Chapter 1168 - Untitled

Chapter 1168: Untitled

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“You’re going into the car?” The negotiator felt his mouth go dry. He held a bottle of mineral water but didn’t have the mood to drink it. “No, definitely no, there are too many hostages in the car and they are all little children. The criminals are not mentally stable, their mental state is more important. I understand that special force soldiers are well versed in individual battles and ambush but communication is essential to ensure the safety of the hostages.”

Shielded by the black scarf, Qin Mo’s face couldn’t be seen clearly but his eyes were so dark they seemed to be shattered stars shining. “To answer your first question, I learned psychology and have the relevant certifications and knowledge on negotiation techniques. As for your second question, they are speaking in Burmese, which I understand. As such, can you prepare the necessary tools?” Qin Mo spoke calmly, both eyes fixed on the car the entire time.

The negotiator was caught off guard, his expression a clear representation of his thoughts.

Almost seven hours had passed by now and the person in charge wiped the sweat off his forehead, afraid that something would happen. He wouldn’t be able to shoulder the responsibility if any of the children were harmed. He turned towards Qin Mo. “How confident are you?”

“50 percent.” Qin Mo wasn’t holding a rifle. Instead, he wore his earphone and used hand signals to arrange the position of the snipers in ambush.

The person in charge watched him and deliberated. “You have seen how crafty they are, they aren’t dumb. With your physique, even the white coat isn’t going to make it seem convincing.”

Qin Mo frowned. Indeed, from a certain angle, he was right. He was a soldier that looked least like a major general. Compared to the other, he eluded a languid nonchalance. But due to his background, he had an overwhelming aura. Those weren’t a merit in this operation though.

At this moment, however, Bo Jiu, who had been hiding, reached her hand out, leaping down soundlessly and declaring, “I’ll go.”

With these two words, the two discussing stopped. The negotiator looked at Bo Jiu’s physique which seemed rather weak for a soldier as her ace couldn’t be seen but she didn’t seem very much like a soldier. When had a special force soldier ever look like him?

Bo Jiu held her rifle as she walked over, she glanced at Qin Mo with her exposed eyes. “Compared to Captain, my appearance is less likely to arise their suspicion. Besides, a shorter doctor would lower their guard and Captain should know I’m well experienced at disguising.”

“You have no business here, go back.”

Bo Jiu remained stationary, her gaze dark and firm.

Qin Mo moved. He looked at her, emotions clouding his eyes. “You want me to believe you can accomplish this mission?”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu straightened.

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Qin Mo turned to the car, his palm clenching tight beneath his uniform. When he released his palms, he seemed to have made a decision, even his gaze had calmed. “Give her the white coat and tools.”