Chapter 1166 - I Just Like You

Chapter 1166: I Just Like You

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Bo Jiu paused, the cooling sensation on her lips silencing her.

He pinched her chin, his body pressing against her. It was the same tobacco and herb scent but much lighter than before.

She tilted her head while he reached his hand out and circled her short black hair, pressing onto the crown of her head.

Her tongue tread cautiously, the kiss tender and exquisite. She panted breathlessly, a numbing sensation spreading through and clearing her mind off all thoughts.

Until it was all over. Her clothes were pulled up high, an immense heat pressing against her.

He must have heard her.

Qin Mo stopped, chuckling deeply. “Comfortable?”

Bo Jiu didn’t speak and watched him. Somehow, being dressed in his military uniform and doing such things seemed blasphemous. She wanted to move but was pressed back into his arms, the air around him cold. “Are you trying to drive me crazy? Close your eyes and sleep, or I can toss you out right now.”

“Little princess”, she thought to herself.

He was already standing and walked to his desk, probably not able to fall asleep. There, he pulled out a box of cigarettes. He tilted his head slightly, the faint glow lighting up his elegant face.

He was still looking at her, the cigarette in his mouth inhaling deeply before he lifted his head, blowing out the smoke. Qin Mo loosened his collar, trying to suppress the energy within him.

The Almighty seemed oddly adorable right now. That was right, he was adorable. The restraint matched with his elegant hostility and malicious aura was captivating. She wanted to reach out and touch him, to feel the softness.

And indeed, Bo Jiu reached out but she didn’t reach for his hand or his face, instead, she held up both palms and smiled. She was just about to say, “Be my boyfriend, I’ll give you the best things in the world.”

He indulged in her actions, pressing his lips together. “Do you want to die?”

Bo Jiu perked up. “Nope, I want to kiss you.”

Qin Mo paused, his lips holding a familiar warmth but his tone remained the same. “Shut up if you don’t wish to be tossed out, you little ruffian.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow and with the same position, she planted a kiss on the side of his face. It was a light kiss, to wish him goodnight.

Qin Mo paused, his gaze darkening and mesmerizing. She was all he could see.

It was late into the night when they finally fell asleep.

The rumors spread to the old general, sending him into a frenzy. “What did you say?” He turned towards his deputy general. “Do you believe that cold little boy would allow anyone to press onto him?”

“Reporting, no, Sir!” his deputy general replied firmly. “This rumor is ridiculous.”

The general thought through it for a moment. “Do you think he would retain the talent?”

There were many technical soldiers in the unit. But there weren’t many skilled in both jungle combat and technical skills. He was indeed a gem.

It was a tough question though as no one could predict devil Qin’s thoughts. He assumed there would be an answer the next day.

But instead, their unit received a mission: save hostages.

Bo Jiu woke up with messy hair. They immediately left Qin Mo’s room. There wasn’t any tenderness visible when they reached the meeting point.