Chapter 1154 - Untitled

Chapter 1154: Untitled

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With a sudden movement, her lips were suddenly on his face. The tingling coolness sent a shock wave through her.

Qin Mo hadn’t expected it as well, his waist freezing mid action.

In that instant, the air stilled and Bo Jiu could hear her heartbeat. She hadn’t gotten a good test.

Qin Mo turned, his eyes dark as the night sky, shining from reflected light. “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Bo Jiu felt a need to explain herself. “It was an accident.”

Qin Mo ‘s left hand went onto the blanket, seemingly unbothered. “An accident that took so long?” He exposed her readily.

Wasn’t it just a little longer? Bo Jiu chuckled. “Since it was already there… I took the liberty to stay a little longer.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo straightened, his gaze carrying an adventurous spirit.

Bo Jiu knew he wasn’t convinced but the kiss had indeed been an accident. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been such a light touch. That was such a…

Before she could even think of the word ‘waste’, Qin Mo lowered his head, kissing her lips violently.

Bo Jiu stilled, her fingers still on the blanket and her mind gone blank. The familiar tobacco and herb smell, clear and fragrant, dancing on her lips, sending her heart racing.

The kiss deepened, a numbing sensation spreading through her. It was a dense tenderness, yet it was strong and firm.

Bo Jiu tightened her grip on the blanket, the numbing sensation drowning her senses, pushing out all thoughts.

Outside the window, the moon peeked through the clouds.

Qin Mo pressed the blanket between them with one hand and held the back of her head with the other, the soft sweetness rendering her helpless. This was what he had been wanting to do since the moment he had seen her.

But Qin Mo hadn’t forgotten that this was the army, which meant that there were eyes everywhere. But she kept appearing before him.

When the kiss ended, Qin Mo’s teeth bit down.

Bo Jiu’s eyes wavered slightly, glowing brightly. Her breath was unstable. The Almighty was very much like the little secretaries in romance novels, biting when they weren’t pleased.

The intelligent Bo Jiu kept the thoughts to herself since her pet had been arrogant since young. If he found out what she was thinking about, he wouldn’t be pleased. She licked the injured lips, a smile spreading across her face. “Sweetie, I’ll have motivation to fold the blanket now.”

“Continue to fold.” Qin Mo pushed her aside single-handedly, looking distant and unapproachable but on closer inspection, his eyes seemed to be directed at the youngster’s brightly colored lips, his gaze deeper than usual. “You’re left with 10 minutes.”

Bo Jiu arched her brow. “10 minutes?” Such a short time? What about her kiss?

“If you don’t learn it in 10 minutes, I’ll toss you out.” Qin Mo pinched her face and smirked. “Kissing isn’t going to score you any brownie points, I’ll send away anyone who can’t make the cut.”

Bo Jiu pouted, looking very much like a youngster. “10 minutes aren’t enough.”

“Make it work.”