Chapter 1163 - The Almighty Is a Little Princess

Chapter 1163: The Almighty Is a Little Princess

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At this moment, in a highly secretive unit near the borders, Hunter hadn’t expected his boss to be monitoring his punishment. Wasn’t he very busy? Why did he have time to monitor him?

Hunter wanted to gossip but instead, he was the one being talked about right now. Why was he the only one punished with so many rounds?! Boss seemed to have been looking at him with hostility. Was it because he was interrupted? That… couldn’t be?

Hunter seemed to have suddenly figured it out and glanced back at the man dressed in military uniform. The moment he looked over, he froze from the cold stare, which sent a chill down his spine. Mom, Boss’s aura is still that strong! So, it wasn’t possible for Boss to be the one being suppressed at the bottom. But if it wasn’t because of love, why was Boss torturing him like that?

“No strength?” Qin Mo watched him, his voice faint. “Run another two rounds if you don’t have any strength.”

“Reporting, I have enough strength!” Hunter was about to start crying, their young master was a devil as usual. He shouldn’t have entered the room at that time. Those ingrates, always making him take the blame!

Hunter continued to run, turning to glance at the others watching him. They weren’t going to be able to hide!

Qin Mo swept the training grounds a round, before heading towards the west side.

Hunter sighed deeply. “He finally left.”

The moment Qin Mo left, the few at the side crowded together.

Wolf was the first to speak. “What did you do for Boss to punish you like that?” He went straight to the point.

Hunter wanted to stop but Magician reminded him, “You have two more rounds. Remember the last time someone stopped a hundred meters before the allocated punishment? Don’t you remember how many more rounds Boss made him run?”

Hunter bit down and continued to run.

“Hey, hey, don’t just run, tell us what happened.”

They followed behind him but Hunter didn’t stop, scoffing twice. “No.”

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Magician gave him an offer. “One row of Zhonghua.”

“Strong and unyielding, not corrupted by wealth and honors, that are the basics of a soldier.” Hunter panted breathlessly.

Magician continued, “I’ll wash your smelly socks for three days.”

This time, Hunter turned. “One week.”

“Five days!” Magician bit his teeth. “Not a day more.”

Hunter scoffed one more. “One week, not a day less.”

“F*ck, say it, if it isn’t something juicy, I’ll wash you as well!” Magician fumed.

Hunter raised his head towards the star filled sky before turning to his belt.

“F*ck, what’s the link between the two!” Magician was on the verge of killing him.

Hunter continued to run. “You wouldn’t listen when I told you to educate yourself, now you don’t even understand such an obvious hint. The moon shines high in the dark skies, belts come in pairs, what do you think that means? Sleep!”

“What sleep, can’t you put it plainly?” Magician was confused.

Wolf and the others were speechless at Hunter’s ignorance.

Hunter glared at him. “Do you really need me to repeat everything I saw?”

“Of course! Why else would I be willing to wash your smelly socks?”

Hunter conceded. “Let me put this straight, this cannot be circulated, if word gets out, Boss would definitely know it came from me and I’d be dead!”

“Alright, hurry.” Hehe, was it still gossip if it wasn’t circulated? Such a naive and gullible child.

Hunter was finally done with his punishment, he cleared his throat and started, “When I entered the room, I saw recruit No. 10 pressing onto Boss and he said, cough, said…”

“Are you a man! What exactly did he say? Spit it out!”

Hunter shut his eyes, continuing sharply, “He said, I’m thinking about how to sleep with you, are you willing to let me sleep with you?”

The entire training ground fell into silence. Wolf froze and even the usually animated Magician was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe his ears, stammering, “You-you mean, th-that new recruit said that to Boss?”

“Why else?” Hunter could feel his heart bleeding. “That’s the only reason Boss would punish me like this!”

Magician was in shock. He shook his head and muttered, “Scary, very scary.”

Hunter continued to pant breathlessly. “What’s scarier was that Boss didn’t push him away or ask him to leave. Instead, he was talking about the housekeeping inspection.”

“Perhaps Boss cherishes talents,” Magician suggested. That seemed like the only reason.

Hunter glanced over. “Cherishing a talent to the point he was willing to sacrifice his body? Do you think Boss is that sort of person?”

No, their boss was the sort that would send a chilling glare the moment you took an extra look at him. If it had been anything more serious, he would have exterminated you.

Magician was overloaded with emotions while the others were all in deep thought. Wolf spoke up. “You mean Boss was willing?” Willing to be suppressed by someone?

Everyone looked on with wide eyes. F*ck, that was horrifying!

The gossip spread at lighting speed.

At this moment, the main lead of the gossip was lying in bed, feeling slightly sullen at the Almighty’s absence. Was there a need to hide from her?

Qin Mo went to the inventory department, which was similar to the mini marts found in school but there was a limited selection. It was mainly supplying cigarettes.


The staff reached out for a row of Zhonghua cigarettes but Qin Mo stopped him. “I don’t need cigarettes this time.”

No cigarettes? The soldier was confused, what else would a major general need?

“Is this everything?” Qin Mo pointed to the row of shelves that was often neglected.

It was… lollipops, the most ordinary kind.

Some of the recruits may require sugar boosters during high intensity training.

“Reporting, those are everything.”

Qin Mo emptied the shelf and asked, “I’m taking everything, how much is it?”

Major General wants to buy candy? The soldier was shocked. “A dollar each, it’ll be six dollars for all six.”

Qin Mo reached for a ten dollar note and passed it over. The candy was so cheap, it wasn’t possible for there to be chocolate flavor but if a certain someone dared to be picky, she wouldn’t even be allowed to have these.

