Chapter 1167 - Untitled

Chapter 1167: Untitled

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Everything happened swiftly. Whenever something happened, all unnecessary thoughts would disappear.

At this moment, Prince finally experienced the speed of the unit.

Everyone had to bring three items: a rifle, a watch, and a black scarf. The scene was more impactful than those in movies because in reality, every special force soldier was subjected to danger during their operations. They arrived like a pack of wolves, their gaze steely, determined but quiet and subdued.

Prince had a lot to ask but this wasn’t the time. At this moment, they operated on a one-track mind, only thinking of the mission – regardless of whether it was the recruits or the operations team.

Bo Jiu was dressed like the others, with a black scarf tied around her face and a rifle in her hand. She adjusted the distance of her rifle as though she was born to be there. But the unit would never allow anyone to train during a hostage mission. Thus, the operation team took the lead while Bo Jiu and the others followed behind, staying hidden.

There weren’t many of the criminals since they were dealing with drugs. They had stolen a car on the way over as in such a place, the cars were a donation. The driver was injured but the soldiers continued to negotiate. All methods were exhausted.

The moment they saw an experienced soldier, they weren’t willing to give up the hostages. They asked for unopened mineral water bottles and weren’t even willing to take food, worried it might be drugged. They didn’t accept any food items either, munching on the tiny biscuits in the student’s backpack. The children were definitely hungry as the incident had been going on for six hours.

The fear made it hard to endure the seconds, they shrivelled into the seats, not daring to take a single step as they watched the gun. Their lips were pale and they were shivering uncontrollably. They were children.

The sniper could see everything clearly through the car window.

There were three of them. Thus, they had to act swiftly to prevent the chance of anyone getting hurt – that was the tough part.

As the three criminals weren’t dumb, each of them had a child in their hand and they avoided moving near the car window.

The only positive thing was that one of them was severely injured and needed medical assistance. This person seemed to be their leader.

Bo Jiu shifted her rifle, glancing over and in that instance, she caught sight of a familiar face. She had seen that face in a video. He didn’t have a nationality and was predominantly in the Golden Triangle, a member of the syndicate mainly dealing with sales.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes, shifting the rifle.

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Prince was an acceptable soldier but he was still young. “What’s their nationality and what are they saying in there?”

“Their nationality isn’t clear but…” Bo Jiu arched a brow. “They need a doctor right now. It’ll be their next condition.”

Prince was startled. This person was well versed in reading lips as well. Alright, even if he could read lips but how did he know that weird language?! That wasn’t an official language, right?

Prince frowned.

Bo Jiu wasn’t the only one who understood, Qin Mo knew as well and had already called for reinforcements. Without pulling his scarf, he stood up and instructed, “Find a doctor uniform and tools, I’ll go in.”