Chapter 1161 - : Lin Feng and Yun Hu

Chapter 1161: Lin Feng and Yun Hu

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Lin Feng was still holding onto his collar. He pulled it higher to shield himself since his nose was feeling uncomfortable. But before he could react any further, Yun Hu asked, “Not feeling well?”

Yun Hu reached his hand over, pasting it onto his forehead, his fingers cooling to the touch.

Lin Feng could feel the increasing frustration within him and had forgotten his rapidly beating heart. This was bad, he must be having a fever.

The next second, Lin Feng’s fans watched on with widened eyes as they hadn’t expected to see such a climatic scene. They were both handsome with similar tall and strong bodies. The person wearing the white jacket reached his hand out, plastering it onto Almighty Lin’s heated forehead. He glanced up, carrying the same vibe he radiated in the esports arena – unique, handsome, and somber. Simply put, a mesmerizing presence.

“Almigh-Almighty Yun! It’s Almighty Yun!” The two fan girls covered their mouth in excitement. The surprise and agitation poured out from their eyes. Almighty Yun was back!

Yun Hu lowered his gaze, his other hand still holding onto his luggage handle. The airport wasn’t a suitable place for a chat. “It’s slightly warm, can you get up?” He frowned because he hadn’t expected to welcome him in such a manner.

“Ah,” Lin Feng replied. “I can stand, why can’t I stand? It’s just a cold. I’m not afraid of a cold.” He straightened, leaping up from his seat. His voice was nasally as he reached for Yun Hu’s luggage.

Yun Hu arched his brow. “What are you doing?”

“I’ll help you with this,” Lin Feng replied.

“You have a cold, I’ll do it.”

“F*ck, are you underestimating me? It’s just a small cold, I can still pull your luggage.”

“I wouldn’t dare. Weakling, you can barely speak, let’s go to the hospital.”

Lin Feng’s voice started to falter. “Hos-hospital? Why are we going there?”

Yun Hu replied slowly, “Lin Feng, you look this pale hearing the word hospital. Are you that afraid of needles?”

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Lin Feng pulled his collar higher, feeling annoyed. “F*ck, what are you saying? I’m a grown man, how can I be afraid of needles? What a joke.”

“Let’s go,” Yun Hu instructed emotionlessly.

Lin Feng tried to find an excuse. “No, our mothers are waiting for you to be back and entrusted me with the task. I’ll be punished if I fail.”

Yun Hu glanced at him. Without another word, he sent a voice message on his WeChat. “Auntie, I have arrived. Lin Feng seems to be feeling unwell, I’ll bring him to the hospital first, you can start the meal without me.”

Lin Feng widened his eyes; he was completely caught off guard.

He received a reply very quickly, “Aiyaya, Hu, I’m sorry to trouble you, how did that little rascal get sick from welcoming you? You guys go head, you don’t have to rush.”

“Heard that?” Yun Hu tilted his head.

Lin Feng didn’t have a choice. His mom had always treated Yun Hu as her biological son.

“Pass me the car keys.” Yun Hu pulled his luggage out the automatic doors.

Lin Feng’s mind was slightly fuzzy. “What are you going to do?”

“What else can I do? Can you drive in such a state?” Since he wasn’t moving, Yun Hu reached for his pockets and dug the keys out himself.

Lin Feng coughed. “F*ck, you thief.”

Without another word, Yun Hu placed his luggage into the car before checking on his temperature again.

They stood in front of the Land Rover with their perfect good looks and long legs. Along with their stances, it was indeed a striking sight.

Lin Feng retreated backwards and cursed, “Are you done? I’m not that weak.” Even if he wanted to check his temperature, couldn’t he do it in the car? No, f*ck! He couldn’t do it in the car either, he was a formidable warrior, he shouldn’t be protected like a frail little flower. F*ck!

His nose was congested and after entering the car, he started having breathing difficulties. Moreover, the moment he stretched his legs, they would touch Yun Hu’s. F*ck, when did this car become so cram?

Lin Feng pulled his collar higher up to hide his face.

Yun Hu glanced over from the touch and saw him huddled into the corner. Even though he wasn’t feeling well, there was a smile in his eyes. With his personality, it must have been hard for him to have picked him up from the airport. It was fine as long as he wasn’t avoiding him.

Yun Hu placed both hands on the steering wheel, speaking abruptly, tenderly, and slowly, “That day at the airport…”

“F*ck, I didn’t cry!” Lin Feng immediately cut him off and straightened as a flush creeped up his face.

Yun Hu smiled. “Oh.”

What do you mean by oh, f*ck, what’s with that smile! This was humiliating. Lin Feng leaned back onto the chair. It was all his mom’s fault. But… He was finally back.

Lin Feng tilted his head over, his lids feeling heavy probably from the cold.

The car drove steadily. At this hour, there would definitely be a traffic jam on the way to the city center.

Time dragged on indefinitely.

Yun Hu glanced at Lin Feng, who was huddled at the side, dressed in black sweats and a black cap, emphasizing his handsome face. His nose was red, lashes long and fluttery, living up to his name as the flower of their team.

Afraid that Lin Feng was cold, Yun Hu adjusted the temperature to a comfortable heat, maintaining a comfortable speed.

When a phone rang, Lin Feng started to stir from his nap. Awakened by the ringing, he opened his eyes. He watched as Yun Hu answered the call, an unrestrained tenderness in his gaze. Being attached had made him different.

Lin Feng tilted his head over; his reflection could be seen on the car mirror with lips turning downwards. His heart was no longer racing like before. It was probably because of the congested nose. That were the perks of boys, they didn’t have to think through every detail.

Even if he knew that this time, Yun Hu had come back for Supreme Alliance and was probably in a stable relationship with his boyfriend. He would have to keep a brotherly distance and take down the Asian Cup regardless of where their captain was.

More importantly, this might really be their last competition. Hence, it would be a pity if they didn’t win the championship, carrying the red flag with his favorite person.

Many people would belittle esports. But even in esports, there was a desire to experience glory, for them to hold their country flag.