Chapter 1153 - Untitled

Chapter 1153: Untitled

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While Bo Jiu was starting to feel upset, Qin Mo continued to stand there, watching. He leaned against the bed frame, both eyes a dark shade of amber from the room lights. He was clearly waiting for her.

Bo Jiu gave up. She rolled up her sleeves and walked towards the blanket. “Reporting, I want to know how you found out.” Her disguising skills were exemplary and weren’t that easily found out.

Qin Mo swept her a glance, a vague smile on his face. “You aren’t the only soldier I have.”

The translation was that others had tried something similar before.

“Yours was done rather exquisitely. At least you didn’t use water bottles or items that can be seen easily.” Qin Mo tilted his head to light a cigarette while looking.

Bo Jiu didn’t see it as a compliment. Besides, she had been exposed. She had never been this embarrassed.

She was made to fold in front of him.

Bo Jiu decided to resume her persona. She moved swiftly, folding and segregating with disregard to the shape it made. Her movements were suave and fluid, sending a small gust of wind with each fold. In the end, the blanket formed a bundle. But that was all, just a bundle.

Qin Mo pointed to the top, asking slowly, “This is what you mean by knowing how to fold?”

“That’s how ordinary people fold their blanket.” Bo Jiu could take care of herself but she had never experienced a military lifestyle and folding blankets into a tofu shape was simply impossible.

Qin Mo retracted his hands, not a hint of emotion on his face. “This is the armed forces.”

Five words.

Bo Jiu stilled, unwrapping the blanket. This time, she lowered her head and focused. Even her brows were furrowed together. She used her fingers to measure accurately, heaving with an obedience that was unlike her.

But it was a scene Qin Mo found oddly familiar. His gaze landed on her furry head. A while back when he hadn’t seen her, he had thought that she had left and couldn’t even do the analysis for the recruits. Having her around was a distraction.

Bo Jiu folded the blanket seriously and hadn’t noticed Qin Mo’s expression. She was prepared to fold the blanket upwards when his left hand stopped her.

In the next second, a familiar tobacco and herb scent entered her senses followed by his cold tone that sent her heart racing. “Who taught you to fold this way?” Qin Mo tilted his head, speaking into her ears. “Align the strings.”

From behind, that position seemed as if he was hugging her as they were extremely close.

She broke into a smile when she saw his face. When they had been younger, he had taught her to fold things as well. But back then, they had folded dumplings. Mmh, she had always associated making dumplings as folding dumplings. But she just couldn’t do it properly. It seemed like she was lacking in crafts work.

Bo Jiu tilted her head towards Qin Mo’s face. Due to the light, his sharp nose and defined chin seemed to be glowing. Such heavenly appearance, how was she supposed to learn? All she wanted was to admire him, just as she had done when she had been younger.

Bo Jiu was about to start folding seriously…