Chapter 1151 - Untitled

Chapter 1151: Untitled

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At that moment, Bo Jiu froze, her heart tightening. He had asked in a leisurely manner but that also meant that her armor had fallen through. Having Sugar Daddy as a codename was just too much trouble.

Bo Jiu was still thinking of an explanation for entering the unit when Qin Mo continued coldly, “Why? You don’t even dare to look at me?”

Bo Jiu glanced up slowly, watching the distant expression and furrowed brows.

“Did you take a trip to Africa?” It was obvious he didn’t like her skin color or he wouldn’t be looking at her with such disdain.

It was indeed much darker than before, more than a shade darker than the Almighty, and was extremely unsightly. “It’s a disguise.”

Qin Mo eyed her. “Come over.”

When Bo Jiu took a step forward, Qin Mo watched her, his hands tightening inside his pockets. His eyes deepened and he finally asked, “Why are you here?”

“Someone in the force recruited me into the operation group to join the missions outside the border.” Bo Jiu decided to be honest in case he guarded against her.

Qin Mo chuckled. Indeed, it wasn’t because of him. He released his left hand, all the emotions leaving his gaze. “Isn’t Z a loner, treating everyone as a burden that can be abandoned?”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth but nothing came out.

Qin Mo turned around. His back seemed distant and cold. He paused. “I’ll give you one day to leave this place.”

It was impossible for her to take him back. She couldn’t understand his reaction. Wasn’t he the person who had left her? Was there something she wasn’t aware of?

Bo Jiu paused. Her first reaction was to find her Lamborghini to find out what had happened. The next time Little Blackie was activated, it was surprised since Master hadn’t been hiding as she was before. She must be prepared to drive it away!

“Master, were you exposed? Are you leaving now? I agree to this plan, we should leave while we can, it’ll be harder when it gets dark,” Little Blackie exclaimed excitedly. Its words were an analysis of the situation.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “So what if I was exposed? Who said I was leaving? What exactly did the Almighty do the day he drove off with you? Be specific.”

Little Blackie was slightly regretful. “That’s all? He drove me back to the castle after driving off and even got you supper. Speaking of which, Master, you have to be careful of the little vixen, he willingly allowed you to kidnap him and had made use of your guilt to watch you confess. It was all his scheme!”

“What scheme would he have? You sure have a wild imagination for a car.” Bo Jiu stood beside the car and thought for a moment before asking, “He didn’t intend to leave that day?”

Little Blackie replied firmly, “He didn’t.”

Bo Jiu smiled, sweetness spreading through her. “The Almighty must still like me even though my identity as Z was exposed.”

Little Blackie couldn’t tolerate her behavior. “Master, wake up. Now that your identity is exposed, you should be contemplating the possibility of him capturing you or kicking you and not dreaming about him!”

“He wants to kick me out.” Bo Jiu turned to look in the distance, a hint of loneliness surrounding her. Loving someone was different from accepting that person – but she still had a chance as long as he didn’t hate her. It would be tough for the Almighty to accept her in the current situation though. Little Blackie was right, she should be thinking of how to remain in the unit.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, sinking into deep thought. She hadn’t realized that a certain someone was glancing down from the second floor.

When the youngster had approached the Lamborghini, his gaze had dimmed visibly, the warmth leaving his eyes. Of course, he wasn’t worried as she wouldn’t be able to leave. But he didn’t wish to experience being abandoned twice.

“Captain, you were looking for me?”

As soon as Hunter had walked in, Qin Mo passed him a form. Hunter was shocked. “No. 10 is disqualified? Boss, No. 10 may be lacking in some areas but his abilities would benefit us greatly and…” Hunter paused midway. Boss had never made any decision easily. But the subsequent turn of events caught him off guard.

No, the entire operations group detected something amiss. The recruit would appear everywhere within five minutes of their captain’s appearance, like now.

Evening jogs were part of their captain’s daily routine and he didn’t like being interrupted. None of them dared to approach him, all of them doing their own tasks. But the recruit came over from another path, forming in line behind their captain.

Qin Mo had noticed her little actions, especially right now as she jogged with an enigmatic smile, taking several glances at him.

Qin Mo was probably the only one who could withstand such attention; anyone else would probably have already left.

There wasn’t a standard jogging path within the camp, instead, they would run the perimeters as training. In order to maintain the best possible state, jogging had always been an easy feat for Qin Mo. It wouldn’t take long for him to finish ten rounds. The soldiers around didn’t understand why he was taking such a long time today especially on his fifth round.

Qin Mo glanced to his side. He frowned, probably annoyed from being disturbed. But Young Master Qin didn’t say much, which was odd! The soldiers were confused.

Which was how the strange sight appeared on the training ground.

A tall and big man running comfortably in front while the youngster that had been running with him struggled to keep up.

Their shadows lengthened under the warm evening glow. Gradually his breathing started to change.

Magician watched on thinking, “Captain must hate the recruit and thought of this method to torture him.”

Indeed, their captain was a tease. Even the most arrogant recruit wouldn’t be able to last long in his hand. Their captain was too much, using such a method to force the recruit away.

But right at that moment, on the 12th round, Qin Mo suddenly stopped…