Chapter 1170 - Don’t Talk about Protection

Chapter 1170: Don’t Talk about Protection

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The others prepared by hiding in position and finding the best position so that they could get a clear view of the car – to react swiftly when the situation arose. But no one in the team expected their boss to move so quickly. He lifted his rifle, moving like a panther towards a corner.

Wolf was still trying to conceal himself while his gaze remained fixed on the criminals. Sometimes a sniper’s vision was more important than their physical skills.

But it wasn’t the same for Prince, he wasn’t a skilled sniper and could only watch in worry. But just as he was worrying, he saw a figure heading up a tree suavely, a murderous glint in his eyes. He hung on the tree branch, using the surrounding environment to conceal himself. Prince opened his eyes wide when he saw the person that had merged with the branch. The evil devil?

Wolf also noticed the person behind him. It was just a feeling but he didn’t turn because he didn’t have to turn to know it was their boss.

There weren’t many who had witnessed Qin Mo as a sniper. Most times, he was the mission commander, giving out instructions on the soldier’s position and for how they should execute the mission safely. They should be sent back the same way they arrived. The captain had to enter the enemy’s lair and was the one to take lead. But not all missions were about rushing forward headfirst.

Prince watched as he lifted his rifle, placing it on his shoulder. The most silent presence, his breathing in tune with the wind.

“What is Boss up to?” Hunter asked.

Magician tilted his head, there was still mud on his face. “Shoot.”

“It’s been a while since Boss used a rifle.”

Everyone knew that Qin Mo hadn’t used a rifle in a real operation ever since that incident, regardless of how good his aim was. That was common knowledge in the unit. He didn’t because… he didn’t want to.

After about three seconds, Magician chuckled. “Does that mean Boss is really coming back?”

The one who could wipe out 800 meters worth of clearing with a piece of grass dangling in his mouth. He was a frightening presence. But how could he overcome something from the heart?

Hunter didn’t ask it out loud. That year, they had taken on the mission together. When they had found their boss, he had been drenched and his eyes had been bloodshot with his hands collapsed at his side. When they had been back in the camp, the higher-ups as well as the psychiatrist had been sure that their boss had been hypnotized and wasn’t suited to go on any more missions. His military rank had been removed and he had been sent back to the city.

He was a beloved child of God, everyone knew that. But who knew that in order to guard this area, his entire body was covered with injuries?

During the earthquake, his back had been smashed by a heavy object while trying to pull someone up. He had endured the pain all the way to the camp where he had received treatment.

He was as tough as a mountain. When that mountain was destroyed, it was like a clear moon in the night sky. Even his departure had been silent and without notice.

Now, he lifted his rifle, moving it bit by bit, directly behind recruit No.10, never leaving her back.

Everyone sank into silence.

That was probably the only protection they could provide. With their rifles lifted, they zeroed in on the target, not giving any room for mistakes.

As Bo Jiu approached the car, Qin Mo’s breathing turned quiet and he merged with his rifle.