Chapter 1156 - Untitled

Chapter 1156: Untitled

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Silence. Pin drop silence. The two of them fossilized. It wasn’t Qin Mo and Bo Jiu but Prince and Wolf that had frozen. It was as though doomsday had come. After an entire day of training, anyone would be exhausted but now… they seemed to have come alive!

Prince watched their position beneath the lights. The formidable and aristocratic looking man was being pressed onto the bed by his roommate. That position and that little black fellow’s face.

Prince turned his head to exchange glances with Wolf. Prince was experiencing a whirl of emotions. F*ck, what was happening?

The little black fellow must have offended someone so much that even their major general wanted to punish him. But from the looks of things… Why did it seem like the little black fellow was forcing himself on their head instructor? A mess, it was a mess!

All his experiences added together still weren’t enough to explain this situation. Little black fellow, were you sure you didn’t have a backing? How dare you treat the major general in such a manner without a backing?! Didn’t you know that his nickname was Smiling Devil! You were dead!

In contrast to the whirl of thoughts, there was a hint of surprise in Wolf’s gaze. With Boss’s skills, he wouldn’t have been pushed unwilling. But this sight… Wolf’s solemn personality didn’t think much into it.

Bo Jiu hadn’t expected anyone to enter but she didn’t move abruptly. Qin Mo arched a brow. “Aren’t you going to get off?” This question was enough to push the blame to her.

Prince opened his mouth wide, turning to look at Bo Jiu, thousands of emotions running through his face.

Bo Jiu returned his glance and mouthed, “It isn’t what you think.”

Prince stretched his lids wider. “You already pushed him onto your bed, what else can I think?”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “You just have a dirty mind.”

Prince replied with his gaze, “My mind is healthy, you are the problem. Have you thought about the consequences?”

Before she could return his gaze, Qin Mo had straightened and was arranging his crumpled sleeve, his voice calm. “What’s with your flirtatious glances?”

Bo Jiu: …

Prince: … Flirtatious glances at each other? Them? It was impossible!

“Come out,” Qin Mo instructed when he reached the door. He stuffed an arm into one of his pockets and turned, looking distant. It was obvious who he was referring to.

Bo Jiu knew she couldn’t play around anymore. She wasn’t going to survive this.

Prince hesitated, wondering if he should bid her farewell when Qin Mo’s gaze landed on him. At that moment, a chill ran through his back and he huddled silently.

Under the moonlight, the clouds covered the skies but their basecamp was well lit. Even at this hour, there were still many people outside.

Qin Mo walked in front and Bo Jiu followed behind. The soldiers standing guard couldn’t help sneaking a glance over. They were indeed impressed by the recruit’s resilience, to be able to follow Young Master Qin even at this stage. But that wasn’t what confused them.

Instead, they were confused why Young Master Qin allowed the recruit to follow him into the main building as that was where Young Master Qin’s room was. What was with this situation?