Chapter 1171 - Private Hand Signal

Chapter 1171: Private Hand Signal

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“Boss, they are here!” One of the criminals inside the bus shifted to the side, looking out the vehicle.

The injured criminal couldn’t turn on his side, his eyes facing the top of the vehicle. “Check if he’s an imposter.”

“Imposter?” the man asked, clearly slow from the situation. Everyone was under the same immense pressure, both the criminals being surrounded and the police that surrounded them.

“A police imposter.” The injured criminal narrowed his eyes. “If he is an imposter, kill him and use a child to threaten them.”

“Alright.” The criminal walked forward.

“Wait a minute, look if there are any special force soldiers around.”

“Boss, I checked, there aren’t any special force soldiers but there are many armed police officers. They seem determined to stop us.”

“It’ll be fine, watch the surroundings and once you catch any heads, retreat back into the car.”


Having a sniper was indeed worrying but with such a distance, only a godlike sniper would be able to strike. It was part of their consideration when they chose the area to stop the bus.

More importantly, the doctor didn’t look like an imposter. He walked forward with a rifle, glaring at the youngster in the white coat. “Where’s the medicine?!” he shouted.

The youngster shriveled, stammering, “It-it’s he-re.” Bo Jiu raised the first aid box up high.

The criminal was still holding the child in anticipation of anything out of the ordinary. He used his rifle to shift the items inside, there seemed to be a jab, bandages, and some medication.

“Boss, he doesn’t have a gun, seems to be the real deal,” the other criminal reported.

“Check if there is any listening device on his ear.” The injured man spoke softly because even breathing hurt.

Bo Jiu heard him but she feigned ignorance and continued to tremble.

The instant the criminal lifted his rifle, everyone held their breath because his gun was directed at Bo Jiu’s head.

Prince’s teeth were starting to hurt from biting down. The operations team, on the other hand, clenched down on their rifle. Many people assumed that their boss would succumb to the pressure and shoot since they couldn’t tell what those criminals were up to!

But at this moment, the youngster dressed in the white coat took a step back, just like a frightened dummy, and knelt down while hugging his head.

“Wait a minute! Recruit No.10’s hand signal!” The others couldn’t tell, but the snipers could. Even though he was hugging his head, it was indeed a hand signal. But could they understand the hand signal? Was that a signal from the unit? What did that mean, twisting the forefinger forward?

Those that executed missions, however, would know that there weren’t any meaningless signals. Hence, there had to be a meaning but they really didn’t understand! Did the army have such a unique signal?

Magician and Hunter had both participated in countless numbers of missions outside the borders but they couldn’t tell either.

But someone knew. Strangely, that was what Prince thought while standing under the tree. Somehow, he felt like the evil devil up on the tree knew what the signal meant. He couldn’t explain it as it was just a feeling.

Indeed, Qin Mo knew. That was a hand signal a certain someone would do often during their team battles, across the bushes and… attack!