Chapter 1159 - Untitled

Chapter 1159: Untitled

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Just kick him out? Boss, someone had other thoughts about you a moment ago. Yet you just planned to kick him out and not kill him directly!

Hunter brought himself into the picture. If he had been the one who had said those words to Boss just now… he wouldn’t be able to remain alive! Hence, there was something going on!

Hunter stood there motionlessly as Qin Mo walked over. He only took a bottle of mineral water but his entire force of presence was activated. “Is there anything wrong? Do you have a better idea?”

Hunter placed his feet together. “Reporting, no!”

“If you don’t have any idea, why did you come in?” Qin Mo lowered his voice. His tone was icy and dull.

Hunter didn’t know how he had offended his boss so he closed his eyes and said, “It’s the old general. He said that you must keep the recruit no matter what. He said that this person is the best technical soldier. Many military units are fighting to get him.”

Bo Jiu smiled when she heard this. “The old general has good eyesight. Not only do I have good capabilities but I’m also handsome too.”

Hunter: … You shouldn’t talk at a time like this. Also, if you compliment yourself, Boss will ask you to face the wall and self-reflect. Didn’t you know that?

As expected, Qin Mo glanced at Bo Jiu and raised his finger. He pointed at Bo Jiu and said calmly, “You, go to that corner of the wall.”

Bo Jiu didn’t retaliate. She placed one hand in her pocket and walked to the wall.

Then Qin Mo opened his mouth again. His voice was relaxed and charismatic. “Face the wall.”

Bo Jiu turned around and looked at the white wall. Her head almost touched the wall. It was boring when she couldn’t see the Almighty. She could only use the tip of her toe to kick the wall. It felt as though she was required to stand as punishment.

In school, she would be asked to do the frog jump. Now in the military, she was being punished by the Almighty. Her life was so hard.

Qin Mo raised his head and took a gulp of water when he saw someone getting restless even when she was punished.

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Hunter wanted to take this opportunity to sneak off. He had a bunch of gossip that he wanted to tell his team members immediately. He must tell them as this was the kind of secret that could get himself killed. He mustn’t be the only one that knew it. However, the moment he lifted his leg…

“Where are you going?” It was his boss’s voice. He spoke slowly, so slow it sounded scary.

Hunter placed his feet together again. “Reporting. The old general is waiting for my reply.”

“After reporting to him, run 10 kilometers with weights.” Qin Mo wore his clothes half-heartedly.

Hunter’s face dropped. He wanted to cry. “Boss…”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. “15 kilometers.”

Hunter instantly stopped bargaining. He looked up and closed his eyes. “Yes!” What did he do to deserve this punishment?

After Hunter closed the door, only Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were left in the room again. Bo Jiu’s malicious aura had disappeared. She faced the wall in her military attire and the pants on one of her legs were rolled up until the knee. Her fair and slender calf was revealed, which was glowing like a porcelain. But that didn’t mean that she would remain peaceful. She started kicking the wall with her feet again and again.

“Brother Mo, you can continue teaching me how to fold my blanket. Standing here is such a waste of time. There are only eleven hours left before tomorrow’s housekeeping inspection.” While she was speaking, Bo Jiu wanted to turn her head.

But Qin Mo walked over. “Every time you turn your head, you will stand for ten more minutes.”

“Brother Mo, don’t punish me like you’re punishing a little child,” Bo Jiu said earnestly. “You can ask me to kiss you as punishment.”

Qin Mo stretched out his hand and lifted the lady’s chin. He smiled coldly. “Poor thing, you’re dreaming again.”

Bo Jiu: … Why do you sound like you’re mocking me? What do you mean by dreaming? I will secretly kiss you later!