Chapter 1172 - It’s Here

Chapter 1172: It’s Here

It meant that she wanted him to delay shooting. Qin Mo understood her message but his hands continued to be on standby, his eyes focused on the criminals.

The criminal was finally reassured as the doctor seemed frightened and didn’t seem like an imposter. Moreover, she genuinely looked afraid.

“Stand up.” The criminal tugged onto Bo Jiu, pushing her into the car.

Entering the car was when the danger started because that was the point when she was at the mercy of three rifles.

The moment she entered, Bo Jiu instantly knew who was the hardest to deal with. This person was still clutching onto a knife despite being critically injured. One of them with a tattoo on his face was still watching her.

In the video, he was the one who shot the tourist.

Bo Jiu glanced down, keeping all her emotions but her trembling hadn’t stopped.

The tattooed man tilted his head. “Yes, the doctor is here, he isn’t an imposter. I will continue to watch him. I won’t be captured alive.”

Being caught alive was the worst outcome because being caught alive meant that there would be intel.

Bo Jiu stood there stationary, her black rimmed spectacles making her appear frail.

The criminal behind pushed her violently. “Hurry! I’ll give you five minutes to treat my boss, if you fail, I’ll shoot your brains out!”

“I-i need the first aid kit,” Bo Jiu replied, her gaze shifting around. She looked frightened out of her wits. In reality, she was scanning the surroundings: the position, the criminal’s movements, and main strength. It was one versus three and one of them was lying down and needed immediate attention.

Bo Jiu retracted her gaze. She trembled in fear, kneeling down to retrieve the items from the first aid kit.

As there was a rifle pointed to her head, the criminals were slightly calmer than before but still in a state of high anxiety. Anxiety was good because people made mistakes when they were anxious.

Bo Jiu glanced down, retrieving the items for stopping the blood flow. There was a hint of malice in her lips when they weren’t looking. “Sev-severe loss of blood.”

That was a given, there wasn’t anyone this injured who didn’t suffer from blood loss. It was all part of the act, even her words were fitting.

The tattooed man moved, eyeing the person ahead and signaling for him to prepare. The other criminal received the signal but he didn’t leave immediately.

The three of them were watching the doctor, nothing could go wrong. It was as though he would shoot Bo Jiu should she do anything out of her job scope.

At this moment, the children were all terrified. They held onto the safety belts, afraid that something would happen.

Bo Jiu wore the doctor’s glove and retrieved the last equipment from the first aid box – a needle.

The tattoo man frowned. “Check it.”

“Yes.” They were well versed with drugs. The criminal examined the needle and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

More importantly, Bo Jiu was still stammering at the side, “Th-this medicine has a stabilizing effect.”

Medication for severe injuries contained stabilizing elements. The tattooed man’s eyes wavered and the criminal returned the needle back to Bo Jiu…