Chapter 1157 - Untitled

Chapter 1157: Untitled

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On that day, everyone in the team felt that there was something wrong with Wolf. The main problem was that he shouldn’t be here at this time of the day. Yet he was sitting in front of them with a stern face. They were unable to swallow their food this way. Why? Would anyone be able to eat their food in peace when a sniper was staring at them?

“Wolf, what’s the matter? If you want to say anything, can you speak directly!” Hunter was the first one to break down mentally. Wolf’s gaze had landed on him for as many as ten times. He was really unlucky recently!

Wolf finally opened his mouth. However, the thing he said was even more shocking than his gaze, “Someone pressed Boss down on the bed just now…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the chopsticks in Magician’s hand dropped. He was in disbelief while Hunter stood up immediately. “Who’s that person?”

The flame of gossip was ignited in the entire team but Wolf still remained serious. “Recruit No. 10.”

Hunter gave him a ‘are you kidding’ look but Magician really wanted to know what happened after that. “Then? What did he do to our boss after that?”

Wolf frowned. “What can he do?”

Magician was stunned by the question. But soon, Wolf threw another bomb at them. “He really seemed as if he did something to Boss.”

The members of the team exchanged glances with one another when they heard this. News, this was definitely a piece of news that had never occurred before in the military unit. He dared to touch Boss. This recruit must have a death wish!

But they were familiar with Qin Mo so they quickly noticed that there was something strangely amiss. “Boss just allowed the recruit to stay on top of him?”


“How is that possible?!”

“There must be a problem here!”

“Does Boss know this person?”



“Go and ask what happened.”

“Why must I go and ask? Why don’t you do it?”

“That is your recruit. If you don’t ask, who else can do it?”

Hunter ended the conversation with, “F*ck!” You could tell how frustrated she was. Ever since he started leading the recruits, his face had been slapped many times. Now they wanted him to find out the relationship between that recruit and Boss?

Based on Boss’s personality, anyone that probed about it would have a miserable ending. If there wasn’t any relationship between the two of them, he would be killed if he asked anything. But if they had some sort of relationship… They shouldn’t have any relationship, right? Why would Boss have anything to do with a recruit? But how were they supposed to explain why Boss got pressed on the bed by him?

No answers were found. No one knew what was happening.

Within less than 20 minutes, the news that devil Young Master Qin was pressed down on the bed by a recruit spread from the dormitory to the entire team. Then it spread from the team back to the dormitory building again. Finally, it reached the ears of the old general, who was drinking tea.

“What did you say?” The old general felt that he needed to digest this news.

The assistant commander put in much effort to get the news but he was also only able to digest around 30% of it currently. “It might just be a rumor.”

“Who dares to create rumors about that cold guy?” The old general’s thoughts were all placed on the recruit with great potential. “The rumor is about such a thing too. I’m afraid that this might be his way of kicking the person out.”

The assistant commander hesitated. “Why would he…” Tell people that the recruit pushed him on the bed just to chase the recruit away?

“You think that it’s impossible? That fellow will do anything to kick someone out. Do you think that just because he looks good, he’s a living buddha that saves mankind from their sufferings?” The old general placed his teacup down.

This time, the assistant commander supported the general. After all, Young Master Qin wasn’t a kind person.

He still remembered the first time he had met Young Master Qin. He was such an elegant and noble-looking person. The holy aura around him made people let down their guards against him easily. He had still been very young at that time but had already caused many people to have a headache.

Indeed, he might really let the recruit offend him so that he could kick the recruit away. But… did he have to do it?

The old general felt that he needed to have a chat with that cold fellow. He didn’t care about other things but that new technical soldier must stay behind.

At this moment, Bo Jiu didn’t know that her magnificent feat had been made known to the entire military unit. She was still thinking of how to fold her blanket properly so that she could pass her test.

Qin Mo, who had opened the door and walked into the room, opened his mouth again. “Did someone tell you that this place only wanted male soldiers, not female soldiers?”

Bo Jiu felt guilty. “There’s no gender difference during a mission. Also, there’s no technical soldier in the team currently. I came to cover the position.”

Qin Mo turned and replied in a calm voice, “You have so many excuses. Come here.”

He was asking her to go over again. What did he want to do this time?

Bo Jiu remained vigilant. However, surprisingly, when she got near the Almighty, he squashed her face.

“Do you know your mistake?”

Bo Jiu nodded. The look in the Almighty’s eyes told her that if she didn’t admit her mistake, he might throw her out of the window.

“What is your mistake?”

Bo Jiu was very smart. “Whatever you say it is.”

