, recruit 10 should be here as well.”

“When did the army recruit such a genius?” Magician asked in disbelief. “He isn’t just young, he fights well too. But why didn’t he include a codename? And the photograph is blurred too. It’s impossible to identify him. Hunter, did you get the wrong set?”

Hunter was speechless. “It was already like this when it was handed to me.”

“A technical soldier who can do jungle combat, his abilities are limitless.” Magician frowned. “Such a talent should have entered the National Security Bureau, why is he here? They should have booked him from the start. This is unexpected.”

Hunter arched a brow. “You’re asking me? He might be willing to join us.”

Magician chuckled, using his elbow to nudge Hunter. “If that’s the case, your humiliation from when you first met him wasn’t all that surprising. Even Commander Wang’s team couldn’t hold him off and had asked Boss about him so many times. Seems like they intend to snatch him over.” With that, Magician turned. “Wolf, you live in the same dorm and went on a mission with him. what do you know?”

Wolf answered in a deep voice, “He is skillful, has excellent analytical skills and a high guard but his basic lifestyle habits seem to be lacking, which is unlike someone from the army.”

“He doesn’t seem like a soldier from the army? Why not?” Magician was genuinely curious.

Wolf glanced up. “He doesn’t know how to fold his blankets and rolls it into a ball every single time. He doesn’t like showering with others too. He doesn’t seem like a soldier at all…”