Chapter 1162 - Skipping Supreme Alliance

Chapter 1162: Skipping Supreme Alliance

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At this time, the hospital wasn’t as busy as daytime. The doctor on duty was rather perplexed as for general colds, they could just visit a general practitioner. But since they were here, there was a need to take a jab.

Lin Feng’s eyes opened wide. “I need a jab?”

“It’s more effective.” The doctor passed the prescription to Yun Hu and shouted for the next patient. He didn’t give Lin Feng a chance to object.

Why had he come to the hospital with Hu?

Lin Feng was fearless in front of his many obstacles but he couldn’t help shielding his eyes when the nurse raised the needle.

The nurse glanced up at his heavenly appearance and chuckled. “You’re afraid of needles?”

“I’m not afraid, I feel faint when I see needles,” Lin Feng explained uncomfortably.

This was probably the first time the nurse had met such an adorable and handsome patient. She chuckled and lightened her hold on his hand.

Yun Hu watched from afar.

When it was finally over, Lin Feng turned, prepared to thank her when someone yanked his arm. Lin Feng was confused. “What are you doing?”

“Your belt isn’t even fastened properly and you’re flirting.” Yun Hu reached out and tugged on his belt aggressively.

The nurse was completely confused. Was the relationship between guys… always this good?

“Why are you still standing there, aren’t you coming?” After helping to fasten his belt, Yun Hu held onto his neck, bringing him out of the room. His habit of flirting with girls still hadn’t changed. They were too close, his smell entered his senses, clean and fresh, completely unlike a brute like him.

“Hey, let go.” Lin Feng tried to free his neck and hadn’t noticed the flush on his face.

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Yun Hu released his hold, taking a look at him. “Did your fever worsen?”

“No.” Lin Feng didn’t feel as bad as before.

Yun Hu frowned. “Why is your face so red?”

Lin Feng could feel his face burning. “F*ck, stop blabbering… Wait a minute, I need to pick up a call.”

Yun Hu glanced at him, signaling for him to do as he pleased.

Lin Feng glanced down at the caller. “Hello, Sir. Mmh, I’m outside. I just met him. My health? I’m fine, cough? Oh, it’s much better.”

“I’ll rest when I’m back.”

That deep tone was unusually piercing to Yun Hu’s ears. “Are you done?” Yun Hu raised his arm and circled it around Lin Feng. “Let’s report to the clubhouse once you’re done.”

Lin Feng apologized into the phone and hung up. He felt cold, pulling his collar tighter together. “We’re going to the clubhouse now? At this hour?”

Yun Hu pulled out his phone and showed Lin Feng his WeChat. “Something happened.”

Without another word, Lin Feng boarded the car. Indeed, the team had run into trouble because of an international interview. It came from Country H and a player that played the aid, which was why this was unbearable. “Meeting Supreme Alliance in the Asian Cup? As a qualifying team, I would like to advise China to reconsider. We don’t wish to compete with such a team. Every esports player has to respect the arena, I hope China can send out their best representatives.”

The media hadn’t expected his candidness. “I heard the team has a new Almighty, the legendary team controller, Rao Rong. You must have heard of him.”

“Rao Rong? Apologies, we have only heard of the team controller from our country. As for Rao Rong, I have never heard that name before.” He had chuckled, his intentions clear. “They can send their strongest aid for a solo PK against me.”

There weren’t many aids in Supreme Alliance. Previously, they had used a double assassin formation and thereafter they had used the Anotal and sniper formation, both for high tempo games.

Coco and Yaoyao were the only aids. Coco’s current condition wasn’t suited to compete and Yaoyao predominantly used the sorcerer. But if they didn’t take on the match, they wouldn’t be able to live it down. The opponent was just an aid but yet he acted in such a manner?

But there wasn’t anyone in their team suited to compete. Moreover, a match wasn’t appropriate in the current situation. If they lost, there would be criticism on the internet. More importantly, they would be embarrassing the nation. But there was another important point.

“The committee has received news and are asking how confident we are of winning the solo PK. If we win, Supreme Alliance will be representing the country for the Asian Cup.” Feng Yi closed the video footage. He was no longer wearing his signature smile, instead, there was only a serious calmness. “You have heard, we need an aid that has participated before for the solo PK.”

This meant that Rao Rong, Yin Wuyao, and Yun Hu didn’t qualify since they didn’t play the aid role.

“Shall we send Coco?” Lin Feng suggested while informing Bo Jiu.

