Chapter 1150 - Untitled

Chapter 1150: Untitled

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Magician had more to say but Qin Mo instructed emotionlessly, “Ask him personally.”

These three words were enough.

The operations team were indeed interested in the new technical soldier. When they received the news, Bo Jiu was still in the midst of training, crawling with their rifle, shooting, and running with weights.

“No. 10,” the instructor called out, his voice slightly hoarse under the blistering heat. “Fall out!”

Bo Jiu paused, running off. Her face was black but it wasn’t ugly.

“Follow me.” The instructor eyed her, prepared to lead her away.

Prince watched at the side, wondering if they were going to eliminate him. But that didn’t seem possible since this black little fellow played a big role in the combat drill. Why did they single him out?

Bo Jiu assumed it was due to her poor blanket folding skills since it wasn’t the first time. Bo Jiu was prepared to tell him it was impossible for her to fold the blanket into a tofu shape when from the corner of her eye, she saw a tall and lean figure. This person’s military uniform was decorated with tassels. Perhaps it was the sun rays or maybe it was because he had just taken a shower but there seemed to be a sheen over his dark hair.

He wasn’t the only one there as there were others behind him but none of them could match up to his extravagant looks, especially not when he was dressed in his military uniform.

Bo Jiu’s first reaction was thinking, “F*ck.”

Before she could take another step, the person ahead had finished speaking and was looking in her direction.

Bo Jiu lowered her lids, attempting to shield her face with her military cap. This helped because they were a distance away. But it was still dangerous. More importantly, she couldn’t leave.

“He’s here.” Hunter straightened and Qin Mo glanced over.

Magician added, “Oh right, why doesn’t that recruit have a codename?”

“He has one,” Wolf replied calmly. “He probably hasn’t written it down since it’s so peculiar.”

Magician arched his brow. “Oh? What is it?”

“Sugar Daddy.” Wolf paused slightly between the two words.

Magician’s expression froze slightly. “… F*ck, this… Are you serious?”

“It’s what he said.” Wolf had no idea how this fellow had come up with such a name. As they continued to discuss, none of them noticed the change in Qin Mo when they had revealed the codename.

The next second, he turned over sharply, glancing at the approaching figure. She was of average height, her military cap pressed low, showing only her chin. She had very dark skin. Her entire uniform seemed to be ruined. She would blend in the military grounds as an ordinary soldier.

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed, emotions churning within like the dark seas.

“Sir, he is here.” The instructor did a salute towards the group.

Bo Jiu raised her arm, her actions natural and at ease since any sign of anxiety would be detected by the Almighty. Her getup, skin color, and the military cap to shield her face might be able to keep her safe. But somehow, it felt like she raised her arm longer than usual.

“Return to the team,” a voice instructed. Qin Mo was talking to the inspector.

“Yes, Sir.” The inspector ran back the direction he came from.

Bo Jiu sighed. But very quickly, she tensed up again because she could see the approaching pair of military boots. Her heart started to race.

Once again, it was his voice. “Age.”

This was a safe question and it meant that the Almighty was asking her as a new recruit. Bo Jiu masked her voice. “19.”

“From the army?” Qin Mo asked. His deep gaze landed on the crown of her head but there wasn’t a hint of expression on her face.

Magician and the others didn’t spot anything and hadn’t thought much of these problems because their captain had asked such questions before in the past.

Based on her voice, she could tell how near they were but all the questions were still safe. It meant that everything was going as planned.

“Yes.” Bo Jiu lowered her head.

The voice continued casually, “Why doesn’t a soldier from the army know how to fold his blanket?”

Bo Jiu didn’t try to hide anything. “Sir, I was the only one who couldn’t fold blankets.”

“Your roommates remarked that you don’t behave like a soldier from the army, what do you think?” Qin Mo asked casually.

Bo Jiu immediately associated his words to her inability to fold the military blanket, which was indeed a loophole. But she couldn’t let the Almighty know about this loophole. She came up with an excuse. “Sir, my roommates said the same thing when I was in the army. I was almost kicked back home because of this but fortunately, I have other merits to make up for it. I heard the other departments are very strict on this.”

“Definitely, which soldier doesn’t know how to fold their blanket?” Magician was the one who spoke. “But you do have other merits. Why did a technical soldier choose to join our team? You should have better prospects.”

“There isn’t any soldier that doesn’t want to join the legendary king of all troops, me included.” But that hadn’t been the Almighty’s question, which was an effortless question.

Magician and Wolf glanced at each other. here didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his answer, it sounded just a little empty. But they didn’t know what else to ask since a deeper understanding would require a few more days. Both Magician and Hunter felt that it was enough and that they could return to the troop.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo turned around and said calmly, “You can go back.”

The operations team were confused. They were to head back first? Why? Was there something he wanted to ask the recruit in private?

Once they thought it through, Magician and the others agreed, “Cool.” They moved swiftly, disappearing in a few steps.

Bo Jiu was still wondering why he had sent them away. Was it because of her tactics or the invasion? How was she going to deal with it?

The next second, her brain stilled. It was not for any other reason but the question that struck her. “How much longer are you going to use Sugar Daddy as your codename?”