Chapter 1155 - Untitled

Chapter 1155: Untitled

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She was left without a choice because the Almighty was merciless. Even the willful Bo Jiu would have to learn seriously under the Almighty’s guidance.

The perks of such personalized lessons were the clarity and the precision of his advice. The strength and the alignment were essential in forming a tofu shape. The downside was…

“Are you an idiot?”

Bo Jiu was no longer keeping track on the number of times he had said that. It was just like the time he had taught her physics. Ever since young, the Almighty had always been scolding her in the same manner.

On her tenth attempt, he held onto her hand. “Enough.”

Bo Jiu smiled though it was rather abrupt. “It’s enough?”

“I mean the time.” Qin Mo raised his other arm, turning his wrist so that she could see the time.

After Bo Jiu took a glance, she reached for her phone and adjusted the time five minutes back. “Time isn’t up yet.”

“Are you trying to rebel?” Qin Mo raised his arm, tugging her outwards. “Little Bo Jiu, when did you become such a rascal?”

Bo Jiu tried to defend herself. “I have always been a rascal, but I’m probably a little more obvious than before.”

If they went out, she might really be tossed out. It was safer to stay indoors.

Qin Mo watched as her left hand reached out to the blanket and a smile spread across her face.

He released her wrist and raised a brow. “I’ll give you a second, release your hand.”

His aura was indeed formidable. Fortunately, Bo Jiu could withstand the stress he inflicted on her. Instead of releasing, she tightened her grip, pulling Qin Mo over. With a sharp turn, she pressed him into the freshly folded blanket.

Qin Mo’s eyes darkened. Even though he was at the bottom, his overwhelming aura made her guilty. She had to stay firm in such a moment.

In the face of a beauty, Bo Jiu leaned over and stole a kiss, living up to being a rascal. “Little Blackie told me about that day, I thought you wanted to leave, which was the reason I changed the password. Besides, Brother Mo, you were carrying a listening device with you, I thought you were looking for incriminating evidence to prosecute me. I was upset about it for quite a while but since you were willing to be kidnapped by me, you shouldn’t be sweating about the small stuff like folding blankets.”

“So you still remember kidnapping me,” Qin Mo remarked coldly. “Sugar Daddy…”

Her formidable codename was going to become another dark history.

“What do you think mattered to me?” Qin Mo watched her, his military uniform pristine. “You left after turning my life upside down. Haven’t you thought about how I felt when I couldn’t find you?” Qin Mo spoke emotionlessly as though it was a fact but the ease plucked at her heartstrings.

“I won’t leave this time, I definitely won’t leave,” Bo Jiu declared, her dark eyes shining.

“That’s not up for you to decide, especially not if you fail – and don’t think about using seduction on me.”

Bo Jiu muttered, “You are the one seducing me.”

“Mmh.” He was about to pinch her tender cheeks but right at this moment, the wooden door was pushed open from outside. Wolf and Prince had finished their meal and walked in at the same time…