Chapter 1152 - Untitled

Chapter 1152: Untitled

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Bo Jiu didn’t guard against it so by the time she reacted, she had already bumped into the straight and sturdy back. The faint and refreshing aura as well as the smell of the clothes being bathed in the sun for a long time seemed to be able to seep into her body. But her nose felt a little painful from the collision. Also, the oxygen in the air seemed to be lacking.

Qin Mo turned his hand and held the person with his hand to prevent her from falling. His gaze was indifferent. He took over the water at the side, which was prepared by the soldiers, and placed it beside the youngster’s lips.

Bo Jiu took two sips before her breath started stabilizing. Qin Mo opened his mouth at this moment, “Is it fun to follow me?”

“Yes.” When Bo Jiu smiled, she looked a little devilish.

Qin Mo looked at the person in front of him. His tone was calm as he said, “I remember telling you that you have one day to leave this place.”

“Reporting, Major General. I’ve passed all the tests. I have the right to remain.” Bo Jiu had already prepared her reason.

Qin Mo laughed and mocked, “You passed all the tests? You don’t even know how to fold your blanket.”

Bo Jiu: … She had nothing to say. This sentence was too harsh.

Silence existed for a few seconds.

Qin Mo tilted his head and stretched out his hand to take the white towel. Then he pulled the person in front of him again. Just as Bo Jiu was wondering what the Almighty wanted to do, the white towel had already touched her forehead.

He was helping her to wipe her perspirations. Bo Jiu decided to raise her head even higher and squinted her eyes as though she was enjoying it. The handsome face was so pleasant to look at.

Qin Mo regretted immediately after he completed the action. Why had he pulled the fellow over unconsciously and helped her to wipe her sweat?

The face as black as coal entered his gaze. Even so, he could still see the small hair on the side of her face under the ray of the sunlight. Her lips, which were stained with water, seemed to be painted with a layer of gloss. It was hard to look away once he saw it.

Qin Mo’s gaze turned deep. After a few minutes, he removed the white towel.

Bo Jiu realized that no one was wiping her sweat for her so she took two steps forward.

“Go and pack your things.” Qin Mo didn’t turn his head. His voice remained indifferent as he replied to her with a few words.

Bo Jiu raised eyebrows. She tilted her body and said, “If I manage to fold my blanket, I’ll pass the test. I won’t need to pack my things anymore.”

Qin Mo stopped in his tracks when he heard this. He looked at her direction and said calmly, “Anything you prefer.”

Bo Jiu felt that the Almighty now was really similar to his younger self. She wasn’t able to persuade him in either the hard or soft way. He was so hard to get close to. But no matter what, she needed to think of a way to stay behind first.

Bo Jiu instantly went back to the dormitory when she thought about this. She laid out the blanket and then started folding it based on her memory.

The steps seemed extremely simple. She followed the steps, yet the blanket remained soft. She had failed. There was still a huge distance between the shape of her folded blanket and a piece of tofu. Bo Jiu finally understood why some students felt so hopeless during their military training. The requirements for the decking of the blanket were too high.

Time trickled by slowly. The blanket on the bed was being folded and unfolded again and again. The entire dormitory was extremely quiet. Only the sound of the clock ticking could be heard.

The sun moved entirely towards the west and the remaining glow of the sunset shone on a lengthy figure on the ground. The figure was lying on the ground. There was a long-barreled gun pressed against this shoulder. The muzzle was aimed in a certain direction.

When the gun was fired, it hit right in the bull’s eye. All the five continuous shots hit the bull’s eye. That shooting posture was perfect and smooth. It seemed as though the figure had merged with his surroundings.

Even his breath followed the gun’s movement. He turned his face. It was handsome and elegant. Even after rubbing against the grass, the special aura he had wasn’t affected at all.

It was Qin Mo.

All the outstanding recruits that came from the various military units finally managed to see the legendary secret shooting. One long-barreled gun, 800 meters of no-man’s land.

To them, accuracy wasn’t a difficult thing. What amazed them the most was how he managed to shoot silently and secretly as well as his smooth and swift actions.

While Prince was watching Qin Mo from the side, he retracted his gaze and looked at the Lamborghini that was parked not far away. It looked like this person didn’t only have a powerful background. As someone who was able to make the captains welcome him, he must have amazing capabilities too.

