Chapter 115 - Young Master Qin’s Jealousy Elevated

Chapter 115: Young Master Qin’s Jealousy Elevated

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After one game of tennis, even the coach watching on the side couldn’t help but praise this match as amazing.

Of course, Almighty Qin won.

Fu Jiu couldn’t catch up physically, and during the second half, her fair forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat. Even her silver hair was damp, sticking to her ears. She lifted her hand and wiped her sweat off, and her mouth curled up into a smile. “Brother Mo, let me take a rest. Let’s play another round later.”

Qin Mo looked at “him” coldly and casually handed a thermos mug to the young man.

Fu Jiu was indeed thirsty. Human bodies need water after exercise, so she took the mug and downed a few gulps.

The receptionist was shocked all over again!

He silently turned to look at the man next to him.

Today’s Young Master Qin was really different!

He was no longer a neat freak!

Fu Jiu drank before realizing that Qin Mo hadn’t drunk any water yet, so she handed the mug back.

The receptionist was thinking, Giving the mug you just drank from to Young Master Qin, he is definitely going to reject it and splash the water all over your face.


That man pressed on the young man’s hand and took two sips with his head down. Then he turned to order them, “Pick up the balls.”

“Oh, yes!”

The receptionist couldn’t be blamed for being slow, because that scene was just too shocking!

Fu Jiu saw that Almighty wasn’t so thirsty anymore, and she walked towards Xue Yaoyao with the mug. She ate another piece of watermelon, then looked at the screen. She placed one hand behind Xue Yaoyao as the other hand reached over to click on her mouse. “Your profession doesn’t need such fast operation all the time. Aside from the keyboard, match your movements with the mouse. When the enemies attack, you retreat first then attack back!”

Xue Yaoyao witnessed how easily that young man released a strong hit, and she was deeply shocked.

She always wanted to ask, Since His Highness Jiu is this good, what is her in-game name?

Before she could ask, Almighty Qin sat in front of them with his legs crossed. He wasn’t sweating at all, making people think that this man was too high above their reach. He tilted his head and lit up a cigarette. His whole body was emitting an aura of luxurious royalty, so that one wouldn’t dare to look into his cold eyes.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t understand how His Highness Jiu managed to put her hands on this man’s shoulders like that all the time.

She couldn’t do that in a million years.

Plus… the way Almighty Qin looked at her was too suffocating!

Xue Yaoyao couldn’t help but lower her head. Then she realized that Almighty Qin wasn’t looking at her hand, but at His Highness Jiu’s.

“Did you saw this clearly?” The young man’s voice still had a touch of lingering gentleness. “You should play like this later on.”

Xue Yaoyao gathered her courage and said, “Mm.”

Qin Mo spoke up and dragged Fu Jiu over, voice pitched low. “I asked you to play tennis, not to play games. And I told you not to be so distracted. Did you forget all about it so soon, huh?”

Fu Jiu touched her nose bridge.

Xue Yaoyao wanted to help her escape her predicament. “Your Highness Jiu, I know now. Go play tennis and I will leave after gathering my stuff.”

“Leave?” Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow. “It’s not convenient to get a cab here, let me take you back when we’re done. Right, Brother Mo?”

Qin Mo didn’t like “him” flirting, but he was still a gentleman, so he agreed lightly with a “hm” noise.

Fu Jiu stood up and stretched. She smiled at Xue Yaoyao handsomely. “It’s not good to play games all the time. Want me to take you to play tennis?”