Chapter 1178 - Untitled

Chapter 1178: Untitled

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There was a hint of a smile in his voice. This was the perfect seduction tactic and it was irresistible. Bo Jiu had no intentions of resisting him, allowing him to wipe her face obediently.

There were piercing glares from the side but she wasn’t concerned since it was a chance to claim ownership over the Almighty.

Hunter and Magician returned to the unit with weakened limbs. Previously, they had been gossiping about their relationship but now that it has been confirmed, how could they continue to gossip?! It was not allowed in the military. Boss, why are you doing this?

It wasn’t just that kiss, the candy incident spread throughout the unit in just one afternoon. Everyone was speculating the relationship between Qin Mo and Bo Jiu and naturally, word reached the old general.

“What did you say? That lad gave someone candy? Is this a joke?” The general took a sip of tea.

The deputy general ended with a salute, “Reporting, everything is true.”

The old general had more to add but the main lead was already at the door. He stood tall and firm in his military uniform against the light outside. His aura was so formidable the experienced deputy general was afraid. No, how could he be afraid? He was considered a junior.

The old general shifted his stand almost instantly, his original gossipy expression was replaced by a bright smile, looking like a wise elder. “You’re here? The mission was a success.”

Qin Mo entered the room and executed a perfect salute, his tone lazy. “General, you must have heard.”

The old general took a sip of tea.” Heard? What did I hear?”

“News about me.” Qin Mo didn’t beat around the bush, going straight to the point.

The old general pretended to be clueless, turning towards his deputy general. “This boy is going to be mysterious, what news does he have?”

“Reporting, I’m not sure as well.” The deputy general was an honest man, blushing the moment he lied.

Qin Mo glanced over slowly. “General, you have been concerned about recruit No. 10 and must have known of his activities. For instance, the incident when he pressed himself on me. That news must have reached you pretty long ago. Deputy General Li was once in intel, such news shouldn’t have posed much trouble. Old General, since you insist that you haven’t heard, I can give you a brief update as the party involved. As I have a special relationship with recruit No. 10, we aren’t suited to go on operations together. He will not be inside the operations team for the next operation outside the border.”

For the first time, the old general had a stern expression. He reached out and pinched his temples. “Qin Mo, you are not an emotional person.”

“After today, I realized I am.” There wasn’t any change in his emotions. “I wasn’t able to stay calm when someone pointed a gun at his head. I cannot lead my team with a focused mind, I wouldn’t be able to complete the mission.”

The old general looked up at him. “But today, your performance has been exceptional.”

“It’s not the same outside the borders.” Even until this moment, his thoughts were still affected by that moment. “We won’t have any reinforcements, conditions to go into disguise or an option to retreat.”

The old general wasn’t giving up that easily. “Recruit No. 10 is an exceptional technical soldier.”

“I agree.” Qin Mo could imagine her fingers flying across the keyboard. At that moment, he chuckled, the cold in his eyes warming. “There aren’t many who can surpass him in computer skills.”

The deputy general: … Are you flaunting about him now?

“But.” Qin Mo paused, turning back to the old general, his voice calm. “If it was your daughter, would you allow her into the war zone?”

The old general had a daughter and had once intended for them to meet. He was a soldier himself and indeed, he had no intentions of letting her join the frontlines as that was a place that could take lives.

Qin Mo chuckled, an indescribable emotion within. “You wouldn’t.”

The old general choked. He was at a loss for word. “Child, you’re being stubborn, he isn’t your daughter.”

“Indeed, he isn’t my daughter.” Qin Mo stood up, stuffing a hand into his pockets, looking lazy but there was glint in his eyes. He replied in a casual tone, his words shocking the both of them, “He is my life.”

With only four words, the old general was defeated.

Qin Mo stood up, his back against the light. “Make him stay behind for the mission tomorrow.” His words were kept within four walls.

Silence fell down on the room after Qin Mo’s departure. It seemed like a long time had passed when the clock rang.

The old general tapped the table. “Did he just ask me for a favor?”

“It sounds like it.” Even though it was unbelievable, the deputy general was still dazed by his words. Who would have thought that the devil could ask someone for a favor?

They had never expected such words to leave him but that was the truth. That was an indication of recruit No. 10’s position in his heart.

“Send the name list over.” The old general put his teacup down, his eyes dimming. The mission for the day after had been decided and he played a minor role. No one knew how dangerous it would be. But those that joined had an idea because the stricter it was the more unpredictable the circumstances.

After the incident today, two of them seemed to be affected. They were at the top of the unit and were courageous but the quality of sleep could easily affect their condition.

The doctor wrote a cross on their mental state. For the upcoming mission, the soldier’s physical condition wasn’t the only requirement. Their mental state would also be analyzed since the enemy was a master at hypnotist. That was the real nightmare…

The unit continued to be in a tense state and even after a successful mission, they continued their usual duties.

The atmosphere increased in intensity as the selections approached. Practically everyone was covered in dirt.

Whether the rumors or the fatigue from training caused it but one of the soldiers bolted upright during break time, looking towards Bo Jiu. “Dare to fight?”

During the mission, this recruit had been situated at the most external area and hadn’t been aware of what was happening. But he knew that those that remained in the unit because of connections were a disrespect to everyone else.