Feng Yi stood up. “We can only win. I don’t agree to using the country’s name as a gamble in order to participate in the Asian Cup.”

Coco remained silent. He spent most of his energy on livestreams and with the absence of their captain, he hadn’t been in the right state of mind.

The meeting room fell into silence. Yun Hu met with such a circumstance the moment he returned. It was supposed to be a joyous welcoming party or a reunion celebration.

However, their peace was being challenged. It was probably because of their industry. Because they were esports players, there was a need to face the internet. Even until this moment, there were still opinions about Spade Z.

Even if they knew the entire truth, there were those that claimed to like him but continued to engage in private group chats and stirring public opinions. Some fans didn’t care about the survival of a team, they just cared about their emotions, acting willfully as they pleased.

There were even opinions of Rao Rong joining Supreme Alliance. “He, he.”

Rao Rong retaliated, “He, he.”

There were public opinions from all directions. Supreme Alliance was at a low point. Aid… If Little Spade, the all-rounder, were around, they would definitely be able to take on the challenger. But now…

“I’ll fight.” Xue Yaoyao suddenly stood up, her eyes dark, her palms soaked in sweat. “I’ve been training the aid recently.”

Feng Yi glanced over. He didn’t agree nor object. Instead he simply said, “He is a world class professional player even though, just like you, he is a newbie.”

Xue Yaoyao glanced down at the message on her phone. The next time she glanced up, her gaze was firm and determined. “I’m also a member of the National League’s champion team. We are the Supreme Alliance, none of us is as weak as he thinks.”

Feng Yi noticed her gaze. He looked over and just before the screen dimmed, he clearly saw the words ‘Jiu’.

“Seems like Little Spade really trusts you.” Feng Yi smiled.

Feng Shang spoke up as well, even though he stuttered, “I-I trust Yao-yao too.”

Feng Yi arched a brow, looking at all the members, including the two Almighties that just joined. “What’s your take?”

“Solo.” One word. Cool and with trust, the entire team’s answer.

Yaoyao turned over towards her teammates, her heart squeezing. “I…”

“Training for over ten hours every day, researching countless numbers of videos and finding players to test out your skills.” Yin Wuyao bit down on his cigarette, looking suave. “With a record of a thousand matches, you have an 80% chance of winning. Yaoyao, you can do it.”

Rao Rong smiled, returning to how he was when he had first started gaming. “The only flower of our team, a great match for the aid. Use this chance to hone your skills.”

“You must have forgotten that Spade Z is a girl too,” Lin Chentao reminded.

Rao Rong stilled. He had clearly forgotten about that.

Lin Feng stood up. “Quoting Little Spade, beat him till he calls his dad! Sister Yao, we are all behind you. Don’t worry and f*cking trash him!”

“Can’t you be more civilized in front of a girl?”

“How should I put it? Make him cry?”

“Shut up, the physical education teacher must have taught you to speak.”

Xue Yaoyao watched her members teasing around. Almighty Lin was still here, Almighty Yun was back, and even Almighty Rao had joined them.

For the first time, she couldn’t lose this match. Trying again was a lie. She wanted to do something for the team and she wanted that person to be able to stand in an esports arena again. That heavenly maneuvering, skillful movements, and ruthless playing style that won her the title of FC King of the Zone C. She had been born for this.

Supreme Alliance needed to qualify for the Asia cup in order for more people to know about that youngster. That was her motivation to compete.


It had never been because of that. Instead, it was a surge within her, the company that she could enjoy it with.

Every single time after a victory, she would turn and see her adorable teammates. And when she lost, there would always be someone shouldering the insults for her. With heads hung low, more upset than anyone else, they wouldn’t forget to give their reassurance, “It’s alright, we still have a chance.”

This time, it was her turn to seize the opportunity.

Xue Yaoyao lowered her eyelids, swiping open her phone. There was a line there. “Yaoyao, believe in yourself, you can do it.”

The sender didn’t have to be specified. That person might not be in the team anymore and might be scolded, her reputation dragged through the mud. But she would always be around when the team needed her – even if she was far away.

Xue Yaoyao smiled, tears welling in her eyes. She was suddenly reminded of the words Almighty Rao had said the first day he had reported to Supreme Alliance.

“Why did he join? It’s simple, they have my dream teammates.”

Supreme Alliance couldn’t just vanish. They were all waiting; for the two to return, the legendary kings and for the regrouping of Supreme Alliance…