Chapter 1158 - Untitled

Chapter 1158: Untitled

“I’m thinking about how to sleep with you.” These words rolled around Bo Jiu’s throat but in the end, she didn’t say anything.If she said it, the Almighty would probably tie her up and throw her out. But she hadn’t slept with him yet. She mustn’t be impatient and need to keep a low profile.

Bo Jiu tried to suppress the thought but she failed. She stuck out her hand and grabbed the towel. Then she twisted her hand and they swapped positions.

Her voice was still hot as she spoke directly, “I’m thinking of how to sleep with you. Will you let me sleep with you?”

In this position, Bo Jiu had one hand placed on Qin Mo’s chest while the other was hanging down beside her body. The tips of her finger were still dripping wet.

Qin Mo didn’t move. He allowed her to press him. It might be because he just finished bathing but his extremely black hair appeared unruly and his gaze was very deep. His thin lips were shining with the wetness from the water. They seemed pale and soft.

It made people’s hearts itchy. She wanted to strike. Bo Jiu could hear her own heartbeat. One beat followed by another beat while the tip of her nose was filled with his smell. There was a faint smell of smoke mixed in his aura. It was a cold and refreshing smell like mint and it enticed people to commit crimes.

Bo Jiu was about to grab his cheek and kiss him. She didn’t care whether he would tie her up and throw her out, she just wanted to put her stamp on him. Qin Mo didn’t reject her. His gaze was calm but when he touched the youngster in his arms, there were some different emotions in them.

Bo Jiu was about to fulfill her wish and kiss Qin Mo when suddenly, a voice rang beside her ears.

“Reporting, Sir!” What the f*ck! Which idiot came to report at this time!

Since he interrupted her kiss, Bo Jiu appeared a little unhappy. The small change in her expression made her look even more handsome.

Actually, no matter how obedient she was in front of Qin Mo, Bo Jiu was still Bo Jiu, the Z, who walked in the darkness. Unconsciously, she revealed her true nature. Her dark gaze was like the sword that just came out from its sheath, cold and sharp.

She looked over and saw the person walking in.

The person walking in: …

“I must have come to the wrong room. Yes, that’s right. I must have come to the wrong room,” Hunter muttered to himself. He wanted to close the door and go to another room but there was no way he had entered the wrong room. Besides the guns, the only person living here was Boss! Ah!

As a soldier from the People’s Liberation Army, he must remain calm. He must learn to face all kinds of situations!

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Even if a recruit was pressing on his boss’s chest and telling him, “I’m thinking how to sleep with you. Will you let me sleep with you?” He mustn’t be a deserter!

“Reporting, Boss!” Hunter raised his voice and looked over at his boss simultaneously. He wanted to see what his boss’s reaction was. He had already barged into the room so he would die either way. In that case, why not take a look so that he could bring some gossip back to his team members?

Unfortunately, he saw nothing.

There was no bewilderment on the young master’s face. He even reached out and pushed the youngster away. His gaze turned colder and he said, “Speak.”

The aura of his boss when he wasn’t wearing his clothes was too powerful. How was that recruit able to bite such a tough guy? Wait a minute! What was he planning to say just now?

Hunter turned back and looked outside the door. Those bastards that encouraged him to come in didn’t climb up the stairs at all! They were all waiting downstairs. F*ck! “Reporting, Boss. How do you plan to take care of recruit No. 10?”The louder Hunter’s voice was, the more violently his heart was trembling.

His boss looked calm now but he would definitely settle the accounts with him afterward. Why did he have to come in at this moment and see such an unpleasant scene!

Qin Mo’s voice remained relaxed. “If he doesn’t pass his housekeeping tomorrow, I will kick him out.”