Chapter 1165 - Untitled

Chapter 1165: Untitled

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The wind outside the window was a little strong. The light outside was lit up and faint shadows could be seen. There were only two people under the military blanket. This made Qin Mo’s gaze turn extremely deep.

There was a pleasant smell on her lips. It was sweet and refreshing, like the lotus flower in a peaceful and quiet valley. The smell slowly floated from the tip of his nose to the side of his ears.

Even when she was doing such things, she always wore a smile on her face. She tilted her body. Her face was vibrant and blooming. However, her aura was refreshing. Her clothes were pulled open a little. After all, they were loose clothing. The unbelievably fair collarbone could be seen even more clearly.

The most fatal thing was that she reached her hand out. Following her actions, her clothes started dropping even more. He could faintly see the flower patterns under her bandages.

In that instant, Qin Mo’s gaze was completely dark. His Adam’s apple moved and he held her wrist restlessly. He didn’t push her away. He couldn’t push her away anymore.

The smell on her body was like the incense that got lit up in the night sky. It was mild but enticing.

The temperature of the night kept rising.

Even though nothing had really happened, Bo Jiu already felt her energy being sucked away. That face was too attractive as well as the low and hoarse panting beside her years. It sounded suppressive but attractive.

The breath beside her ear turned her entire body numb, much less the part of her body where his hands were placed at.

“Brother Mo…” Just when she opened her mouth, he interrupted her.

He stared at her black eyes. There seemed to be no end to the darkness inside. He felt a little hot. “Didn’t you say that you will help me?”

Bo Jiu could hear his heartbeat. It was deep and loud. Even his breathing sounded different from normal.

“You can do whatever you still want to do with me.” His voice was inducing her. Yet, this kind of inducing was addictive. No one had the chance to see the current Qin Mo.

He placed his head against hers. The feeling that even his noble aura got tainted in order to get her was extremely bewitching.

Especially when he looked at her like that, with his black hair drooping down and ruthlessness appearing at the edge of his eyes. As he moved his finger forcefully, he seemed even more like a handsome and beautiful devil.

Bo Jiu couldn’t resist at all. These simple actions made her entire body warm. Following his deep breaths, his heartbeat got louder. They were so close Bo Jiu couldn’t move back even if she wanted to. He held her hand. The temperature on the tips of his finger was like ice cubes. But it seemed different too. Something different could be seen on that indifferent and elegant face.

For some reason, Bo Jiu felt her throat turning dry. She could never fight against the Almighty when he was like this…

“Hey, Brother Mo, enough.” When she said this sentence, Bo Jiu’s wrist was sore.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at her. He spoke slowly, “It’s obviously not enough.”

Bo Jiu lowered her voice. “Go down when you should. It’s good for the body.”

“Actually, it was alright.” Qin Mo leaned close to Bo Jiu’s ears. “It came up because someone said she wanted to help me.”

Bo Jiu turned her head. Her ears were red. “Aren’t 40 minutes enough help?”

“Shouldn’t you be the clearest about the answer to this question?” Qin Mo smiled when he said this. In the night, his voice became even sexier. “After all, you’re a beneficiary too.”

Bo Jiu stopped speaking. In this aspect, she lost entirely. She couldn’t take her initiative back. However, after remaining silent for some time, Qin Mo pushed the lady away.

Bo Jiu sat up. “Where are you going?”

“To take a cold shower, idiot.” Qin Mo threw the sentence at her and went into the bathroom.

Bo Jiu looked up and stared at the ceiling. As the warmth in her body dissipated slowly, she placed the tip of her nose close to the pillow. She still seemed to be able to smell the musk on the Almighty’s body.

She closed her eyes. She couldn’t bear with it anymore so she went to open the windows. The wind outside the window blew in and finally cooled down the temperature in the room.

When Qin Mo came out, this was the scene he saw. He frowned and immediately carried the person up. He threw her on the bed and asked her, “Do you want to freeze to death?”

The water on his hair dripped on her eyelids. Bo Jiu blinked and wanted to wipe it off with her hand but someone pressed her hand down. Something that felt like a tower landed on her face.

It was very light.

The person touched her slowly. If other people saw his actions, they might think that she was some porcelain doll.

“I was too hot just now.” This was Bo Jiu’s first sentence after she opened her eyes.

Qin Mo’s fingers slid past the corners of her eyes. “You said that you were cold just now.”

“I felt hot after that.” Bo Jiu didn’t think much when she was saying this.

Qin Mo smiled. He touched her lips with his fingertip. His intention was ambiguous. “What about after that?”

Her speed of driving wasn’t as fast as the Almighty, especially in this aspect.

Bo Jiu decided to close her eyes directly and pretended that the vixen in front of her didn’t exist. But the slight coolness on her lips still caused her heart to beat quickly continuously.

For some reason, this time, the Almighty wore his full attire. He even buttoned his jacket properly. It was itchy when the material of the jacket rubbed against her chest. Bo Jiu couldn’t bear it and moved her body. But the man grabbed her waist and his breath hovered over to her. “Are you still hot?”

“Mmh.” In certain aspects, the fellow in his arms was especially direct. Her character was somewhere in between a youngster and a young lady.

Qin Mo exerted a little more force on his hand and pulled her towards his chest. His deep voice echoed in the night sky. It was charismatic. “This time, let me help you.”

Bo Jiu wanted to tell him that there was no need to but who could resist this person’s handwork?

When her bandage was pulled off, Bo Jiu’s mind was already in a whirl. You could imagine how dazed she felt when his hands rubbed against her body. Her heart pounded furiously.

Sometimes, Qin Mo was right. There were very few people who were like Bo Jiu. When her lips were slightly opened, they seemed like drugs. It made people want to lock her up in their arms and torment her continuously.

But Qin Mo didn’t forget that they were in the military. The time and the location weren’t right. Hence, he could only try his best to not look at her.

The lady placed her arm on him. It was soft and fair. The arm kept reminding him how fragrant her body was. He had tasted it before, tasted it without holding back.

That was why he realized that the sound coming from the side of his ears was mesmerizing. It was so light it seemed to be blooming.

She laid in his arms, leaning against him weakly. When she looked up, the faint mole under her eyes shone lightly under the moonlight. Everything fell into his eyes.

She was like the lady in a thin dress that surfaced in people’s dreams, seducing and enchanting people’s minds. Under the thin layer of perspiration, she gave off an extreme beauty, like the demon at the bottom of the sea.

This was her crime. No one was able to escape. He never thought of letting go either. This person could only belong to him.

Qin Mo’s gaze dropped. His lips moved forward slowly…