Chapter 1169 - Helping with the White Coat

Chapter 1169: Helping with the White Coat

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This time, the person in charge didn’t object since there wasn’t much time left. They might end up missing the prime timing.

Bo Jiu had never seen such a look on the Almighty’s face, sharp and cold with shattered fragments of lights.

Bo Jiu tugged on her black scarf, prepared to change since the white coat had been delivered. But before she could reach out, Qin Mo had stood in place, replacing the person who was supposed to help her.

The person paused, wanting to protest. But somehow, even though Qin Mo was wearing a black scarf, his dark colored military uniform, the half-exposed face, and the dark and imposing eyes made him step back unconsciously.

She was a technical soldier but her heart would still speed up in front of such a man because his aura was too overwhelming. Was he not the special police that was assigned over?

Bo Jiu was caught off guard but she stood stationary. Honestly, she had never been so obedient before. The beauty of the scene couldn’t be explained in words. Only the people around could see how quick it was.

He helped her change into the white coat and fastened the earphones but instead of hooking it onto her ear as they normally did, he disguised it as a button. It was meticulous and quick.

The operations team watched dumbfounded. This was the first time they had seen their boss act in such a manner. He wasn’t even this thorough for his own disguise. It was as though he was afraid something might happen, that he might never see this person again. Their boss would make sure everything was in order when they executed a mission but this was the first time he did it personally.

There seemed to be an unexplainable emotion but no one would think much of it in such a precarious situation. Even if they took a glance, they wouldn’t pay any attention. The safety aspects of such missions weren’t very high. Moreover, the radicals were armed.

Recruit No. 10 was right, he was the most suited to act as the doctor. With the white coat, he no longer looked like a soldier. His big and black framed spectacles were ordinary and without frills, getting rid of any sharpness he had.

Bo Jiu looked timid, like a doctor that rarely encountered other humans.

“What are you doing?!” The radicals were growing impatient.

One of them lifted a child, his expression malicious with the bloodied frenzy of a wanted man that was on the run. He placed the gun barrel on the child’s head and spoke ferociously, “Hurry and get a doctor over. I’ll give you another five minutes and after five minutes, if I don’t see the person, I’ll kill one of them with each passing second.”

The children started to cry loudly, their bodies trembling.

“Shut up!” the criminal shouted with annoyance. With the current state, it was hard for them to escape but dragging the time might not necessarily be bad for them.

There was someone lying in the bus with one hand pressed on his chest. Due to his injuries, his lips had turned pale. He was severely injured, his tattooed face dark and sinister. “Stop arguing with the children, just knock them out if they continue to cry. Are their parents here yet?”

The criminal immediately headed over. “They are here. Boss, can we really go out?” They were afraid. Even criminals that put their lives at risk were afraid of death.

The injured criminal had difficulties breathing. “You don’t believe Kawang’s idea? When has his idea failed? Place the children towards the bus window and knock them out for the parents to see.”

“Alright!” the criminal replied and with a sharp movement, he smashed the crown of the child’s head with the back of the gun!

In that instant, the child stopped crying. The boy was so frightened that his eyes were red and his entire body was shaking uncontrollably.

Prince and the others bit down on their lips. They had to restrain the urge to shoot those bast*rds but they couldn’t fight because of the children.

Wolf was the best sniper in the team after Qin Mo. No one could see through his emotions since he could easily kill the criminal but he didn’t dare.

Perhaps, those that didn’t know about soldiers wouldn’t understand this. They might seem strong with quiet reserve but deep inside, they were a soft and adorable bunch. They were just like ordinary folks. They loved to fool around, gloat when their friends made mistakes, and would suppress their murderous aura in the face of children, to prevent from scaring them. Hence, when they saw such a scene, their breathing intensified.

Wolf was hurting inside. What made things worse were the parents that had arrived. When they caught sight of the scene, the children’s parents fainted. Some of them were so anxious, they had to suppress the urge to bolt over.

One of the parents held onto a police officer and pleaded, “Ask them, ask them what they want, money? We can give it to them, just return our children.”

The news had spread and would soon hit the internet. It wasn’t because of poor control, but because the criminal in the school bus made sure of it. They wanted to build up the pressure so that they would accede to their request and for them to leave the borders.

Everyone was paying attention, which was the reason the person in charge was sweating profusely. Regardless of how chaotic the borders were, this was still within China. Even if the matter was resolved, he would be questioned. But now, he wasn’t afraid of being questioned, he just wanted the children to be safe.

The people behind him were shouting and crying, some of them watching in disbelief. There wasn’t any certainty, he could only trust the special police. Indeed, the higher-ups had called them the special police and hadn’t specified their unit name.

“I’m ready.” The next time she glanced up at the person in charge, her gaze was cold and steely.

The person in charge held her hand. “Please, you have to succeed, the children are important.”

There was another layer of meaning in his words. It was a meaning every soldier understood. He meant that if she was found out, she should sacrifice herself to save the children.

“I will.” The youngster wore the doctor’s outfit and walked into the bus…