This was Prince’s thoughts before Qin Mo put on his military jacket. After he had seen the man in front of him wearing his military jacket and walking slowly towards them, Prince was stunned by the tassels on his shoulder. This was a major… major general?! He became a major general at such a young age! That was impossible!

Prince felt that this was unbelievable. It should be known that in the military, no matter how capable you were, your age was important too and this person was too young, unless he executed a classified mission outside the borders and gained significant merits and achievements. If not, it was impossible for him to become a major general.

All the 50 recruits were astounded by Qin Mo.

“Not fast enough. Range of motions is too wide. Additional 50 rounds of practice today. „After Qin Mo finished saying this sentence, more than half of the recruits had no more energy in them. But in this place, obeying orders was the only thing they must do.

It was hard not to notice when there was a person missing from their team, especially when this person had been with them for the last two days.

Prince had already asked his leader where Bo Jiu went twice. During the break in the middle of their shooting practice, he couldn’t help but ask again. However, this time, it wasn’t his leader that answered this. An indifferent and low voice sounded behind him. “It seems like you care about No. 10 very much.”

Prince froze. He didn’t expect the boss, who was in charge of the entire military unit, to be talking to him. After seeing Qin Mo’s shooting practice just now, Prince had already made Qin Mo his idol. Hence, he didn’t notice Qin Mo’s deep gaze when he was speaking.

Prince saluted and replied, “Reporting, No. 10 has left the team for a long time. I would like to know what happened.”

“He didn’t pass routine work.” Qin Mo buttoned the last button on his military jacket.

The imposing aura he released forced Prince to swallow his words. He didn’t know how to open his mouth and say what he planned to say. But that was because the things that Bo Jiu did were too conspicuous, especially when he performed exceptionally well during the military exercise. She had performed so well it was hard for people to not notice her.

The general heard of the presence of this recruit and knew that the cold fellow, who was hard to deal with, called the recruit. Thus, after his meeting, he asked people to look for Qin Mo before he even drank any tea.

In the military, Qin Mo’s manners were very appropriate. After seeing the person, his first action was saluting. It was a clean and smooth swift salute. Yet, even so, the aura on his body couldn’t lie. Some generals said that Qin Mo was probably the soldier that looked most unlike a soldier.

“What’s wrong with no. 10? I heard that you chatted with him personally.” After finishing this sentence, the general continued instantly, “No matter what the problem is, I have to say something first. There are many potential recruits this time. You kicked more than half away without saying anything. Only these few people are left behind. Don’t kick anyone out again. Especially not No. 10. Find a way to keep him.”

Qin Mo didn’t give an exact answer. “I’ll wait until this recruit is able to pass his daily routine.”

“He just doesn’t know how to fold his blanket, right? I heard the report before. That is nothing. You won’t need to fold your blanket during a mission,” the general persuaded Qin Mo earnestly. He knew that this cold fellow was his subordinate but, in this aspect, this irritating person had never listened to him before.

Most importantly, the recruits here were all arrogant soldiers who were hard to deal with. They either came from a powerful family or were thrown into the military because they had the capabilities but were hard to educate. Or, they were special talents who were proud and hard to tame. After these people met this cold fellow, strangely, all of them became very obedient.

When Qin Mo wasn’t in the military, he was the one that had the most difficult time. These people were really troublesome. Many people didn’t want to handle them because of this reason. They could gain many merits but once Qin Mo left, these rascals would create commotions. Who could handle that?

This cold brat was good at reading people and the people he chose rarely created trouble. He just liked to ask people to leave. Thinking about this, the general reminded Qin Mo, “I don’t care about the other people. However, you must keep No. 10.”

“We’ll see.” Qin Mo stood up after replying with two words. He tidied his military cap and saluted.

The old general was furious but he couldn’t do anything. He spoke for such a long time and yet, this fellow didn’t give him an exact reply. It looked like it didn’t matter how much he wanted to keep No. 10…

When the sun was setting and the sky started turning dark, the training hadn’t ended. Even from far away, people could smell the food from the cafeteria.

After coming out from the general’s office, Qin Mo stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked at the recruits, who were so tired their body had turned frail and soft. 50 rounds of crawling and shooting were no joke. After the training, some people just wanted to have a cup of warm water. Of course, they were hungry too. It was dinner time after all.