The inventory department didn’t just supply inventory since the items bought were a reflection of their inner workings. Hence, a person with the codename Doctor would be situated there to understand how the soldiers were feeling.

And right now, he was dumbfounded! Boss, that devil, was buying candy?! Was this a joke? What was up with this situation!

Doctor didn’t bother hiding his emotions, he dashed out immediately. He hurriedly hid his emotions while Qin Mo paid for his items. “Boss, the candies definitely aren’t for you.”

Generally, anyone would object but his boss only swept him a glance, placing his hands into his pockets with a mocking expression. “Obviously.”

Doctor: … F*ck, how was he going to continue! Who exactly did he get the candies for?!

Qin Mo kept his items, taking large strides out of the store calmly.

Doctor persisted. “Boss, there seems to be something wrong with you, let’s have a talk.” This was out of the ordinary, what exactly was happening?!

“Talk?” Qin Mo arched a brow, his voice sharp. “I don’t have anything to say to you. Have some candies when you’re free, it’ll help your evil tongue.”

Doctor: … To be insulted by such an evil tongued devil, boss, do you even consider my feelings!

He was going crazy. But should he report this abnormally to the general? From the looks of things, their young master seemed fine other than the increased frequency of his cold laugh.

Doctor took out his file, his gaze deepening but yet, he couldn’t seem to think it through.

Qin Mo was completely unaffected from all of that.

Meanwhile in the bedroom on the second floor, Bo Jiu had just sent out a message, her entire body exhausted. This was unlike the times she had been in the dorm. This was where the Almighty slept, with the same soothing smell from her childhood.

She started to feel drowsy, but nighttime was the best time, how could she waste it so frivolously? Hence, she continued to sink in and out of sleep. She wasn’t wearing her military cap and her military jacket was on the chair in the corner. Other than her face, her entire body was white, a complete contrast to her ash-colored face. She was still handsome even though she was very dark.

Qin Mo walked into such a sight. A certain someone had taken over his bed, with her bad sleeping posture. She lifted her head when he entered, a mischievous smile on her face.

“Get down,” Qin Mo instructed while unbuttoning his sleeve cuffs.

Bo Jiu sat upright, yawning lazily. “Aren’t I sleeping here?”

“You are sleeping in my place but not on the bed.” He walked over slowly.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. “Then where do I sleep?”

“On the floor.” Qin Mo sat beside her.

Bo Jiu was fully awake now. On the floor? How was she going to take advantage of him?

“Brother Mo, how can you allow a frail young girl to sleep on the floor? Does your conscience allow that?” Bo Jiu chuckled lightly, with no intention of leaving the bed.

Qin Mo glanced over. “Frail young girl? Where?”

Bo Jiu reached out and pointed to herself.

Qin Mo held onto her hand, warning with an enigmatic smile, “You should take a look at yourself before taking on such a claim, you look nothing like a frail young girl right now. Are you going down yourself or do you want me to toss you out of the window, mmh?”

“Reporting, I completely respect Captain’s wishes,” Bo Jiu replied, standing up lazily.

Qin Mo frowned. He would definitely toss her out of the unit if she dared to fall.

Bo Jiu wasn’t a dumb, she wouldn’t be clumsy enough to fall. She placed the blanket on the floor and got herself a pillow. But it was such a pity. She had been thinking about taking advantage of him the entire time.

The night was silent, especially after all the training had ended.

They were at the borders with no one within the surrounding 800li. When night fell, bugs were the only thing they could hear.

Both their military jackets were taken off. When Qin Mo removed his military jacket, Bo Jiu glanced back, straight at his tall and lean body. He leaned slightly, pulling off the camouflage jacket, his hair ruffled and sexy.

He seemed to have noticed her stare, turning towards her with a lifted lip. “Interested?”

Bo Jiu turned aside, suppressing the heat within her before turning back to continue her blatant admiration.

But the Almighty wasn’t going to give her the opportunity. He removed his top and peeled open the blanket, sinking in. He lifted his defined chin. “Turn off the lights.”

Even switching off the lights was her task. He was just like a little princess. Her thoughts were always based on her own judgement.

When the lights were off, she realized how quiet it was. So quiet they could hear each other’s breathing. It was almost as if they could see each other.

Bo Jiu laid on her bed, her thoughts pure.

Thereafter, she turned her head over to catch a glimpse of him. The moon rays shone in, splashing onto him. It was enough light to make out his figure, his sleeping position like a noble prince from the 19th century.

She was reminded of her childhood. He had been just like that back then. She hadn’t understood why a child was so particular about his sleeping position.

Whenever she had asked, he replied with the same line, “Little Bo Jiu, are you an idiot?”

The same scolding from before.

Bo Jiu tilted her head to the side. She felt slightly chilly, pulling the blanket up higher.

She had thought it through. It was better if both parties were willing during a kiss. She couldn’t eat like a scoundrel, she had to act like a lady. Even though she wasn’t ladylike at all, she had to put in some effort. The Almighty might find an excuse to dump her if she pursued him too aggressively.

She made up her mind when suddenly, the person on the bed moved. He moved over to her side, which was just two steps. With the Almighty’s height, he just needed one step.

Bo Jiu opened her eyes.

He reached out and cupped her face, his sharp nose pressed against her. The tobacco and herb scent intensified, she could see the stars in his eyes, some of them twinkling like the fragments of the galaxy. “Little Bo Jiu, it was deliberate, wasn’t it?”

“Deliberate?” Bo Jiu arched her brow in confusion.

“You deliberately made a ruckus so I can’t sleep.” Qin Mo’s body pressed lower, his dark eyes sweeping over her lips.

Bo Jiu was about to say something when something blocked her lips…