Qin Mo smiled. He squeezed Bo Jiu’s face with his hand which had a white glove on it. His tone was cold. “I think that in the past, I told you that if I see you staying together with a bunch of men again, I will break your claws. Did you forget about it?”

“The soldiers in the military unit all live together. I can’t camp in the field, right?” Bo Jiu refuted logically. She knew that this was the most the arrogant Almighty would do. He wouldn’t break her claws. She naturally filtered the threat and felt that it was romantic. When she was with the Almighty, she would think too much.

Qin Mo glanced at the hand that was attempting to cause some disturbance to his body. He took it away indifferently. “You’ll sleep here tonight.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Sure.” If she could sleep with him once, she could sleep with him another time. She would follow this plan.

Qin Mo looked at the person’s expression. She seemed to be gloating because she gained an advantage. He raised his eyebrows. “Hand, off.”

“I’m scared that you will feel cold,” Bo Jiu replied in a serious tone.

Qin Mo scoffed. “The room temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. If you want to find an excuse, find a convincing one.”

“Okay.” Bo Jiu sounded disappointed when she said this. However, it was alright. She could hug the Almighty to sleep today. At that time, she could still take advantage of him.

She thought that the two of them were able to interact for some more time. Yet, after a few minutes, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” When the Almighty said these two words, it seemed as though she didn’t exist.

Bo Jiu stood at the side with her camouflage uniform. Her pants were folded up and the traces of her training could still be seen on them. As compared to the Almighty’s aura, she felt like a servant in the olden days who was supposed to serve tea and rub the ink stick for her young master. The warming of the bed didn’t happen. What a pity.

Bo Jiu pouted her lips when a soldier came in with two bowls. One was filled with stir fry potato with beef and the other was stir-fried tomato and egg. There were four plain buns too. This was obviously for two people. When the soldier had received the food, he had been shocked. Young Master Qin was helping the recruit get his food too. Should he tell that psychiatrist about this? After all, Young Master Qin’s actions were quite strange today.

Bo Jiu’s gaze never left the two bowls after she saw them.

Qin Mo put his fountain pen down and glanced at her. “Go and wash your hands.”

The soldier was stunned when he heard this. Was… was this person related to Young Master Qin?

The soldier didn’t dare to remain here and continue listening to them. He put down the food and closed the door as he went out.

Bo Jiu felt that her hands were cleaned enough. But she still couldn’t escape the Almighty’s discipline. “Hand soap.”

Bo Jiu placed her hand back into the sink and took the hand soap. Then she washed her hands again. Finally, she was able to eat her food.

The military didn’t skim on their ingredients when they made the plain buns. All of them were huge and white. When she took a bite, her mouth was filled with the fragrance of wheat.

When Bo Jiu was eating, she was exceptionally obedient. She stopped molesting Qin Mo and just sat there eating her plain bun. Her cheeks were puffed up from all the food.

Qin Mo sat down too. He looked at the person in front of him, who only knew how to chew her plain bun and didn’t eat any of the dishes. He instinctively lifted his chopsticks and moved them towards her mouth.

Bo Jiu opened her mouth and ate the piece of potato that was filled with the fragrance of meat. She didn’t act polite at all.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. However, he didn’t tease her.

As Bo Jiu was eating, she suddenly remembered something. something very important. “Brother Mo, don’t bath when you ask someone to deliver your food in the future.” It was alright if she saw it but were other people allowed to see it? No way.

Qin Mo put down the chopsticks when he heard this. He looked at the youngster, who was lowering her head and biting her huge plain bun. He didn’t reply to Bo Jiu but instead asked her slowly, “You were the soldier who came to deliver my food in the afternoon? The one who moved very slowly, kept looking at me, and refused to leave?”

Bo Jiu stopped eating. She dug her own holes. “Yes, it was me.” Bo Jiu looked up and said righteously, “I was tempted by Brother Mo’s body. Hence, Brother Mo, don’t bath when other people are delivering food to you.”

Qin Mo looked at the person who spoke so righteously and saw her puffy cheeks. His hands itched again. He reached out and pinched her face. Then he said, “You don’t want other people to see me?”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu never hid her possessiveness.

Qin Mo’s voice was calm. “In the military, it’s hard to prevent this.”

Bo Jiu felt that he was saying the truth. She lowered her head and started chewing her plain bun again while Qin Mo was still pinching her cheeks. “Don’t worry. There’s no other scoundrel in the military besides you.” Qin Mo lifted his hand off her cheek.

Bo Jiu’s face finally got freed but she knew that this wasn’t a compliment!

