Chapter 1176 - Untitled

Chapter 1176: Untitled

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The messages that were sent out and the browsing history would all be reflected on Qin Mo’s phone. Every message was related to the Asian Cup, including her request, “Please achieve the Asian Cup qualifications.”

As the youngster rarely made requests, her tone seemed awkward. The last message was sent to Feng Yi. “The Almighty will be back.” Qin Mo simply knew she was talking about him.

Qin Mo glanced at the five words before turning to look at the person standing nearby who was sucking on her lollipop. Her hand was wrapped in a bandage and her head lowered as she spoke to a little boy. He couldn’t tell what she was saying as her hair fell across her face, shielding her expression.

Not suitable. The location and place were not suitable. Even her clothes weren’t suitable.

Qin Mo tightened and after suppressing his emotions, he walked over.

Bo Jiu seemed to have noticed his arrival because she glanced up.

The little boy wanted to complain, “Big Brother, this little big brother is so petty.”

But before he could, the youngster interrupted, “Captain, he wants to steal my lollipop.”

The little boy: … This little big brother wasn’t just petty, he was despicable as well. Wasn’t he supposed to pamper little kids?

Fortunately, there was someone to take care of him. The little boy watched as the tall big brother tugged on his collar, as though he was dragging a gunny sack. “Let’s go.”

He must be going to punish him as that was how his dad punished him when he misbehaved. Even though the little big brother was a little despicable, he had saved them!

“Mom, is that big brother going to bully the little big brother?”

As Magician and Hunter were behind, they vaguely heard the little boy’s naive words and thought to themselves, “Child, our boss isn’t like ordinary people, he isn’t going to punish him, he will indulge him.”

If he had been determined to punish him, he would have asked Bo Jiu one question. “Do you think you are suited to be a special force soldier outside the border? If you think you are, let’s have a match.”

Many recruits backed out when they heard the question but this was clearly different.

Indeed, even though Qin Mo tried to control his actions, he still couldn’t win against the brewing gossip.

“Hunter, you were the one who picked up recruit No. 10, do you have any information?” Magician wanted to find out more.

“If there was, would I be so confused?”

“That’s weird, who exactly is he?” Magician turned over towards the figure dressed in a white coat. He recalled the recruit’s actions. In that moment, his eyes froze! “F*ck, that can’t be, it’s that guy?”

Hunter frowned. “Which guy?”

“In Jiang City, when I found Boss, he had found himself a brother…” Magician trailed off.

Hunter was dumbfounded. “He found himself a brother? Boss?” He wasn’t that sort of person!

“Because of that person, we strongly suspected that Boss is gay.” Magician tilted over. “From the looks of things, he must really be gay. Why haven’t I thought of it before? The previous time we executed a mission, that person disguised as an electrician but I couldn’t spot any anomaly when I passed him. In the end, it was Boss who could find him.”

Hunter’s mind froze. “Bo-boss likes guys?!”