Chapter 1175 - Almighty Qin Gives Out Candy

Chapter 1175: Almighty Qin Gives Out Candy

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If it hadn’t been for the superb shooting skills, they would have suspected their boss was an imposter.

The little children watched them with wide eyes while their parents instructed them with teary eyes, “Hurry, thank the two soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army.”

The little children didn’t speak, one of them pulling onto his mother’s sleeve. He leaned over and told his mom, “One of them is a big sister.”

“Can’t you differentiate between male and female? Not everyone that looks good is a big sister.” She smiled, ending the topic. But the hug wasn’t something they could explain. Of course, that was an internal matter within the operations team.

The person in-charge walked over, arresting the tattooed man, who could no longer walk but was still holding on.

The mission was a success, they had captured him alive. The tattooed man was carried down. When he saw the man with black scarves, he instantly knew they weren’t from the police force but from the armed forces. But which unit were they from? He couldn’t tell with the black scarf covering their faces.

There was a reporter in the crowd, waiting to record the moment.

Qin Mo noticed her intentions, turning to eye Magician, who stepped forward and blocked the camera lens. “I’m sorry, you can’t film this, please format your memory card.”

“Why? Sir, your heroic deeds should be reported for everyone to see, it’s a major contribution! If it wasn’t for you guys, the children might not be saved.” The reporter adjusted the angle, trying to capture the moment between Bo Jiu and Qin Mo. “Was he the one who disguised as a doctor and entered the school bus?”

Magician frowned. Without hesitation, he reached for the camera, retrieved the memory card swiftly and broke it into two.

“Hey! What did you do? Don’t think you’re that amazing just because you are an armed police officer! Why did you spoil my memory card?!” The reporter exploded.

Magician, however, didn’t bother replying, returning to Qin Mo’s side. “Boss, it’s settled.”

“Retreat,” Qin Mo instructed.

The person in-charge understood the situation. He watched as the reporter continued to complain, “Ridiculous, I just wanted more people to know about their heroic acts because I admire them. How can they act so arrogantly? They can be ignorant but how can they destroy my things?!”

If the reporter wasn’t so selfish though, he would understand it was the right thing to do. He forced his admiration onto others but wasn’t aware of the consequences of his actions. He could potentially expose their identity, subjecting them to increased dangers.

World-class-leveled mercenaries weren’t weak. They could obtain information from one’s appearance and could zero in on their target just with their uniform and attacking tactics.

The person in-charge made a warning signal. It was for the man to be taken away as explaining would unintentionally leak more information.

He had assumed they had been the armed police. But that didn’t seem likely, with the smooth moves executed by the youngster, who had disguised himself as a doctor, and that perfectly executed shot. They couldn’t be from the armed police. They had to be special force soldiers but he couldn’t tell which unit they were from. They were tall and silent, holding their rifles firmly and when they kept silent, it was as if they weren’t there. This sort of soldiers…

His expression shifted but he didn’t elaborate.

The tattooed man couldn’t admit defeat, hatred leaked out of his gaze like poison – it was as though he was trying to pierce through Qin Mo. “You are going to pay,” he spoke in Burmese, like a deadly snake trying to spit out poison.

Qin Mo didn’t bother giving him another glance.

While blood poured out of the tattooed man’s mouth, his wrist turned limp and his gaze landed on Bo Jiu’s face. “Especially you, Doctor.”

Qin Mo shifted, blocking her from sight. His lips moved slightly. “You won’t have the chance. Prepare to die in China’s prison.”

When the tattooed man heard his voice, his eyes froze in shock and disbelief. That… that voice! It was like a devil’s incarnate.

The tattooed man would never forget that there had once been a man who had shot ten of their men. Like a demon, he had remained hidden until the end. Back then, he would have died if the reinforcements hadn’t arrived in time.

The memory was still fresh and this voice one he would never forget. During their most glorious period, when they had the greatest number of followers, they had destroyed them! How was this possible, wasn’t he hypnotized? What was he doing here?

