Chapter 116 - Qin Mo’s Jealousy

Chapter 116: Qin Mo’s Jealousy

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“No, no need!” Xue Yaoyao hurriedly waved her hand. As she was saying that, she subconsciously looked in Qin Mo’s direction. Almighty Qin probably wouldn’t want her to play so much tennis with His Highness Jiu. She didn’t even question why she had such a feeling; it was just her first reaction!

Fu Jiu misunderstood the way she looked at Qin Mo and said, “Or would you prefer to play with Brother Mo? Your choice!”

Hearing that, Qin Mo frowned, but Fu Jiu didn’t notice.

Fu Jiu already stood up long ago, and she still had that smile on. “Who do you choose?”

Xue Yaoyao walked over and said with great difficulty, “His Highness Jiu would be fine.” She simply didn’t dare to choose Almighty Qin. That innate distinguished air of royalty made it hard for her to breathe.

“Looks like I’m more attractive than Brother Mo,” said Fu Jiu specifically to Qin Mo. She laughed and flashed her extremely white canines. Her casually chopped silver hair was still a bit damp. People really couldn’t say “no” to that cute face.

But… Qin Mo glanced over the girl who was standing to the side, and his fingers paused. Wasn’t this little brother of his being too nice to Xue Yaoyao?

He hadn’t known Fu Jiu for too long.

No matter whether it was the young man outside the game world, or that Spade Z in game, both were not easy to get close to.

Qin Mo always thought he was the only one who got special treatment from the young man.

But looking at things now, he seemed to be a bit nicer to Xue Yaoyao…

As Qin Mo thought about this, he inadvertently looked at that chubby Xue Yaoyao one more time…

Xue Yaoyao felt an icy sensation on the back of her neck, so she didn’t turn her head.

The truth was, she was really a bit too fat.

In contrast to the young man who walked onto the court, Xue Yaoyao was really meaty, and the meat on her legs would predictably shake when she ran. It wasn’t very pleasant to look at.

Nobody liked to show her shortcomings in front of her idol, but it was impossible for her to go back to play games. Almighty Qin didn’t like to see them playing games together…

Fu Jiu was next to her, and she saw her concerns. While they were choosing rackets, she laughed lightly, “I was gonna ask, why are you calling me Your Highness Jiu?”

“The… The girls who like you in school, not that kind of creepy like, but it’s thatkind of like.” Xue Yaoyao was afraid that she couldn’t explain well, and her face was still red. “Anyways, your fans, we gave you this nickname because you look like a crown prince from ancient times—tricky and domineering.”

Fu Jiu heard this explanation and thought it was kind of interesting. Crown prince? Her? Girls were really silly cute nowadays.

“Then let this crown prince show you how to play tennis well. Many girls aren’t very good at it.” In order to make it easier for Xue Yaoyao, Fu Jiu winked her left eye with a light smile. Then she put one of her hands on top of Xue Yaoyao’s hand, turning her beautiful face to the side. Not only was her gesture handsome, her voice was also nice.

“Put strength in your fingers. Bend your body when you play, and your eyes need to be on the same level with the ball along the racket. Use your toes to release your whole body’s power, like this!”

With that, Fu Jiu held Xue Yaoyao’s hand and coolly swung the racket. Her silver hair gently brushed against the side of Xue Yaoyao’s ear.

Momentarily, all Xue Yaoyao could smell was the candy scent coming from this young man. It smelled clean like mountain water, and her whole face started to burn uncontrollably…