Chapter 1177 - Untitled

Chapter 1177: Untitled

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Magician couldn’t disagree. Why else would their boss give someone candy? Indeed, it couldn’t be explained! The recruits didn’t know better, having the misconception that the evil devil had a softer side but that wasn’t true!

As Hunter took a step forward, Magician asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I need time to digest that shock, it’s way too much for me to handle. I wasn’t prepared at all.” Honestly, this was way too far fetched.

Magician tapped his shoulder. “I completely understand how you feel, it was how I felt back then.”

“He joined the unit for Captain?” Hunter’s imagination was going too far.

Magician lifted his head. “You witnessed it yesterday.”

He had seen their boss lying beneath a boy! Boss was… lying… under a boy… It felt as though his world was collapsing.

At this moment, they had entered a restricted area, which was separated from the others. They gathered at an area used for aircrafts to descend.

Qin Mo tilted over, catching sight of the youngster with her lollipop. His gaze darkened as he called out, “Little Bo Jiu.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu was surprised that the Almighty was calling her pet name under such circumstances.

Qin Mo asked slowly, “Are you done eating?”

“Mmh, I’m left with the stick.” She was savoring the lingering aroma.

Even Bo Jiu hadn’t expected his next question. “Want to kiss?”


He reached out for her collar before she could react. Her white coat was lifted high, her gaze focused on his handsome face, his black scarf pulled down to his chin. The dark-colored scarf was a contrast against his perfect alabaster skin. A few strands of dark hair fell across his forehead, shielding his defined brows.

He drowned her in his arms, shielding her from the wind and the other members. His lips came down abruptly, a fragrant vanilla scent lingering between them.

Bo Jiu felt her breath being sucked away and her heart being clawed at, a honey sweetness sweeping out.

It was a very light kiss. The orange flavor from the lollipop lingered in their taste buds, a soft numbing sensation that trailed off their lips onto their skin. In that instant, his scent overwhelmed her.

It was the smell of smoke mixed with an herby pepper mint scent, which was beyond captivating.

Magician and Hunter froze!

No, Boss, are you trying to bully singles now? Is that the reason for your nonchalance? Even if your clothes are lifted, anyone could tell it was a kissing position!


Magician and Hunter eyed each other. Based on their knowledge of their boss, he didn’t care if they knew about it…

On the other end, Bo Jiu’s breathing was a mess. But her lips were lifted. Her head was covered by the white coat, her face flushed. It was a pity nothing could be seen because of her skin color.

Qin Mo loosened his grip, arranged her collar, and wiped the bloodstains on her face. He was nothing like the legendary clean freak. “You like me that much?”