“After you finish eating, clean up the plates.” Qin Mo stood up after he finished speaking. He still felt a little distant and hard to grasp.

Bo Jiu bit the plain bun with her teeth. Her voice was a little muffled. “What about you? Where are you going?” He shouldn’t ask her to stay here alone after he called her here, right? That would be such a waste.

“Bath.” He walked into the bathroom after throwing this word at Bo Jiu. If it wasn’t because of someone, Qin Mo would have bathed a long time ago. Bathing was something Captain Qin must do after training.

As for Bo Jiu, when she heard that he was bathing, thoughts started flashing through her mind. She felt that coming to the military was a good choice because she could spy upon the beauty.

After she had finished the last bite of the plain bun, she handsomely decided to ignore the two bowls on the table. Since she had already finished eating, she could wash them after she finished spying on the Almighty’s bathing scene.

Qin Mo was a major general so there was even a refrigerator in his room. Normally, he would place plain water inside them. The maximum number of beers that could be found inside were three cans. The military was very strict in this aspect after all.

Bo Jiu opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. She wanted to use this as an excuse to spy on the Almighty blatantly. However, she didn’t expect the Almighty to bath so quickly. He used cold water to bathe. No heat was felt at all. When he came out, his black hair was wet, causing his extremely black eyes to seem even deeper.

“Why are you standing here?” Qin Mo asked as he stepped on the floor and walked over.

Before Bo Jiu could execute her plan, she was confused by the scene in front of her. All she could see was the Almighty wearing only his military pants. Water droplets could still be seen on his upper body, from his neck to his collarbone, from his collarbone to his abs, and finally, from his abs to the long pants he was wearing…

After looking for a while, Bo Jiu didn’t dare to look at him anymore. The half-naked Almighty was ten times or even more dangerous compared to when he was wearing his military uniform.

“Are you satisfied?” Qin Mo stretched his hand out and pressed down on the person who was staring at him intently. There was a clear distinction between the black parts and the white parts of her eyes.

The fridge was behind Bo Jiu. That was nothing important though as the clean and refreshing smell of a person who had just bathed blew into her face.

“Not bad.” Bo Jiu hugged Qin Mo’s waist the moment she finished speaking. She said with a serious face, “It would be better if you can allow me to hug you more.”

Qin Mo frowned. He pulled the two hands away and bent down so that he was on eye-level with her. “Try and touch me without my permission again. Let’s see if I’ll throw you out.”

Bo Jiu stopped moving. It wasn’t worth getting kicked out for such a small amount of advantage.

Qin Mo glanced at the side and threw the bowls the youngster didn’t wash into the basin. His slender and fair hands swept over the edge of the stainless steel. It always gave people the feeling this was a waste of God’s gift.

“I’ll do it.” Bo Jiu walked over and pressed the bowls down. Then she poured a lot of detergents inside.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. He wiped his hands and thought that he didn’t have to bother about her again. However, Bo Jiu’s method of washing dishes was sticking out a finger to push the bowl into the water. Then she spun the bowl around in the water.

“Are you an idiot?” Qin Mo couldn’t stand it anymore. He hugged the youngster from the back and pressed her hands down. When he said the three words with his thin lips, his breath was cold.

Bo Jiu felt her back turning warm. When she regained her senses, she remembered that the Almighty was still half-naked. Her heartbeat got faster because of the pair of hands that were holding her hands.

When he was playing games with this pair of hands, even if he went into their opponent’s lair, he would be able to seize their opponent’s throne. When he wore his military uniform and shot with his gun, no one dared to stay within 800 meters of him. Now, when the water flowed past his hands and he held onto hers, when they brushed against the edge of the bowls, Bo Jiu felt numb and itchy. For some reason, it reminded her of the times when he had touched her body with them.

Bo Jiu’s ears felt hot. That was why she said that the Almighty shouldn’t bath. Wasn’t it the same as cleaning himself so that she could sleep with him?

Tricks. These were all tricks.

“What R21 scenes are you thinking of?” Qin Mo tilted his head. The water droplets on his black hair fell on her shoulders. The position he was in made it easy for him to whisper into her ears. His voice was elegant and seductive.

Bo Jiu remained calm. “No, I’m washing the bowls seriously.”

“Your ears are red. Who are you trying to fool?” Qin Mo blew at Bo Jiu’s fair ears while he was speaking. Then he smiled. His voice was lazy and deep and it was able to make one feel weak but at the same time he sounded nonchalant and relaxed. “Your ears have turned redder. What are you thinking of?”