The tattooed man’s expression changed. He was still lost in fear when he entered the police car. It was a fear that was carved deep in his heart. Everything ended with the closure of the police car doors.

The little children were still afraid but they had something to say. “Mom, Mom.”


“That big brother is tugging onto the big sister as though she is a little child.”

“It’s two big brothers, don’t be confused.”

Indeed, it looked as though he was holding a younger child. It was probably because one of them was tall and big, with a black scarf around his face while the other, though handsome, seemed much younger.

Bo Jiu glanced down at his hand. The Almighty had treated her wounds even though it had only been a minor injury. She could feel his warmth seeping over from his hands.

Qin Mo had other tasks to tend to, which made it inconvenient to bring her along. Hence, those that followed alongside their boss watched as he fished something out from his pocket, placing it in the youngster’s palm. “Come over once you’re done.”

Bo Jiu looked at the item in her palms, her lips lifting.

Magician, who was nearest to them, walked straight into a tree. Hunter was slightly better, avoiding the tree. But their reaction was the same: disbelief.

Prince’s mouth hung wide. He wanted to say something but at that moment, he caught the evil devil’s gaze. He hurriedly glanced away, up to the sky and whistled as though he hadn’t seen anything. But deep inside, gossip was threatening to overflow! F*ck, what was happening?!

Wolf sank into silence.

The little children weren’t quiet. Instead they turned and asked, “Mom, did you bring any candy?”

“You want to eat candy in such a moment?” The mom looked down at her son’s bleeding elbow and carried him in her arms.

The little boy pouted. “That big brother brought candy for the little big brother. I saw it, it had an orange flavor. It’s great to have a big brother. Mom, can you and dad give me a big brother too? One that would give me candy in the future.”

The mom stilled, turning towards the youngster that had disguised as a doctor. There was indeed a lollipop in his mouth. He had a hand in his pocket, his expression lazy and relaxed as another little boy tugged on his shirt.

“Big Sister, ah no, mom told me you are a big brother. Didn’t you promise to give me candy? You can give it to me now.”

The youngster shook a finger. “I can’t give this to you.”

“Why?” the little kid asked slightly annoyed.

The youngster remained firm. “My captain gave it to me. The meaning of a gift lies in the person who gives it, got it?”

The little kid was confused. Wasn’t it just a lollipop?

Prince was perplexed. This meant that the evil devil’s pocket kept candies in his pocket?

The evil devil and candy… No one would have connected these two. The evil devil coaxed soldiers using candies? Wasn’t it too feminine? If there came a day when he received candies from the evil devil… it was a horrifying thought.

Prince trembled, hugging himself. It was all wishful thinking.

Magician and Hunter watched at the side, their thoughts taking a 180-degree turn. “Something’s fishy.”


They could dismiss the hug, but the candy? When had their boss ever done that?!

“Why does it seem like we are being taunted?”

“What do you mean?”

“It seemed to highlight my single status…” he said softly because their boss had finished speaking to the person in-charge.

It had been a simple, classified mission. “No reporting, no mentioning, no recording, and no case analysis for the time being,” Qin Mo instructed briefly. With his face veiled, there was an added elegance to him.

The person in-charge wasn’t dumb, he understood his intentions. “This…” He paused before adding, “Comrade, don’t worry, we will definitely tie things up properly.”

Generally, if they couldn’t hold the press anymore, they would seek assistance from the local armed police, claiming they were the heroes of the mission. In China, there were a bunch who executed missions without leaving their name because they had to face scarier and more ruthless syndicates.

Magician and Hunter listened as their boss tied things up. With his formidable aura, it seemed as if he had gone for the wrong profession. With the scarf on his face and that merciless gaze, he seemed very much like a mafia boss.

Honestly, Boss, if you didn’t join the army, you could join the triad…

The mission was over and any follow-ups were settled.

Qin Mo reached out his hand, switching his phone out of flight mode. In that instant, he received a message.

“Boss, this is the information you told us to retrieve about recruit No. 10…”

Every recruit would be screened, that was a safety feature for special force troops. All the information in the document had to be transparent. Bo Jiu was the same…