Qin Mo glanced at them and returned to the place he stayed. He started analyzing the recruits. However, after he opened the documents, he didn’t do anything for a long time.

The psychiatrist who came to send food to Qin Mo noticed this problem too. He was more or less shocked. Normally, no matter what happened, his boss never had any mental block when he was analyzing other people.

The psychiatrist looked at him for a while and wanted to open his mouth when Qin Mo’s voice sounded. He seemed nonchalant. “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health. I can go on a mission any time if that is what you wanted to ask.”

The psychiatrist choked. Every time he faced his boss, he felt that the knowledge he had acquired had been given back to his teachers. He thought for a moment and decided to change the topic in order to lower his boss’s vigilance. “I heard that there’s a recruit in our military unit who managed to annihilate an entire garrison alone. And he is just a technical soldier. This person is very suitable to be in the mission team. Boss, haven’t you been saying that Fatty’s stamina is too weak? Now we have a recruit that can cross jungles and is good at field operations. His stamina must be good. Yes, this is a good thing.”

The psychiatrist wanted to continue with another topic but unexpectedly, Qin Mo stood up and looked down on him. His figure was lean and lengthy. “Don’t waste your effort in trying to change the topic. The person you mentioned is in the elimination circle.”

The psychiatrist: …

He understood why today wasn’t a suitable time to have a heart to heart talk with his boss. There were normally three circumstances when he met him. First, Boss would remain nonchalant no matter what he said. Second, he would close his eyes and rest while listening to him. Third, which was the situation now, he would refute his professional analysis.

If it was the third situation, that also meant that there was a fluctuation in Boss’s emotions. What had happened during these two days?

The psychiatrist frowned. He couldn’t comprehend what was going on. But it wasn’t this hard. After all, besides Qin Mo, no one had discovered who recruit No. 10 was.

Since his boss had left, the psychiatrist had to finish the food he brought by himself.

The soldier following behind Qin Mo thought that Qin Mo was going to the cafeteria to eat because he didn’t want to see the psychiatrist. Yet, to his surprise, the second Young Master Qin came out, he asked, “Where is he?”

He? Who was he? The soldier took a while to understand that Young Master Qin was referring to the bold recruit. “Reporting, No. 10 has been in his dormitory the entire time. He never came out.”

Qin Mo’s finger stopped moving for a second. Then he walked slowly towards a certain direction.

The soldier looked up. That was the way to the recruit’s dormitory. He wanted to follow Qin Mo but it was obvious that Young Master Qin didn’t want him to follow. The soldier knew his position so he stood below the building.

He understood that when Young Master Qin met a talent, he would be very strict. However, this time, that didn’t seem to be the case. The soldier was puzzled. He furrowed his brows furiously but couldn’t think of a reason.

In the dormitory, Bo Jiu was still battling with the blanket on the bed. Finally, her eyes lit up. She lifted the corners of her lips and gave the blanket a handsome and devilish smile.

After around one minute, when she looked at the bed again, the blanket, which was hard to form into a shape, was packed neatly in a corner of the bed. Its corners could be seen clearly and it looked even neater than blanket Wolf folded. It was in the shape of a tofu, the standard shape in the military.

Bo Jiu placed her hand in her pocket and took out her phone. She wanted to take a photo and send it to the Almighty for approval.


The moment the photo was taken, the door was pushed open. Bo Jiu didn’t turn back because she thought that her roommates were back.

She lowered her head and started typing a message. Then she sent the message but the phone in her hands was taken away.

Bo Jiu didn’t need to look up. She knew who this person was from his slender and long hand and felt guilty instantly. She glanced at the blanket that was folded and turned her body. There was an enchanting small smile on her face. “Reporting, I know how to fold my blanket.”

“Really?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. Then he walked over to the bed and looked at the squarish folded blanket. He bent his back. There was no crease on his military uniform. From Bo Jiu’s angle, Qin Mo’s face looked extremely handsome.

Bo Jiu planned to look at it for a while longer when Qin Mo pulled the blanket and the blanket spread opened. The thin branches supporting the blanket fell in the bed. But Qin Mo was very evil. He pretended that he didn’t see the branches and spoke to Bo Jiu calmly, “Fold it again.”

Bo Jiu: …